B&B Tuesday Update 8/10/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/10/04

By Suzanne

At Forrester, Ridge and Thorne demand that Eric tell them which one will be leaving the company. Eric blows up and tells them how hard it was for him and Stephanie to come up with an answer. He lists Ridge and Thorne's strengths and history, with Stephanie's help. Eric says that if the two of them were both running the company, their assets would give the company an incredible edge. They remind him that they can't work together. Eric says that family unity is more important to him than business, but someone is going to be hurt. Eric tells Thorne that as much as he's brought to the company, creativity is the most important thing to the company. He doesn't want either of them to leave, he says, but if he has to choose, he chooses Ridge. Thorne and Darla get up and head for the door. Eric stops them and tells Thorne that he wants him to stay. He says Thorne forced him to choose, but he doesn't want to. He begs Thorne to stay because he needs him in the company. Thorne is in shock. Stephanie tells them that Eric thinks he needs Ridge's designs. Eric says that the company has been even better since Ridge came back. Brooke generously points out that Thorne had a lot to do with that, too, and Eric agrees. He praises Thorne, saying he knows the company from top to bottom and has great relationships with buyers, staff, etc. are crucial. Darla retorts that it must not be too crucial if he chose Ridge. Thorne says, still in shock, "You made me president". Eric says he doesn't have to be president to do such a great job. He tells Thorne that he will give him a new office or anything he wants. Thorne doesn't say much and Darla keeps saying his name. Ridge tells Thorne that they will be a team again, the three of them working together. They all go down to Thorne's old office. Eric tells him that Caitlin has been using the office, but she will move somewhere else. Darla tells Thorne that he doesn't have to do this. Ridge says that he and Brooke are going to leave and let them work out the details. Darla urges them to stay and enjoy their victory, saying that she and Thorne are going to be leaving anyway. Ridge and Brooke look perturbed. Darla tells Eric that if this is all he has to offer Thorne, he won't be coming back. Thorne hasn't said much since Eric chose Ridge. Darla argues with them all about what Thorne wants as he keeps quiet. Their voices echo in his ears as the camera narrows in on Thorne's eyes. Suddenly he says, "Nothing's changed. All of these years, and nothing's changed". He looks at his parents in horror. Stephanie and Eric tell him that he's changed and he no longer has to compete with his brother for their respect. He says, "I can't", but they tell him that he already has their respect. Eric tells him not to think about the years he's worked there as a waste; he says this office has been the scene of his greatest successes. Thorne says that he's a "grunt" not a star like Ridge. He thought that once the woman who loved Ridge was gone, he would have a chance with Eric. Eric says he chose Ridge because he knows Thorne will stay there and work for the sake of the family rather than think about his own ego. Thorne says bitterly that's what he always is, the peacemaker, Mr. forgive and forget. He rants on and on, banging his fist on the table. He thought all of his hard work would pay off. Thorne talks about how he was so proud when Eric made him president. He starts yelling that Eric chose Ridge, who's not even his son, over him, his flesh and blood. He tells them he is through forgiving and he will never forget. His voice breaks as he yells that he gave them everything he had and they let him down.

On his boat, Nick looks at a map, smoking a cigar. He is using a compass on the map. Felicia comes in and asks if he's planning a speedy getaway. She wants an explanation, too. He says she wants an apology, and she agrees that she wants both. They argue about him talking to Stephanie about her drug problem. He is unrepentant, saying that she needed talking to. She tells him that she's not a druggie, but she is ticked off. He doesn't believe her but says she should thank him for getting involved. She goes to leave when he says that she isn't used to having people look after her. She says she looks after herself and she would think that he would respect that she is strong. He says he does respect her. They bicker about whether they are going to get to know each other or not. He asks her to tell him something he doesn't know, so she tells him that she is a gourmet cook and went to culinary school in Paris. He asks if she wants to be domestic, wants a husband, kids, etc. She says she used to and then looks sad. He comments that she's a beautiful woman and wonders if it's because of the drugs. She says exasperatedly that he's not going to let it go. He replies that he isn't and she doesn't want him to. She gives him a heartfelt look. She turns and says this is why she left home because she didn't want people to interfere in her life. He says that he knows that the drugs help the pain, and she admits they do. He tells her that he's seen a lot of stuff, meaning men on drugs for one reason or another. She doubles over and he asks if she's all right. She says she needs air, so she goes up top. Nick phones a doctor and asks how he's doing. Nick asks the doctor for a favor, saying a friend of his has gotten into pills. He wonders if he could describe the pills to him, if he could tell him what they are.

Caitlin looks at dresses at Forrester as she tells Rick that she keeps having to remind her self that the show actually happened, but she wishes Thomas had not seen them kissing. She doesn't regret the kiss, so they get close and flirt. Amber comes n and watches them for a moment. She gets upset and backs into a corner so they don't see her. Caitlin asks Rick whether they can go to Big Bear again this weekend. They are worried about what to tell people and how to get away. He wishes he could tell people about their relationship. She asks him again about Big Bear and he promises to think about it. They kiss and Caitlin leaves. Amber walks in and makes fun of what Rick said to Caitlin, adding that it doesn't sound like he's thinking at all. Rick gives her a hard time for eavesdropping. She tells him that she misses him, but he says they can't go back. She is tearful and he tries to comfort her. He reminds her that they have lots of good memories. She moves toward him, saying they do and can't forget that. Meanwhile, Thomas walks in and watches them. Amber begs for one more try, saying that she can make him happy. He tells her that he is happy--with Caitlin. Amber's face crumbles in pain. She laughs at him for getting so serious with Caitlin. She says he is on the rebound and that she is too young. He warns her to stay away from Caitlin when she hints that she might talk to her. Amber doesn't believe it, reminding him that they were married, etc. Rick tells her that was a long time ago. She replies that is because she let him down and she won't do it again. He says it doesn't matter. He tells her he doesn't want to be cruel but she's just not getting it. She begs him to explain it to her and then she badgers him and gets in his face until he is forced to say she is not good enough for him. He stomps off and she cries. Thomas watches angrily.

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