B&B Monday Update 7/26/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/26/04

By Suzanne

The Forresters get ready for the Ingénue show, which is tomorrow. Everyone rushes around, especially Ridge, Thorne and Ozzy. Rick talks to Caitlin, who is nervous about the show. Rick and Ridge talk to her about it and give her pep talks about how great she will be. They inform her that Thomas will be walking her down the runway. She is a little surprised to hear that.

Ozzy tells some details to Thorne about the show. Thorne is very intent and tells Ozzy that he's worried about how it will turn out. Ridge comes up and praises Thorne for the work he always does. Thorne is the one who worries, but Ridge does not. Ridge puts his arm around Thorne and says they make a great team. Darla comes by to give Thorne some coffee. Ridge nods at her and says her name, then walks away. She shakes her head. Thorne says meekly that Ridge is trying.

Amber arrives and goes up to Ridge, Rick and Caitlin. She gives each of them a rose and wishes them luck. She turns to Caitlin and tells her urgently to enjoy every minute of it because it is the best time of her life. Then she hugs her. It is an uncomfortable moment and everyone is a bit shocked at Amber's behavior. She seems to tear up and then walks away. Ridge wonders what it was all about. Caitlin says sympathetically that Amber was in her place not too long ago. Rick says that Amber's been going through a rough time. Amber runs into Ozzy, who is suspicious of why she's there. He knows she's there to see her ex-husband. She is a bit flustered, like she doesn't really know why she's there. She realizes she left her purse in the other room. He thinks she did it purposely so she can see Rick again. Ridge suggests to Caitlin that she go home and get some rest for her big day tomorrow. She asks Rick if he will see her home, but he doesn't think that would be a good idea. He gives her a quick kiss and then they notice that Amber is back in the room. Later, Amber goes looking for her purse; Rick has found it for her. She tells him how much she misses all of this and his family. She hints that she never stopped loving him. He doesn't say anything, just looks at her sadly. She hopes he would say the same but it's clear that he doesn't feel that way. Ridge comes in and sees them together but leaves them alone. Rick gives Amber a quick hug to thank her for the flower. Clearly she was hoping it meant something else.

At Spectra, they have a sign similar to Forrester's, only instead of Ingénue it says "Debutante". They are all working hard to crank out their rip-off designs. Clarke works with some models. One of their employees, Bob, comes in and Clarke tells him something to do and tells him to tell another woman something, but Bob informs them that he sent her home because they've been working non-stop the past few days. Clarke starts to get annoyed, but Sally stops him and says that's all right. She tells him to give everyone a long break and she will pay for coffee and donuts. She and Clarke take a break, too, for coffee. She jokes about how great thing are going and asks if he can smell the sweet smell of success wafting over them. She wiggles her fingers in front of her nose to demonstrate, and he does the same. Behind them, the models do the same but they start giggling. Later, Sally is on the phone with someone who is ordering outfits. She tells Clarke that it was the buyer for J.D. Nickels and then shows him how much they ordered. They are both overjoyed at their sudden success.

Caitlin goes home and talks to her mom. Thomas drops by to wish Caitlin luck and give her a present. It is a bracelet and she admires it. He talks about being nervous tomorrow. He starts to kiss her, but she stops him and says they have to talk. They are interrupted by Samantha, who says it's getting late. Thomas gives Caitlin a quick peck on the cheek and then leaves. Samantha clearly likes Thomas. Caitlin says he's nice, but she's in love with Rick. Samantha is not happy to hear that. Caitlin says she knows her mom thinks it's a crush, but it's not. Sam tells her that she is so young and she doesn't have to commit to anything. They hug but we can tell that Caitlin's mind is made up. Caitlin is dressed for bed when Rick calls to say goodnight. She wishes he could drop by, but he tells her that would be a bad idea. Meanwhile, Ridge is on the phone to Thomas, who tells him how much Caitlin liked the bracelet. He thanks Ridge for helping him out. Ridge is happy to help out with Thomas' girl.

Ridge chats with Thorne, who is still busy. Ridge starts to thank him for something, but then Darla is headed their way so Ridge clams up and leaves. Darla tells Thorne that she thinks Ridge is avoiding her. He says that's better than insulting her. They kiss. She gets a call from Sally, who thanks her again for the wonderful birthday present. Darla, who can't understand why she is making such a big deal out of some birthday photos, tells her again that she's welcome. She and Thorne kiss some more. Sally tells Clarke that Darla is still acting like giving them the Ingénue designs is no big deal. He wonders if Thorne had something to do with it, but she is not so sure. She worries about how this will affect Darla's relationship with the Forresters when they find out tomorrow.

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