B&B Monday Update 8/16/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/16/04

By Boo

Ridge and Brooke’s house:

Brooke gets a call from Ridge as he and Thomas are on their way home. He tells her that he did find Thomas at the beach house, and he wasn’t alone. Brooke is shocked to hear that Ridge found Thomas with Amber. He tells her that he will explain everything when they get home. Thomas has a look of doom on his face in the car. At home, Brooke waits for their return. When Ridge and Thomas arrive, Thomas starts to head up to his bedroom but Ridge stops him and tells him that they are going to talk about this now. Thomas rebelliously sits on the couch next to Brooke. Thomas knows that Ridge won’t listen to what he has to say, but Brooke assures him that she is listening. Ridge is in full attack mode as he realizes that the girl he saw in the car with Thomas was Amber. He demands to know how long this has been going on. When he accuses Amber of ‘pouncing’ on a vulnerable Thomas, Thomas gets defensive and tries to explain that they were just ‘hanging out’. Ridge informs Brooke that he found the two of them in bed. Brooke is a bit alarmed by this but Thomas swears that they didn’t do anything. Ridge demands to know why Amber was hiding under the covers if there was nothing to hide. Thomas tries to explain because they knew Ridge would over react. Brooke tries to make Thomas understand that they just need to know how far this thing with Amber has gone. Thomas tries to explain to them that Amber and him are just friends, they have nothing to worry about. Ridge is still angry and not in a very listening mood, but Brooke quietly explains to Thomas that they have heard all of this before, from Rick. Thomas tells them about the night of the Ingenue show. He went to the beach house to be alone. He didn’t know that Amber was staying there. They were both upset after seeing Caitlin and Rick together and they consoled each other. Ridge has heard all this before. He knows how Amber works. Thomas is glad that someone in his life treats him like something more than a stupid kid. Ridge tells him that Amber isn’t in his life anymore. Thomas gets furious with that and tells his father that he doesn’t get to decide that and storms off to his bedroom. Brooke tries to calm Ridge down, but he is still wound up. He blames all of this on Rick. Brooke explains that Rick told her that he is falling in love with Caitlin. Thomas had feelings for Caitlin too Ridge reminds her. Brooke counters that Caitlin didn’t return the feelings for Thomas. Ridge still thinks that Rick pushed Thomas right into Amber’s arms. Brooke tries to change the subject by saying that she doesn’t think Amber should be living in their beach house. Ridge tells her that he kicked Amber out. When Brooke hears that he kicked Amber out right in front of Thomas, she tries to explain why he shouldn’t have done that. She reminds him how she handled things with Rick and Amber. She ended up pushing Rick right into marrying Amber. Ridge just wants to protect his son. Brooke understands that, but she tells him that he needs to not make this about Rick, or Amber, or Caitlin. The best way he can protect his son is to have a great relationship with him. He needs to talk ‘with’ Thomas, not ‘at’ him. Ridge finally understands what she is trying to say to him. After thanking Brooke, he heads upstairs to talk to Thomas.

In Thomas’ bedroom, Ridge joins him for a heart to heart. He apologizes to Thomas for losing control. Thomas tells him that he should be apologizing to Amber for acting like such a jerk. Ridge doesn’t think that he owes Amber anything. When Thomas again tries to convince Ridge that Amber isn’t the person Ridge thinks she is, Ridge obviously still isn’t listening. He explains that this feels like Deja-vu to him. Thomas reminds his father that he isn’t ‘Rick’. Amber is still Amber though, Ridge tells him. When Thomas brings up Taylor, Ridge admits that she would have probably handled this situation with much more finesse than he is. He tells Thomas that he is just afraid for his son, he will always worry about Thomas. Even when Thomas is grown with kids of his own. Thomas warms back up to Ridge gradually. Ridge tells him that there are a bunch of girls out there that would love to date Thomas. He asks Thomas to just think about that for a bit. When Thomas agrees that he will, they share a hug and Ridge leaves the room.

Ridge joins Brooke again in the front room and fills her in on the talk with Thomas. Brooke says she isn’t going to celebrate until they are sure that Thomas is through with Amber. Ridge is sure they are.

Coffee house:

Oscar joins Amber at a table, but tells her that he doesn’t have much time. Amber is obviously very bummed out. Oscar teases her a little bit about ‘messing with the Forrester kid’. Amber is not amused at all and lets Oscar know how she feels. She doesn’t understand what would be so wrong with her and Thomas hooking up when Rick and Caitlin seem to be the couple of the century. Oscar realizes that Amber is really upset and stops teasing her. When Amber tells him that she not only got evicted from the beach house, but also from the Forrester family, Oscar realizes that she must have gotten busted with Thomas. Amber tells him what happened for the most part, and Oscar tries to make Amber see how he knows it looked to Ridge. Amber defends her ‘friendship’ with Thomas at first, but Oscar slowly convinces her that it really isn’t a good idea for her to continue this ‘thing’ with Thomas. She finally stops defending the relationship when Oscar points out that Thomas has the kind of father in Ridge that she never had. A father that really cares about his son and is only trying to do what is best for him. Oscar tells Amber that he has to run, he promised Massimo that he would come by and have a night cap with him. He makes sure that Amber is going to be okay and that she has a place to stay before apologetically taking off. Amber sits alone and contemplates her situation. Thomas calls on her cell and wants to make sure she is okay and apologizes for the way his father treated her. Amber tries to tell Thomas that this thing between them is over. Thomas doesn’t want to accept that and demands to know where she is so that she can tell him to his face. Amber tells him ‘good-bye’ and hangs up on a very confused Thomas.

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