B&B Friday Update 8/6/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/6/04

By Suzanne

Felicia phones Nick as she's leaving Stephanie's house. She leaves an angry message on his answering machine. She asks him where he gets off telling her mother that she has a drug problem, that he doesn't have a clue, and he should back off. She walks into Ridge and Brooke's house, where they are kissing. Ridge is dressed in a suit, but Brooke still has a negligee on. Felicia jokes that they should get a room. Ridge jokingly calls her a "mooch", but Brooke assures her that she can stay as long as she wants. They tease each other about Stephanie for a moment. Felicia sees his designs on the coffee table and admires them. Brooke asks her if she ever misses designing. Felicia admits she does but says she doesn't miss all the office politics. Ridge tells her that he has an important meeting to go to. He tells her about what's been going on, but puts it as "Thorne's being removed from Forrester today". Felicia is surprised. Brooke and Ridge give her their side of it. Felicia wonders if they are being over-confident.

At Forrester, Eric is not happy about having to tell Ridge and Thorne about who he chose to run the company. He tells Stephanie that he didn't sleep at all last night. She asks him to wait before he phones them, handing him a cup of coffee. She tells him that Nick visited her to talk about Felicia. Eric is wondering what this is all about. She tells him that Felicia may have a drug problem. Eric looks shocked. Stephanie fills him in on what Nick said and that she phoned Felicia. Eric is annoyed, saying she should have let him speak with her. She tells him that Felicia stormed out and won't return her calls. Eric promises to talk to her, but they have to take care of the problem with Ridge and Thorne first. They ask Felicia to find out more information for them about Thomas' "mystery girl". She promises to try.

Darla talks to the baby as Thorne gets ready for his meeting. He struggles with his tie, so Darla helps him. She praises how good he looks, and they kiss. Darla is confident that Ridge will be the one tossed out, not Ridge. He wonders why she s so confident, so she explains that she visited Eric and Stephanie to apologize again for giving Sally the designs. She admits they were pretty cool about it. She got a "good vibe" from them. She tells Thorne that Brooke was there to talk to them, too. She seemed confident, and Darla wonders if she was too confident. Thorne worries that his parents gave her reason to be that way. They discuss it further. Darla makes Thorne feel more confident.

Eric phones Thorne to ask him to drop by; he tells him to bring Darla and that she dropped by the previous night. They phone Ridge, too. Brooke answers and then tells Ridge that Eric phoned that they should both come by. She tells Ridge that she heard an ominous tone in Eric's voice. Stephanie is in a dour mood. Eric puts his hands on her shoulders and tells her that it will be all right. She says, "he'll never understand". She doesn't know how it got this way, either, but she blames herself for treating Ridge differently over the years, putting him over Thorne. They discuss it without letting on who they are picking. Stephanie sighs that she fought so hard to protect her children; she never thought she would have to protect them from each other. They hug; both look worried.

Thorne draws Darla into his arms before they leave, thanking her for all of the help she's given him. They both think that Eric and Stephanie have chosen him over Ridge. She talks about how much his parents appreciate him. He strokes her face and then they hug.

Brooke dresses in a gorgeous black dress (one of his designs). Ridge says "wow" and they embrace. He thinks that the tone she heard was just him being grim because he has to throw Thorne out. She says he reminds her of Massimo. He reminds her that he's Eric's son. Brooke wonders if Ridge's attitude has been hard for Thorne to endure and that's why they're at this point. He asserts that the problem s not his confidence, but Thorne's lack of it. He also blames Darla's influence. She tells him not to blame her. He grimaces and says it's probably just as well because now she can see what her crusade has done to Thorne. Brooke kisses him and they leave.

Thorne and Darla arrive at Forrester. Megan announces their entrance to Eric and Stephanie as they finish their hug. They all kiss hello. Thorne sort of apologizes for putting them in this position but says that something had to give. Thorne and Darla have coffee as Ridge and Brooke arrive. Ridge tells Eric and Stephanie that he had some new ideas last night so he took them down to the cutting room because he didn't want to get too far behind. They all sit down at Eric's request, after Thorne and Ridge exchange quick hellos and dirty looks. Eric and Stephanie tell them how hard it was for them to make this decision. Ridge says that after this, it will be easier. Eric hopes so. They both hoped that Thorne and Ridge could resolve their differences like adults. Thorne and Ridge get into an argument. Thorne is set on standing up for himself and Ridge is particularly obnoxious, calling Thorne a whiner and making fun of him. Brooke and Darla get into it, too. Thorne and Ridge stand up and start yelling at each other until Eric stops them. Eric says that he sees now that they can't resolve this. Ridge tells Eric to get it over with firing Thorne so they can get back to business. Eric gives him an exasperated look and says that somebody's leaving, but it's not going to be Thorne. Ridge looks angry and a little like he's been slapped in the face. He looks down at Brooke for strength.

Thomas says hello to Felicia, who is sitting on the couch looking at magazines. She teases him for sleeping so late. He wonders where Brooke is as he sits down next to her. She tells him that she went to the office with Ridge. Felicia chats with about the girl that he kissed last night. He seems a little put out that Ridge told her about it. She assures him that he's just being an over-protective parent. He tells her that they're just having fun and will see how it goes. She replies, "that sounds healthy". He is surprised that she is not lecturing him. She advises him to be nice to his dad, to treat him like a friend. Confused, he says he tries. She insists that he try harder. She tells him that someone he'll need it and it will be a sad day if it's gone. She looks very sad.

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