B&B Thursday Update 8/5/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/5/04

By Suzanne

Stephanie and Eric talk about which of their sons they will choose to stay on in the company.  They don't want to make that choice at all.

Ridge sits at home with a glass of wine; Brooke comes in from tucking in the kids.  He asks how they're doing.  She tells him the babies are asleep but the twins are working on a school project.  He wonders if she's seen Thomas, but she hasn't.  She wonders what he is thinking about.  He is clearly worried about Thomas a little but changes the subject.  They start talking about Thorne and what decision Eric and Stephanie will make.  Ridge is confident that they will choose him over Thorne.  Brooke worries that Stephanie will take revenge against him for marrying her.  She wishes she could remove herself from the situation.

Thorne and Darla pick up children's toys at home.  He remembers when he was a kid and used to love puzzles.  He tells her about how he had this one huge puzzle of the Eiffel Tower.  He almost had it finished when someone wrecked it. He figures it was Ridge.  He says that Ridge could never handle when someone else was the center of attention.  They talk a little about the big decision.  Sally arrives and apologizes to Thorne.  She gives him a big hug; he is clearly not ready for that so it is awkward.  She is very sorry for "borrowing" the Forrester designs.  She talks about how upset Ridge is and how she thinks Thorne will be getting the ax.  Thorne looks over at Darla, so she tells him that she told Darla about the decision.  Thorne is a little annoyed that Sally is automatically assuming that he is the one getting fired and not Ridge.   She is surprised to learn that it was his idea for them to make a choice between the two sons.  Sally points out that the problems between him and Ridge are deeper than just business.  Later, Thorne flashes back to a press conference when Eric introduces Ridge as his "Number One Son".

Thomas and Amber drive up to his house in her car.  He is flirting with her and reminds her that he is still waiting for that lesson.  She tells him that he has to leave before his father comes out and kills them both.  He laughs and looks at her in a lusty way.  He jokes about her wanting to jump his bones, so she tells him that he's definitely Ridge's son.  He thanks her seriously for her help in being fun and helping him get in a better mood.  He tells her how special she is.  Amber turns and kisses him.  They are interrupted by Ridge's yelling from the house, so Thomas quickly gets out as Amber yells at him to go.  Ridge is pacing inside when Thomas comes in.  Ridge questions him about this strange girl he was kissing.  Thomas just says she's "some girl" and won't tell Ridge her name.  Ridge wants to know more but Thomas asks for some privacy, so Ridge lets him go to his room without further questions.  Ridge gets an exasperated look on his face.

Darla visits Eric and Stephanie to talk about their sons.  She explains that this is a really important validation for Thorne, whereas for Ridge it's just another accomplishment.  She goes on and on about Thorne.  Darla pleads with Eric to let Thorne prove what he can do for the company.  As Darla leaves, she searches for her keys.  She sees Brooke going in.

Brooke invites Stephanie and Eric over to see the kids, so Stephanie knows that she is just buttering them up so they will choose Ridge.  Brooke and Eric exchange a quick kiss hello, but Stephanie is not very welcoming.  Brooke asks Stephanie not to take her feelings for her into account when she makes the decision.  Stephanie agrees with that and tries to get Brooke to leave.  Brooke talks about how Ridge is so important to the company, making it sound like they will naturally choose him.  As Brooke leaves, Darla catches her.  They talk about the rivalry between the brothers. It's clear they are both standing up for their men.  Darla suggests to Brooke that she could use her influence with Ridge to convince him to step down and let Thorne run the company.  She says that they could start their own company if they wanted to.  Brooke says they don't want to do that.  Darla reminds Brooke that she was married to Thorne, too, and points out that he has a lot of scars about Ridge.  This doesn't change Brooke's mind and she says that Ridge is working for his family legacy.  Darla points out that Ridge is not technically a real Forrester.  Brooke gets angry at that and leaves, saying she won't discuss it any more. 

Eric talks about the past and how he worked so hard.  He came home from work just to hear Stephanie tell him that it was all worth it because in the future, they would have built something for their family.  He wonders how they got this point.  They talk about Thorne and how much being chosen as president meant to him and all the hard work he's put into it.  Stephanie is quick to point out that a company needs more than just great designs.  Eric says there can be only one choice, and Stephanie nods her head in agreement.

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