B&B Thursday Update 7/22/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/22/04

By Suzanne

Darla is in Thorne's office, looking at a digital photo of her and Sally on the computer. She looks at it fondly. Clarke phones her and continues to put pressure on her to steal the Ingénue designs. She hangs up when Thorne and Megan enter the room. He wants to use the computer to make some copies of the Ingénue line pictures that are on his disk. Megan offers to do that for him. Darla prints out her picture of her and Sally while Thorne talks about how frustrated he is about the line. Clarke's voice rings in Darla's head. She asks him about the line. Thorne says the designs are some of Ridge's most inspired line. They are young and hip. But they just aren't the type of haute couture that Forrester is going for. He calls Ridge "stubborn". He asks her about her day and how Sally is doing. Darla replies it was okay. She shares that Sally's business is not doing well. He wishes they could help. Clarke phones her back later while she's still in Thorne's office. She has put Sally's picture into a manila envelope that is on Thorne's desk. Clarke puts more pressure on her to get the Ingénue designs. Megan comes in and leaves the proofs on Thorne's desk. She moves Darla's envelope out of the way and puts her envelope there. Darla gets annoyed at Clarke's badgering and hangs up on him. She picks up the envelope and writes "Happy Birthday Sally" on it, not realizing it's the designs and not the picture she printed out.

Stephanie visits Sally in her office. Sally is grumpy and has a bottle of some alcohol. She offers Stephanie some when Stephanie mentions her birthday. Sally is very depressed and keeps making comments about how bleak her future is. Stephanie thanks her for her friendship. Sally says she really hasn't given her anything, but Stephanie says she gave her Macy, and now Darla. They chat about how nice Darla is. Stephanie wishes she could help Sally with her troubles, but Sally says she can't.

Hector comes out of the shower at home to find Samantha sitting on his bed in her lingerie. He is glad to see her and suggests they go to lunch. She has something else in mind. They begin kissing. They talk about how much time they have to make up for. They end up on the bed. Afterwards, they are lying in bed. He muses that it is quiet for a change. She has enjoyed living with his family. "Our family", he corrects her. She says it has been wonderful. He asks if today wasn't Caitlin's preview and how it went. She doesn't know but is sure it went well. He sighs heavily. She can tell he's worried about Caitlin. She assures him that she is fine. He worries about the environment she's working in. Later, he phones Caitlin's cell but it says she's out of range. He wonders where she is.

Rick and Caitlin continue to kiss. She smiles at him. She says that she can see the little kid in him. He replies that it's probably this place. He shares that this is where he and Amber first made love and where they conceived their son. The memory disturbs him. He talks a little about it and she questions him. He says it was complicated. He apologizes for bringing it all up. She really wants to know all about him and his past. He tells her about how he and Amber got together and how they had this big age difference. She is shocked to learn that Amber was his babysitter. He confesses that he was too young to know what love was and that there was a Romeo and Juliet vibe to their romance because he was defying his parents. He talks about how he felt and the wrong decisions he made. He says he wishes he would have known how it would turn out because he would have done things differently. She sympathizes. He talks about Amber's lies but doesn't blame her. He doesn't want Caitlin to end up the same way he did. She blushes and says she hopes he didn't get the wrong idea about her coming up there with him. He says quickly that he was talking about her work. She is relieved and says he sounds like her dad. She invites him to sit on the couch next to her. He goes over and she shoots him with a water pistol. He grabs it and shoots her back. They wrestle for a moment and then end up kissing. She guesses they should go, and he agrees. Neither moves. She says she enjoyed it and hopes they can come back. He wants to make new memories there with her.. They can't seem to leave. They keep kissing.

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