B&B Friday Update 7/23/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/23/04

By Suzanne

Thorne goes to Ridge's office with the manila envelope that he thinks has the Ingénue line designs.  Ridge is working on a dress that is on a dress mannequin.  Things are tense between them, but Ridge tells Thorne that he values Thorne's opinion and is sorry for the harsh things he said the other day when he was angry.  He admits that Thorne had some valid points and he has made some changes based on his opinions (the outfit on the dress dummy does look a lot more elegant and less trashy).  Ridge and Thorne agree that they both want what's best for the company, they just disagree on what that is.  Ridge says that they can past this if Thorne recognizes that the real problem is Darla.  Thorne sticks up for his wife.  Ridge says that he tried to talk to Darla, but she was not going for it.  He quoted her as saying that he shouldn't underestimate her and  that would be a big mistake.  He asks Thorne what she meant by that.  Clearly Ridge perceives that comment as a threat, but Thorne doesn't think she meant anything.  Thorne tells Ridge to lay off his wife.  Ridge feels his jaw that is still sore from Thorne's punch and says he gets it.  Thorne says that Darla is good for him and for the company.  Ridge agrees to have an open mind about her if Thorne does about his designs.  They take the proofs out of the envelope but are surprised to find pictures from Sally's birthday party instead.  Ridge s not happy that Darla is still spending time at Spectra, since they have stolen so many of Forrester's designs.  Thorne protests that Sally is practically his mother-in-law and wouldn't do that now.  He maintains that Darla would not cross that line, ether.

Clarke shows Sally some designs on a couple of models that they are selling.  She is not impressed with them and is dismayed to find that so far they have only sold 10 of them.  Clarke points out that he would have designed something fabulous but Sally wanted to go back to their roots of knocking off other people's products.  He shoos out the other people to give Sally some privacy.  Darla arrives, so he is happy to see her, thinking that she has brought Sally the Ingénue designs.  She goes in and gives Sally her envelope that says "Happy Birthday Sally" on it.  Sally is not in a good mood so she asks if Darla minds that she opens it later.  Darla doesn't mind but is sorry to see Sally so down.  Sally talks about how much she misses Sal and especially how much she misses all of the contacts he had in the industry.  Darla leaves.  Later, Clarke wants to know what's in the envelopes and insists on opening it for Sally.  He pulls out the pictures and is happy but still a little shocked to see the Ingénue designs.  He shows them to Sally, who is astounded.  She can't understand at first how they got there.  Clarke points out that Darla must have given them to her to get her company out of the red.  Sally thinks it must be some mistake.  She worries what this will do to Darla's marriage.  She phones Darla and asks her about the present, but of course she never actually mentions the designs so Darla thinks she is still talking about the photos of her birthday party.  Darla talks about printing them off Thorne's computer in a nonchalant way, further amazing Sally.  Sally thanks her profusely and hangs up.  Sally comments that she didn't know Darla had it in her.  Sally realizes what this means and gets very giddy.  She gets on her intercom and orders all of the heads of her departments into her office.  Three people rush in.  She tells them that there's been a miracle and Spectra will now be successful again.  Sally says that the Forresters are in for a big shock.

Ridge runs into Darla.  He tells her that he and Thorne are mending fences now, so he doesn't need any trouble from her.  She jokes that he's the great and powerful Ridge Forrester, so what could she possibly do?

Rick takes Caitlin home.  He is reluctant to go in, but she pulls him in, certain that they are alone.  They kiss but are interrupted by her mother, Sam.  Sam demands to know what they are doing.  She asks Rick if he knows how old Caitlin is.  Caitlin protests that it's no big deal.  Sam chews her out for leaving work early and not telling anyone.  She was very worried and is not happy to see her with an older man.  Caitlin says that Sam is making it sound "dirty" but it's not.  Rick assures Sam that he doesn't plan to go any farther with Caitlin, but Sam doesn't believe him.  She wants to tell Hector about them, but Caitlin begs her not to.  She reminds Sam that Hector trusts her, but he will be very worried if he knows about them dating.  She tells Sam that they just went swimming and that's all.  Sam is not happy to hear that Ridge is also against their dating.  Caitlin begs her to trust her.  Sam finally agrees not to tell Hector, for now.  She and Caitlin hug.  Rick goes to leave but Caitlin insists on seeing him out.  Caitlin apologizes for her mom but he says that's what he was trying to avoid. HE says everyone will react that way.  Sam watches them kiss through the door, not happy about it at all.

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