B&B Wednesday Update 7/28/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/28/04

By Suzanne

At Spectra, Darla begs Sally to tell the Forresters who gave her their Ingenue designs. Clarke is standing near them. On the other side of the room are Ridge, Eric, Thorne and Stephanie. Ridge and Thorne are very angry. Thorne doesn't say anything. Stephanie is angry at Sally because she thought they were friends. Sally says it's business, not personal. Darla keeps insisting that Sally tell because she doesn't want the Forresters to think she did it. Sally doesn't know why Darla is telling her to say because she thinks Darla gave them to her on purpose. Clarke denies that they stole anything. Ridge points out that they are doing very well with their knock-offs. After a while, Sally says that Darla gave them to her. Everyone is shocked. Ridge is outraged. Darla stammers that she did not give them to Sally. She pulls back from Sally, hurt that her friend would lie. She asks Sally how she could think she would betray her husband that way. After a few moments of confusion, it comes out that Darla gave Sally the designs as her birthday present. Sally reminds Darla that she called her several times to thank her and make sure Darla really wanted to do this. Darla realizes that there was a big mistake. She explains to them all that she took pictures of Sally's birthday party and printed them out on Thorne's computer. Then she put them in a manila envelope and gave them to Sally. She realized she gave her the designs by accident. Thorne reminds Ridge that they saw Sally's birthday pictures when they thought they were going to see the proofs. He figures he picked up the wrong envelope, too. Ridge doesn't want to let Darla off the hook that easily. He yells at her for causing trouble in the family. Darla counters that she was just sticking up for her husband. Eric is annoyed at what happened, too. Stephanie and Thorne look sympathetic to Darla's plight. Ridge yells a lot about how they lost tons of money on this and had to cancel their show. Ridge wonders if Darla is really that stupid or was she purposely trying to sabotage them? He slams something down on the desk as he speaks. Darla gets upset and runs out. Thorne gives Ridge a nasty look. Later, Darla is at home, yelling at herself for being stupid. Thorne comes home and she tells him that she doesn't blame him for being mad at her. He looks at her but doesn't say anything.

At the Forrester fashion show, Sam and Hector wonder what the holdup is. He wonders if Caitlin got nervous, but she reminds him how excited she looked. On the other side of the curtain, Rick, Thomas, Megan, Oscar, and Caitlin are conferring. All they know is that Ridge canceled the show and ran over to Spectra to get answers. Caitlin is very upset that the show is being canceled. She asks Rick if they are through, and that seems to mean more to him than just the show. He says that no, the show will continue anyway. Megan is doubtful because she knows Ridge doesn't like to have things done over his head. Rick insists and they get going. Thomas beams at Caitlin and compliments her. She is thrilled to have the show go on.

The show starts. Rick comes out and introduces Caitlin and her show. Amber is in the audience, along with Caitlin's parents and a bunch of reporters. Caitlin and the other models come out and walk up and down the aisle as flashbulbs go off. Thomas comes up behind Sam and Hector and talks about how great Caitlin is doing. They agree. There is a lot of applause. Caitlin beams at her friends and family. Her dad blows her a kiss. Rick watches her lovingly.

Thomas and Amber chat for a moment. She compliments him and finds out that he is escorting Caitlin down the aisle for her finale. She asks if they have plans later. He says they will probably go out and then, who knows? He asks what she and Rick will be doing. She assures him that they have plans, too.

Rick praises Caitlin and the job she's doing after her second set of designs. They are both very excited. She is having an adrenaline rush because of the show. He flirts with her. Thomas sees them together and looks like he's been kicked in the gut. He sees them hug and then kiss (in slow motion, no less). He turns away and tries to compose himself, but he's very upset, close to tears. Rick and the others wonder where Thomas is. Caitlin has no one to escort her, so Rick volunteers. They go out together. Amber sees Thomas and asks why he's not on the stage. He doesn't say anything because he's too upset. Caitlin shows off her dress on stage. At the end, she and Rick hold their hands together up in the air like it's a prize fight victory. Caitlin looks over and sees Thomas, who is glaring at her. She looks away.

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