B&B Tuesday Update 8/17/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/17/04

By Matthew

Today was a very fast moving episode. Theme song note, Brian Gaskill (Oscar) was removed from the opening and replaced by Colleen Dion-Scotti (Felicia).

In Eric’s office, Rick approves some trashy designs (it seems almost all of Forrester’s designs are trashy anymore). He loves the flare Caitlin added to the design. Okay, all she did was use a metallic thread. I’d hardly call that profound. What’s next, a pay raise for throwing glitter on the merchandise? Anyway, Ridge hasn’t seen the designs yet, but isn’t in the office yet so Rick tells the models to stay in their outfits. Caitlin, also in one of the trashy designs, hangs back and does the lip-lock routine with Rick. She also tells him about how her dad proposed to Sam and the wedding to come. Rick is happy for her but wishes he could be there when they celebrate. Caitlin thinks after some time, her father will accept their relationship. Yeah, sweetie.

At the big Ridge mansion, Ridge and Brooke discuss what happened the previous evening with Thomas and Amber. Brooke thinks the matter is probably settled because Thomas has been talked to and Amber has the fear of God in her now. Ridge doesn’t want to leave anything to chance and calls Rick (who is still in Eric’s office) and tells him to come to his place. Rick agrees to come, but remember he doesn’t know about Amber and Thomas. Brooke doesn’t want Rick involved because he is finally rid of Amber, but Ridge says that Rick started this situation so he has to fix it. Once Rick arrives, he is floored to learn that Amber and Thomas were at the beach house making out on a bed! He can’t believe that Amber would do this. Thomas comes downstairs and eavesdrops. Rick thinks this is Amber’s way to get his attention or to get back at him. He agrees to see Amber and break off the relationship. Thomas glares.

Amber enjoys some coffee at Insomnia. She’s obviously looking for a place to live, but isn’t having much luck. Why doesn’t she just call Deacon? I mean couldn’t she live at his house and see her son. Plus what happened to all her money? I mean you know she had to have made a ton when she designed her own line. Where’s all that? Plus what about April? Is she STILL on tour? She can’t contact her sister and get some fast cash? Anyway, Thomas keeps calling her cell phone, but she ignores it saying this is for his own good. Then, Caitlin sits down at her table. Oh Lord why Caty? Understandably, Amber isn’t pleased to see her. Caitlin tries to be nice and wants them to be friends. She realizes a guy keeps calling Amber and hopes that it works out for her. She and Rick are happy and Amber deserves that too. Amber bristles and goes for a refill. Thomas calls again and Caitlin (seeing Amber isn’t around), picks her cell phone up, recognizes the name, answers, and realizes it is her Thomas. Amber grabs the phone and hangs up on Thomas. Caitlin can’t believe Amber would stoop so low to get revenge by taking her ex-boyfriend, a 16 year old boy. She adds that Amber is probably only using Thomas to make herself feel better. Amber gives it right back to her and points out that Caitlin has been using Thomas’ good appreance to please both her dad and Ridge. In fact, she couldn’t even be straight with him about screwing around with his step-brother. Caitlin thinks this is all a ploy and says Amber is pathetic. She storms out.

Rick then calls Amber (from the house where Thomas can overhear) and finds out the address of her “new” place. Amber is taken aback by the abruptness of the call but agrees to meet him.

Later, we see the exterior of Amber’s apartment actually it’s a motel, and it’s even worse than that building Ziggy owned that Erica rented! There are homeless people everywhere. The clerk, in a wheelchair, shows her around. Amber gives him some money, probably for a week’s stay or so.

Later, Thomas sneaks out of the house.

Even later, Rick shows up at Amber’s motel room. He is none too pleased about why he is there. Amber deduces that he knows about Thomas and about how Ridge kicked her out of there. Amber tries to explain that Thomas was just comforting her after he heard what Rick said to her (how Amber wasn’t good enough). Rick figures this is revenge, but Amber cries that she is just letting someone be nice to her for two seconds and it felt good. She feels she has right to be sad considering how her life is going. Rick has everything: Caitlin, a job, and his family. Rick points out that he finally got her act together after all the years he lost. Amber (and I) can’t believe he would say that their marriage was a loss. Rick gets into full gear and says that he will not let Amber do to Thomas what she did to him. Gosh, that was mighty hurtful.

Let’s just ship Ridge and Rick off to a foreign country for a while.

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