B&B Wednesday Update 8/4/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/4/04

By Matthew

Greetings from LA! So yesterday’s show was fantastic. Will today be just as good?

So Felicia makes her way over to the Forrester mansion. She and her mother share a lukewarm greeting, but something appears to be wrong with Felicia. The two sit down and Stephanie attempts to find out what her daughter has been doing all this time. Okay if memory serves me correctly, Felicia left with Zach Hamilton (Taylor’s brother) sometime in the ’93-’94 period. She then came back in ’97 for Eric and Stephanie’s wedding with no mention of Zach. Anyway, during her first run in the show, Stephanie and Felicia battled over Zach. Stephanie didn’t think he was good enough for Felicia, etc etc. Anyway, Felicia wonders why she is getting all this attention and points out that Ridge normally gets all of that (good storyline parallel, writers!). Stephanie admits that the last year or two has been very difficult for them, but apologizes for not being more available to her daughter. She also points out that it is difficult to know what is going on with her half way across the world. The conversation tenses up and Stephanie bluntly asks if Felicia is doing drugs. Felicia realizes that Nick mentioned something. She warns Stephanie not to call her and storms out.

At the beach house, Amber and Thomas get back from some boogie boarding. Amber finds the bracelet Caitlin gave back to Thomas. More comforting ensues, which leads to more “tonsil hockey” as Oscar put it. Thomas boldly asks Amber to have sex with him. Amber explains that he’s moving too fast and he has to be in rhythm with his partner. Uh, is she talking about having an orgasm at the same time (definitely preferable)?

Ahh, but more importantly things are out of control at Forrester Creations. In Thorne’s office, Ridge and Thorne continue to argue about who is the proverbial “number one son” each claiming he is the top man. Eric walks in on their argument. Thorne explains the situation with Darla, but Eric doesn’t have time to respond, because another argument breaks out. Thorne says he has been pushed to the limit by Ridge and will not stand for his condescending attitude anymore. Ridge thinks he’s been very patient, but Thorne argues he has said in a million different ways (and backhandedly) that he (Thorne) didn’t earn his position. Stephanie then walks in on the three and exclaims that everyone on the floor can hear them fighting. After being brought up to speed, Thorne tells Eric and Stephanie that they have to make the decision between the two sons tomorrow. Both Eric and Stephanie beg their children not to put them in this position, but it falls on deaf ears. Ridge kisses Stephanie on her head and says he’ll await their decision. After he leaves, Stephanie tries to reason with her more sensitive son, but as fed up as he is, he won’t stand for it. He wants their decision by tomorrow. After leaving, Stephanie sighs and wonders what they’ll do. The music swells and the camera pans looking at both a confused and upset Stephanie and Eric.

Have a good evening.

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