B&B Tuesday Update 8/3/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/3/04

By Matthew

Thomas meets Cailtin for some coffee at Insomnia. She profusely apologizes for what happened. Thomas, though trying to be a good sport is pretty bitter. Caitlin hopes they can still be friends and wants to give back the bracelet he gave her. Thomas doesn’t care what she does with it and warns her to be careful around Rick. She should think about where the relationship is going and how Hector would react. Dejected, Caitlin leaves for work.

In Thorne’s office, Sam and Ridge discuss the showing. Rick shows up with some numbers and although international sales are booming, domestic sales aren’t as high as they should be. The culprit? Spectra of course. Ridge is extremely annoyed but Rick tries to stay positive. Rick and Ridge argue and Rick finally blurts out that Sam knows about he and Caitlin. Ridge wonders if Rick got Sam to lie for him as well. Sam explains that she just hasn’t told Hector yet. Sam also mentions that Caitlin and Thomas are talking now. Later, Rick sees Caitlin in the hallway. She explains that things didn’t go well with Thomas. The two hug.

Nick pays Stephanie a visit at the mansion. He explains that he has been hanging around Felicia lately and thinks something might be wrong. Stephanie didn’t even know her daughter was still in town. Nick further explains that he saw Felicia with a bag of pills. Stephanie becomes concerned and calls Felicia (who is in Insomnia). Feigning urgency, Stephanie gets Felicia to agree to come over to the house right away. Felicia pops a pill before heading to meet her mother. Yikes!

At Thorne and Darla’s house, Darla thinks it is too soon for her to visit Forrester Creations. Thorne reiterates the whole thing is an accident and that they are all Forresters. Everyone in the family has made mistakes in the past and this is no different. After some awkward moments everyone will be happy again. Yeah…right. So once they enter the building, the security guard stops them. Turns out he got a memo to not allow Darla in the building. Thorne is livid! Darla says it isn’t a big deal and offers to go home and let him deal with it. She warns him to stay calm. Thorne rushes into his office to find Ridge sorting papers. Angered, Thorne wants to know why Ridge is in his office and also about the memo. Ridge says Eric is using his office for a meeting right now and he didn’t think Thorne would be in anyway. As for the memo, Ridge reiterates that Darla is a security risk, accident or not. Ridge and Thorne then get into a knock down fight about who is right and who is really in charge. It all builds to Thorne firing Ridge. Ridge refuses to leave the building. Thorne says that the board will make the right decision. Forrester will be fine without Ridge. He’s sick and tired of putting up with Ridge’s arrogance and reminds Ridge that HE is Eric’s first born son. He suggests Ridge find a new job and a new family!

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