B&B Monday Update 8/9/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/9/04

By Suzanne

At Forrester, Eric tells Ridge someone is leaving the company, but it's not Thorne. Ridge and Brooke look shocked. Thorne looks confident. Stephanie looks concerned. Ridge starts arguing. Eric stops him and gives a speech about how this is a family business. He says that his sons tell him it's too difficult to work together. If that's the case, he is the one to leave. He tells them that he is retiring and gives them his last design. "I'm done", he says with disgust. They are all stunned. Ridge walks over to Eric, saying he can't be serious. Eric tells Ridge that he can have this office and Thorne can have his. He doesn't care if they run the place together or sell it. He won't stand around and watch them fight. Eric tells them how he feels. When he walks up and down the halls, he sees his children there, working. He doesn't want those memories tainted by this so he's calling it quits. He says it's unthinkable to choose one child over another. Thorne and Ridge both try to talk Eric out of leaving, agreeing for once. They both say they would leave rather than have Eric leave. Ridge asks if this is the decision Eric made last night. Before he can answer, Brooke says it's not because Stephanie was just as surprised as the rest of them. Stephanie gives her a narrow-eyed look. They want to know who Eric chose last night. He doesn't want to tell them. Stephanie gets up and yells at Eric, saying that he is not retiring and that their sons have to work this out together. Ridge says they've tried but things are different. He looks at Darla, so Thorne starts arguing. Eric yells at them, saying, "Do you know how much I hate this? Seeing you at each other's throats!" Ridge tells him to make a choice, then. One of them stays and one of them goes. Eric looks at them angrily.

Amber yells at a delivery person who brings lots of flowers into her place, saying that they can't be for her. He shows her the invoice with her name on it, so she apologizes. The tip is already taken care of, so he leaves. She mumbles to herself that they can't be for her as she sniffs them and looks for a card. She hears a voice say, "check the card" and says to herself that's a good idea, then realizes she's not alone and looks up. Thomas is walking in the door with a card. She looks at it and smiles at him. She tells him the flowers are incredible. They kiss. She sits on the couch, saying she has got to stop letting him do that. Amber gets upset when Thomas tells her that Ridge saw them kissing, but he tells her that didn't see her and didn't recognize her car. She still freaks out and he tries to calm her down. He reminds her they were just having fun, but she says they have to stop. She tells him that he's just a kid and they can't be more than friends. She also tells him that she hasn't given up on Rick and that his thing for her is just his hormones. She tells him that she doesn't want him to get hurt and there will be a girl out there someday for him. It can't be her, she adds. Thomas tells her that she's funny, hot, and a brilliant designer. She says she used to be that but not anymore. He laughs that she is not over the hill. He wants to slip some of her designs to Ridge, but she is against that idea. She tells him they are not a couple. She gets up and walks away, wondering how she s gong to get this through his head. He looks thoughtful.

At Massimo's office, Deacon can't believe that Massimo wants him to stop following his wife to dig up dirt on her. Massimo points out that he hasn't brought him anything. Jackie comes in so Deacon wants to leave, but Massimo wants him to stay. She hopes that his summoning her means that he has forgiven her. He says that she must know that her relationship with Dominick may never recover. She doesn't want to hear that and hopes that in time he will forgive her. She tells him how much she loves Nick and will do anything to make amends to Nick and to him. Massimo turns away. She begs him not to do this to her anymore, saying that she hardly eats or sleeps. She pleads in a very sniveling way. She puts her hands on his shoulders and whispers to him to forgive her and let her be his wife again. He tells her to take her hands off him. Deacon, standing by the window, is having a hard time ignoring this. Massimo tells her off for what she's done and says she doesn't deserve to be a Marone. He says she never will be one again as he hands her an envelope. He tells her to sign the divorce papers and return them to his attorney. He yells at her to take them as he says that he can't trust her. and when trust goes out of a marriage...he sort of slaps the papers at her and she lets out a little cry. Deacon yells at Massimo, saying, "What the Hell are you doing?" Massimo looks at him, surprised . Jackie tells him, "Deacon, no" as she rushes out crying. Deacon asks him if he feels like a big man now. He tells Deacon that this no longer any of his concern. Deacon answers, "Hell it isn't".

Deacon finds Jackie on the balcony of her place, looking at her divorce papers. He knows that she was hoping to get back together with Massimo, but after what he saw, he thinks it's good for her to get away from that abuse. She is surprised that he uses that word and says she deserves it. He says no one deserves to be treated like they're nothing, no matter what they've done. He tells her that he knows how she feels. She knows that Massimo has not treated him with respect. He says it doesn't matter, it's not about him. He knows what it likes to feel worthless like she does right now. She dismisses Massimo's behavior as his just being angry. It kills Deacon to see her like this. She cries as she says she just wants him to forgive her. He knows that but says that giving her the divorce papers is the best thing Massimo has ever done for her, whether she believes it or not. They argue about Massimo. She puts herself down and he tells her to stop it and look at what Massimo has done to her. She insists it was all her and it cost her her marriage and her son. She yells, asking how she is going to be able to look at her son again. Deacon stops her with a kiss and then she pushes him away. He is not going to let her do this to herself, he swears. He cares too much about her. She tells him that what she needs is forgiveness. She walks inside looking at the papers. He follows her in, saying that Massimo doesn't know the meaning of the word. He tells her that he knows he's nothing special and that what happened between them was a fluke. He wants her to know that he appreciates her and that she has strength and guts. He thinks she deserves better than Massimo, who let her down when she needed him. First, he says, she has to sign the papers. She gasps and pulls away. He tells her that she should let Massimo know that if he ain't going to forgive her, she will forgive herself and move on. She cries and they hug.

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