B&B Wednesday Update 8/11/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/11/04

By Matthew

In his old office, Thorne continues yelling at the other Forresters, especially Eric, for choosing Ridge over him.  They beg him to stay.  Thorne says he is disgusted at the hypocrisy he is seeing.  Eric asks him to stay and work with Ridge for the good of the family.  Thorne says they don't give a damn about him, so why should he bother?  Stephanie pleads with him.  Ridge says "these people" need Thorne.  Thorne turns on him and says they all have names and asks Ridge if he knows their names and that of their families. Ridge doesn't, but Thorne does.  He says he treated them all the same whether he was down there or up in the president's office.  He believes in teamwork and in rewarding dedication.  He thought they all did, too, but it was a joke.  He is reminded that Eric said he can do whatever he wants with the office, so he says he will.  He picks up a chair and throws it through a window.  Darla and Stephanie try to stop him and calm him down.  Thorne yells that they have underestimated him for the last time.  It was a terrible mistake and they'll all regret it for the rest of their lives.  He runs out.  They all look horrified, especially Stephanie.  Darla goes after Thorne but he's already left.  Eric offers her a ride, but she turns him down.  She argues with them for a minute about what they did to him.  Brooke says it was just a job, but Darla counters that it was more than that to Thorne.  It was proof that he wasn't second-rate.  Stephanie asks her to talk to Thorne and tell him that they're sorry.  Darla refuses.  She says she was so proud to join the family.  She asks hoarsely how they could do this to him.  She leaves.  Stephanie turns and looks at Eric with tears in her eyes.

Back at Thorne and Darla's place, Sally has been watching the baby.  She comes out when Thorne comes home, slamming the door, to find out what all the noise is about.  He tells her what happened and she is horrified, too, that they chose Ridge.    She asks about Stephanie did, so he tells her that his own mother did nothing.  He says that Sally has been more of a mother to him in the past year that she has his whole life.  She puts her arm around him and offers a hug.  He thanks her but says he doesn't need a shoulder to cry on.  He rants and raves some more about how they treated him.  They picked Ridge because they knew good old Thorne would handle it.  Sally tells him that he doesn't need them; he has his own family now with Darla and the baby.  She tells him that she is with Spectra now and she will respect him as if he were her own son.  They hug.

Nick talks to a doctor on the phone about Felicia's pills that he has dug out of her purse while she's up top of his ship.  He has asked the doctor to find out what they're for.  He hangs up and then hears Felicia returning, so he puts the pills back in her purse.  She comes back and flirts with him.  He knows that she is trying to distract him.  He asks what happened with her visit to her mother.  She doesn't want to talk about it but confesses that she can't talk to her mother; she doesn't listen.  He tells her to keep at it until she does, to get her attention.  Felicia talks about how she was sent away to boarding school and she got expelled from many of them.  He says she must have learned something there.  She brags that she knows how to knot bedsheets and pillow cases to make a rope.  He happens to have a rope in his hand and he makes a noose or other type of knot.  He asks her what kind of knot that is, then.  She takes it and puts it over his hands.  She makes some more knots so that his hands are bound together.  She reminds him that she grew up in the fashion industry, which is basically all stitches and knots.  He is impressed.  The phone rings.  She gets it and tells the person that Nick will be a moment because he is all tied up.  She puts the phone to his ear.  It's the doctor again.  He gets some bad news about her condition; he looks very grim.  She hangs it up and asks about his call. He tells her it was a ship's medic he knows with bad news about someone.  She lets him out of the rope.  She says she will leave, calling herself a "black sheep druggie".  He tells her that he was wrong about her and he doesn't think that any more.  She goes to leave, so he asks when he will see her again.  She tells him to be careful or she might fall for him.  They are very close when talking and she strokes his cheek.  He asks if that would be so bad.  She leaves.  He follows up top and looks out at the ocean with the sun on his face, thinking.

Amber cries at home on her couch.  Thomas knocks on her door repeatedly until she answers.  She yells at him but then quiets down when she sees who it is.  He tells her that he heard what Rick said to her and he was wrong.  He says that if anything, she is too good for Rick.  She tries to get rid of him, but he says she shouldn't be alone right now.  He shows her that he bought her a gift.  She just stares, so he opens it.  It is a necklace and he hands it to her.  She looks at it but then gives it back, saying she doesn't want it.  They briefly discuss what happened with Rick.  He tells her to get over Rick with him.  She says he is just a kid and too young for her.  He won't leave her alone, so she yells at him, saying she doesn't want him.  She calls him name, like scrawny little brat, but he is stoic.  She runs into her bedroom.  He follows.  She is lying on the bed so he sits next to her and strokes her back.  He comforts her, telling her that he's not going anywhere.  She turns and they start kissing.

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