B&B Monday Update 7/19/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/19/04

By Suzanne

Ridge, Caitlin, and the rest get ready for the Ingenue fashion show.  Caitlin is nervous.  Ridge shakes her shoulders to loosen them up and tells her to relax and have fun.  Rick arrives and Ridge is not happy to see him there.  He tells Rick that he doesn't want him distracting Caitlin or messing with her head.  In general he wants Rick to leave her alone and do what he says.  Rick reminds him that he's part of the team, too.  Ridge tells him that he can't take any chances because Thorne is just looking for a reason to shut them down.

Caitlin gets her hair and makeup done.  She wonders if anyone's seen Rick.  Thomas visits, bringing flowers.  She thanks him.  She talks about being nervous and worries that the outfits are a little revealing.  She and Rick are amazed at how "old" she looks, noting that she looks at least 25.  The ladies behind them shake their heads in amusement.  He wishes her luck.  She asks him not to be at the show because it might make her more nervous.  She wants to be focused.  He understands but seems a little disappointed.  He tries to give her a good luck kiss, but the makeup and hair ladies won't let him smudge her.

Thorne and Darla talk about the show.  He worries that Ridge is going too far.  She talks about how he and Sally tried to make Spectra into something it wasn't.  He agrees and asks Darla to be at the show with him so that she can help him with her opinions of the outfits.  She worries at first that Ridge doesn't want her there but then happily agrees to be included.

Ozzy visits Rick in his office to talk about an ad campaign for the Ingenue line.  They discuss various possibilities using the word "on".  When Rick talks about why Caitlin is sexy, Ozzy gives him the business about being taken with her.  Rick tries to deny it, but Ozzy can tell by the look in his eyes.  He teases Rick about coming on to a high school girl.  Rick tells him that the age difference between them is not that different than the one between Ozzy and Bridget.  Ozzy says that's true, but Bridget is legal.  Rick tells him that Ridge told him to stay away from her, so he's going to have to stay away from her.  He's not looking forward to breaking it off.

Thorne, Darla, Eric and Stephanie arrive for the show.  They are surprised that Rick is not there, so Ridge tells them that he's busy.  They all sit down and the lights dim.  Ridge introduces the line, talking about how daring it is.  First two girls come out and model some outfits (they are skimpy mini-skirt outfits, kinda trashy-looking if you ask me).  Then Caitlin comes out and models something similar.  As she is heading back up the aisle, Thorne stands up and tells them to stop the show.  Ridge isn't happy for the interruption.  He asks Caitlin to give them some privacy but he assures her that she did a great job.

Caitlin visits Rick in his office.  She tells him what happened.  He is surprised to hear it but assures her that it was about family politics, not her.  She asks him to lunch, but he says he has a meeting.  She tells him she will wait, but he says that won't work.  She gets the message that he is giving her the brush-off.  She asks him if this is about Thomas, but he tells her that it's just the way things work out sometimes.  He smiles at her and tells her as he's walking out the door, "You look great, kid!"  She is devastated.  He pokes his head back in to see her.

Thorne says that the designs are completely wrong for Forrester.  He looks for support from his family.  Eric first tells Ridge that the designs go against tradition, and he knows that's what Ridge was going for.  Stephanie says that Ridge has gone too far and she doesn't like the message the designs send.  Thorne says that and more.  He and Ridge get into an argument that gets very heated.  Ridge says that Thorne doesn't know anything about design so he should keep his opinion to himself.  Ridge says that Thorne just resents his place in this family and he yells at Thorne to get over it.  Thorne reminds him that he's president, but Ridge says that Eric only made him that because he didn't know Ridge was coming back.  Darla puts in her opinion, so Ridge tears her apart verbally.  Ridge pushes Thorne too far so he punches Ridge, knocking him down.  They are all shocked as Ridge wipes the blood off that is trickling out of the corner of his mouth.

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