B&B Tuesday Update 7/13/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/13/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Jackie’s penthouse:

Jackie is disappointed to see Deacon at her door instead of Massimo. Deacon tells her that he just left Mass at his house. When Jackie asks how he is doing, Deacon asks her how she thinks he is doing since his son is getting married and he wasn’t even invited to the wedding. Jackie hurts for Mass. Deacon is obviously not worried about Massimo. Deacon is surprised when Jackie offers him a root beer. She tells him that he has been quite an influence in her life. He doesn’t think it was a good enough influence, since she had to go and tell Nick that the baby wasn’t his. Jackie tells him that she is paying for it now. She has managed to push everyone in her life away. Deacon reminds her that he is still there. He wonders why she didn’t tell Massimo and Nick that he was the one that ran the second paternity test. She tells him that she didn’t see any sense in that. If she had told them, they would have hated him too, and wouldn’t let him be a part of Hope’s life. Deacon is grateful for that. When Jackie asks why he was at Massimo’s before, he tells her that Mass has told him to be back on ‘shadow duty’. Jackie is shocked and wonders why. Deacon tells her that he thinks it is obvious that Massimo is having a hard time letting her go. Jackie asks his advice on how to get through to Massimo. Deacon tells her to just keep doing exactly what she is doing now, being irresistible. Deacon flirts heavily with her again. She pulls away and starts to come down on herself for playing ‘God’ with Nick’s life. Deacon tells her that he admires her and all that she must have had to do to raise Nick by herself. He tells her that he doesn’t think Massimo is upset about his family being torn apart, he thinks it is just his pride has been hurt. He kisses Jackie, but she pulls away and tells him that she really does want to make her marriage work, and having an affair with him would not help that along. Deacon tells her that if she changes her mind, he won’t be far away as he leaves.

Ridge’s house:

In the garden, the reception has gotten underway now. Everyone gathers around to congratulate the happy couple. Felicia tells them that they need to get the party started. Ridge and Brooke take to the dance floor for the first dance as the music starts to play.

At the front door, Stephanie and Nick poke their heads in. They hear the music playing and the chatter and laughter of all the guests. Nick comments that it means the wedding is over. It is a done deal. He tries to convince her that it means she doesn’t need to go in there now. Stephanie thinks that she is going to be sick.

Back in the garden, Ridge and Brooke continue to dance. Ridge is a little disappointed that his mother couldn’t bring herself to come to the wedding, but comments that they are better off that she didn’t.

Thomas interrupts Rick, Eric and Caitlin’s talk to ask Caitlin to dance. As they head off to the dance floor, Eric comments that they make a cute couple. Rick acknowledges that Thomas really likes Caitlin a lot.

At the front door, Nick tries to convince Stephanie that she is just way too drunk to join the party. They hear Eric call everyone to attention so that he can propose a toast to the happy couple. When Stephanie hears the words ‘a toast’, she stumbles out to the balcony and looks down at the party as everyone happily applauds Ridge and Brooke. She tells Nick that it is like watching old family movies. She thinks that no one even misses her and asks Nick to take her home. Steffy looks up and sees her before they can get out of there and announces to everyone that Grandma is there. Everyone is happy to see that Stephanie changed her mind and yell for her to come down and join the party. Stephanie stumbles down to the garden with Nick right behind her. As everyone gathers around to welcome Stephanie to welcome her to the party, they slowly start to realize just how drunk she is. Brooke is surprised to see her and Nick together. Stephanie says that Nick has a good soul and that he taught her how to drink. Nick compliments her on how good she is at drinking. Brooke takes charge of Stephanie and leads her to a private section of the garden to try to get her to sober up a little and go home. Ridge tells the band to play something upbeat and to keep the party going. Felicia is intrigued by Nick and watches him closely as Ridge tells her that Nick is big trouble.

In the little private area that Brooke has taken Stephanie too, Brooke tries to get Stephanie to understand that they all still want Stephanie in their lives, but they are afraid of her because she is too judgmental. Brooke tells her that it is her own fault that her entire family pulled away from her, not Brooke’s fault. Stephanie is holding all the anger and bitterness in her heart. Stephanie breaks down crying when she realizes that is the way her family sees her. She falls into Brooke’s shoulder and sobs. She tells Brooke that she has won. Brooke is the new family matriarch.

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