B&B Monday Update 7/12/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/12/04

By Boo
pictures by Boo

Ridgeís House:

Out in the garden area, everyone starts to arrive for the wedding. Brooke admits to Ridge that she has a few butterflies but thinks Ridge is way too calm. He lets her feel his heart beat. She is surprised that his heart is pounding. Kristen greets Hector and Samantha when they arrive. Caitlin apologizes to Rick, saying that she didnít know Thomas was going to ask her to the wedding. Rick is just happy that she is there. She then joins her parents who introduce her to Kristen. Ridge and Brooke go to the top of the bridge and call for everyoneís attention. Ridge thanks everyone for being there. Sally and Clark burst into the room with Sally apologizing for being late, but their invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Ridge welcomes them to the party, and then continues with his little speech. He tells them all that he and Brooke have said the ĎI doísí so many times before that they donít need the big extravagant wedding. They are happy to have this small gathering of friends and family. Eric joins them for a few minutes to say that he knows they have gone through hell and back to be together. This wedding will mark a new era for the Forrester family. Steffy and Phoebe recite a little poem that they have written as everyone laughs and applauds them. The minister joins Brooke and Ridge on the bridge and starts the ceremony. They each exchange their own vows, and the minister pronounces them man and wife. Applause and cheers all around as Ridge kisses his new wife.

Chuckís Bar:

Nick tries to tell Stephanie that she is going to have to let the past go if she is going to have a relationship with her grandchildren. When Stephanie continues to bad mouth Brooke, Nick teaches her the drinking game of quarters. Stephanie finally gets the hang of the game and dives right in. When she comments that she bets Brooke canít do that, Nick realizes that Stephanie is obsessed with Brooke. Stephanie denies it and claims that Brooke is the one that is obsessed. Brooke set her sights on Ridge and she finally has him. Stephanie realizes what time it is and says that she needs to go to the wedding. Nick tries to tell her that isnít a good idea since she is so drunk. He tells her that the wedding is surely over by now. Stephanie still insists on going and heads out of the bar. Nick runs after her to make sure she doesnít make a fool of herself.

Massimoís office:

Massimo is looking out the window as Jackie meekly enters the room. She tells him that she came by to see how he was doing. He tells her that she should have just called. Jackie tells him that she has called and left dozens of messages. She wants to apologize to him. Massimo reminds her that today is Ridge and Brookeís wedding. He isnít even invited to his own sonís wedding. All because of her lies. Mass tells her to jut go, he doesnít want to have anything to do with her. Jackie doesnít believe him, after all they have been through and how long they waited to be together. She tells him that she knows he still loves her and calls him a stubborn fool as she kisses him. Massimo pushes her away and tells her that she is wrong. Jackie pleads with him again to just tell her what she has to do to get through to him. She will do anything. Mass tells her that all he wants from her is for her to go.

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