B&B Thursday Update 7/29/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/29/04

By Matthew

The fashion show ends to much success. Rick and Caitlin share a hug on the runaway, which seriously upsets Amber and Thomas. Amber cries and runs out. Thomas glares at Caitlin, who sees him, and leaves. Backstage, everyone congratulates Caitlin, including Hector and Sam. The annoying report Jarrett, shows up to ask what happened to Thomas. Sam knowingly looks at Caitlin, who manages to avoid the question with the help of Rick. The two realize Thomas must have witnessed the backstage kiss and set out to find him and explain.

Darla packs her bags and keeps putting herself down about how she was never smart and that Thorne was the first man to believe in her. She told a sad tale about her foster home situation as a child. Thorne stops her and exclaims how much he loves her and how he thinks she is smart and great. He also points out that Sally knocking off the line is apart of the business, although he is angry that it happened. Forrester will survive and in the grand scheme of things it isn’t the end of the world. Amen! I swear if Brooke or anyone else had done this, Ridge wouldn’t be so angry. In fact, neither he nor Eric got this angry about Brooke boinking Deacon (who was married to her daughter, Bridget at the time!!). Darla and Thorne share a kiss.

But over at the mansion, Ridge bitches about “dingbat” Darla. Wow what a cute name. Amber was trailer trash and Darla is a dingbat. Ridge is such an ass. Brooke for once was understanding of what happened and tried to make Ridge feel better and see that it was just a simple accident. She also pointed out that the line could probably be salvaged. Rick and Caitlin then showed up looking for Thomas. Unfortunately, Ridge wasn’t pleased to hear the showing went on as scheduled, but Rick and Caitlin plead a good case. However, Ridge was furious to find out that Thomas saw Rick and Caitlin’s kiss. Rick defends what happened and Caitlin apologizes and tries to explain that she wanted to tell Thomas the truth. Ridge wonders if Thomas is okay.

At the beach house, Amber cries (in her nightgown) on the couch. She hears a noise on the porch and sees Thomas crying outside. She invites him to stay. They share in their mutual pain. Hmm, something about to happen here?

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