B&B Tuesday Update 7/20/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/20/04

By Suzanne

Ridge picks himself up off the floor, with the help of Eric. They all argue. Eric tells them that Ridge's new Ingenue line is staying; he knows it is a risk but says one line is not going to make or break the company. Eric insists that Ridge treat Darla with the respect that he espects all of them to show Brooke, and he makes Thorne apologize to Ridge. Thorne does, reluctantly. Eric warns Ridge that he'd better make peace with Thorne or he will have him to deal with.

Later, Thorne rages to Darla about it, saying he shouldn't have apologized. She agrees with him and brings up all the things Ridge has done to him in the past, which impresses him. She talks about how she despises Ridge and that he's just like Massimo, his father. Thorne kisses her, glad to have a strong woman on his side. He says she doesn't have to stick her neck out. He strokes her neck as he says what a fine neck it is. They laugh about how Ridge must have felt having Stephanie stick up for Thorne instead of him. He jokes that he's not looking forward to their first fight because she's like a pitbull. She softens, saying she really doesn't want him and Ridge at each other's throats. They say supportive things to each other.

Stephanie visits Ridge in his office. She apologizes for her actions at his wedding; she says she was having a hard time of it. She informs him that she still stands by her opinion that the line is not right for Forrester. She thinks Eric just went along with Ridge because he's so glad to have him back in the company. He wonders if she is using Thorne against him, but she denies it angrily. She wants peace between them. He tells her that they need to get rid of the real problem in the company: Darla. He thinks she is behind all of Thorne's latest attitude. Stephanie doesn't agree. She thinks Darla is just supporting her husband. Ridge thinks Darla is divisive. They disagree about whether Thorne has any talent. Ridge points out that he has controlling interest in the company, between his and Brooke's shares. She can't believe he'd use that against his own brother. She reminds him how it would affect Eric to have the two brothers at war. He claims he wants peace, too, but he he's had it. Ridge says they'd better keep Darla away from him. As she leaves, Darla comes in the outer office. She steels herself for what's to come. She goes in to see Ridge. He is not happy to see her and tells her that she'd better leave. She insists on staying and speaking to him.

Caitlin tries to speak to Rick when he's with his assistants (?), but he makes excuses, saying he's in a meeting and suggests she make an appointment. Finally she bursts into his office and insists on speaking to him. She is angry that he is trying to get rid of her after their great kiss. He is forced to admit that he has to break it off from her because of their age difference. She knows that there is more to it, so he reluctantly tells her that Ridge spoke to her father and asked Rick to stay away from her. She is even angrier that all of these people are deciding what's best for her. She loves her father and doesn't want him to worry, but she doesn't let him control her life, she insists. She points out that her father was older than her mother when they started dating. Rick gives in and suggests they go up to the Big Bear cabin for the afternoon. They rush out, giddy.

Amber has lunch at the beach club with Ozzy. She compliments him, so he knows that she has an ulterior motive. She wants in on the new young line because she thinks it's like Ambrosia. She wants to get back with Rick and figures this is her way to do it. He is surprised that she knows about Caitlin. She thinks he is done with her. She believes that Caitlin is too young for Rick, but Ozzy reminds her that Rick was very young when they first started dating (ouch!). Ozzy tells her that Caitlin is designing the new line and is also modeling it. Amber is not happy about that at all. She blurts out that Caitlin is leading her life.

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