B&B Wednesday Update 7/21/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/21/04

By Suzanne

Darla and Ridge argue in his office. She calls him a bully for the way he's treated Thorne. Ridge thinks that Thorne is best as a behind-the-scenes person, but she thinks he has thrived after Ridge left the company. She gets in his face and he is very condescending. She tells him that there will be some changes around here and then she storms out. Later, Brooke is in his office, admiring the Ingénue designs that are hanging on the dress dummies. He still has a swollen lip from when Thorne punched him, so she suggests that he put ice on it. Ridge sighs that he had hoped to get the family back working together again. She wonders when they worked well together. He counters that he and Thorne always did, but now Thorne feels he has to prove something. He blames it on Darla again. He thinks she will push Thorne into doing things he's not ready for, and that includes countering his new line. He tells her that Darla was just there issuing ultimatums, so Brooke wonders what she thinks she can do, fire Ridge? He thinks there's no telling how far Darla will go. Later, Ridge touches base with Eric on the phone. He tells Brooke that he's worried that he will draw a blank when he sits down to draw more designs. To distract him, she tells him about her day. She tells him that she played with R.J., she went to the gym (to work off her post-baby weight) and she went shopping at his favorite lingerie store. As she says this, she locks his door and takes off her dress to show him the lingerie that she is wearing underneath. She asks if the working out is doing its part. They lay down on his desk (or couch?) and start making love.

Clarke goes into Sally's office, blowing a noisemaker as he pokes his head in, and wishing her a happy birthday. She is grumpy because her company is not doing well. She gripes about it as he listens. The contacts that she knew for getting designs from other companies have all retired or otherwise dried up. When he suggests that she get new ones, she says there isn't much time left for that (meaning she's too old). Clarke suggests she go through her Rolodex again and he offers to pitch in, too. They make an agreement that he will get a percentage of the profits, and they shake on it. She asks what they will live on in the meantime. He replies, "birthday cake" and her staff rolls in a birthday cake with candles on it. They sing the birthday song and then "For she's a jolly good fellow". She laughs and blows out the candles. Darla rushes in, annoyed that she is late and missed the candles being blown out. She gives Sally a happy birthday kiss. They ask for a speech. Sally reluctantly makes a short speech, where she thanks them all and says they are great. As most of them leave, she wonders how she will be able to make a comeback. Sally is out of her office for a moment. Darla tells Clarke that she hates seeing Sally like this. He agrees. Darla tells Sally that she has something the Forresters would love to have: family unity. She tells them how Ridge's new line is all wrong for Forrester, how it's very avant-garde and shocking. Clarke points out that Ridge's designer instincts are usually right. Clarke suggests to Darla that she steal Ridge's Ingénue designs for Sally. She is resistant, but he keeps working on her. He plays up how it will help Sally so much and it will also help Thorne. She starts to consider it.

Rick and Caitlin arrive at the Big Bear cabin. She is amazed at how large and modern it is. She says that cabins are supposed to be small and made out of logs. He jokes that you never have to be claustrophobic when you're a Forrester. They joke around and flirt for a moment. She is hot so he gets her a drink. She leans against the open refrigerator. He can tell it's not enough so he suggests they go for a swim. She blushes that she doesn't have a suit, thinking he means skinny-dipping. He says they want to get cool, not hotter, as he gets a bikini out of a trunk full of suits and tosses it to her, saying that it should fit. She goes to get changed as he smiles at her. They go for their swim. She is cold so he helps towel her off. They sit and chat. He apologizes for not being at the preview for her. She wishes he could have been there, too. She doesn't know why Ridge doesn't want them to see each other. He says seriously that they have to keep their relationship a secret and be careful. She promises not to tell her father.  He asks her for details about how her preview went. She tells him that the back of her outfit split open and she mooned Eric. He is shocked. She laughs, teasing him, saying she got him. He laughs, too, and says she is beautiful. She reminds him that she is the girl next door. He replies that she's not anymore, and they kiss.

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