B&B Thursday Update 7/8/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/8/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Brooke and Ridge are in bed with their beautiful baby between them. “Think he knows?” Asks Ridge softly. “You mean what a special day this is for his mom and dad?” Answers Brooke. Ridge says special doesn’t even begin to describe it. Brooke says this is the happily ever after they’ve been waiting for, for so long. “Mommie!” Says Hope, running in to climb into bed with them. She cozies up to her mom and kisses her baby brother good morning. Ridge tells her that morning kisses are supposed to be wet and sloppy and make your toes curl. (I’ve got to admit that the kids they choose for these parts are absolutely adorable.) They send her down for Catherine to fix her some breakfast, saying they don’t want her tummy to growl during the wedding. Ridge says that in a few more hours they’ll be making their commitment in front of all their family and friends. (Yea, gosh, there’s something new, huh?) Brooke asks him what he means, because she thought they were keeping it small. He says he tweaked the guest list a bit, and that Kristin and Felicia are flying in. He says he called Brooke’s sisters, and Storm, but they can’t come on such short notice. Ridge asks her if she’s disappointed. She says it isn’t exactly her first time as a bride. Ridge says in a way it is, because this time it’s forever. (cough) Meanwhile, Nick is sitting on deck of the Shady Marlin, holding the compass bracelet that he had given Brooke. (And she gave back.) He’s thinking back to happy times, when they were together. And he’s contemplating tossing the bracelet in the water.

Stephanie is telling Eric about having dinner with Thorne and Darla. Eric is surprised. She says she wanted to check on him after everything that happened at the board meeting. (Stephanie is looking very pretty today in black, instead of her usual muted pastel.) They discuss Alexandria, and how she insisted that her “grams” say for dinner. Stephanie says that at least she has one grandchild that she doesn’t need Brooke’s permission to see. Eric tells her to give it some time, it’ll get better. Stephanie says she’d like to believe that, but that Brooke has her at her mercy and is making the most of it. Then Eric picks up the invitation to Ridge and Brooke’s wedding and hands it to Stephanie. She looks at it and takes a deep breath.

Rick is leading Caitlin, blindfolded, to a surprise he has for her. As they get to it, he opens a door and leads her in. He takes off her blindfold, and she’s standing in Thorne’s old office, which is now, explains Rick, Caitlin’s new office! She is overwhelmed. “I can’t believe this is happening!” She says, looking around at all the manikins. Then he takes a drape off an easel which has the word “Ingénue” and explains to her that it’s the name of the new line. “Three guesses where we got that inspiration.” He says. Rick tells her that she earned it. She says she got lucky, in more ways than one, looking at him adoringly.

Ridge brings Brooke a cup of tea as she scurries around the bedroom getting ready. She says that she hates to bring it up, but what about his mother. “Any chance she’ll be at the ceremony?” Ridge says that he tried to reach out to her last night but it didn’t go too well. He says maybe she’ll have a change of heart. He says he knows how Brooke feels about her, but he thinks maybe if she sees them exchange vows, it will sink in that they are husband and wife, and that she is a permanent part of the family. Brooke offers to go to Stephanie and invite her personally to the ceremony. Ridge says that’s extremely generous of her. “I think so.” Says Brooke. Then Ridge asks what he will have to do to repay the favor. “You will invite Nick.” She says. “You’re kidding me!” He says. Brooke says that he did say he wanted his family to be there. Ridge says Nick is not family. “He’s your brother!” Says Brooke. “And no matter what’s happened he needs to know that we don’t hold him responsible for….” Ridge interrupts her with “What do you mean don’t hold him responsible? I’m still not okay with all that!” She asks him to do it for her. He thinks for a minute, and then agrees to do it. Then he tells her that he wouldn’t get her hopes up too high where his mother is concerned. Brooke says she will do her best, but given how she feels about her, she guesses her chances are slim to none.

“A re-affirmation of our love.” Reads Stephanie, from the invitation. Shaking her head, she says the idea of going there and standing and watching….then she trails off. “I can’t go.” She says to Eric, getting up and walking away as she hands him back the invitation, leaving him perplexed and disappointed.

Brooke is almost ready to leave, she’s going through her purse, when she comes upon a picture of Nick, Hope, and her, signed on the back, “All my love, Nick.” She smiles as she looks at it, and starts remembering good times with him. She remembers dancing with him, the beach, their time in Hawaii, fun times with both of them and Hope, sexy times. And Nick is still on his boat, sitting on the edge of the deck, remembering all the same things, and there’s no smile on his face. Suddenly Ridge appears by his side. They look at each other, but neither speaks immediately. Finally Nick speaks. “You take a wrong turn?” He asks. “No…don’t make me regret being here Nick.” He says, handing the invitation to Nick. “Is this for me?” Nick asks, taking it. He opens it up, and says “Sweet, ‘A Re-affirmation Of Our Love’” Ridge says that Brooke wants him to be there. “Does she? That’s nice.” Says Nick. “What about you Forrester? Is that what you want?” He says, putting his face right up to Ridge’s.

Stephanie answers the door to find Brooke standing there. “Oh God.” She says, rolling her eyes. “Now, now, is that any way to treat your soon-to-be daughter-in-law?” Asks Brooke, walking in and handing her an invitation. Stephanie looks at it, and hands it back to Brooke saying that one was more than enough. “You’re not coming?” Asks Brooke, as though she’s surprised. Stephanie says that she would rather be coated with honey and run naked through a swarm of bees. (Hahahahaha) “Well, I tried.” Says Brooke, heading for the door. Stephanie turns and asks if Ridge sent her. Brooke says that they made a deal. She would ask Stephanie, and Ridge would ask Nick. Stephanie asks her if she thinks Nick wants to be at the wedding. “We’ll see.” Says Brooke. Then Brooke tells Stephanie that it would give her a chance to spend some time with her grandchildren. “But if you don’t want that…..” Stephanie tells Brooke that she knows Brooke doesn’t want her spending time with them. Brooke tells her she’s wrong. “No.” Says Stephanie. “It’s wrong what you’re doing keeping them from me, it’s spiteful. But it’s going to come back to you in ways you can’t even imagine.” Brooke just looks at her.

Caitlin is walking around her new office, touching things, getting a feel for it. “So you like the new office?” Asks Rick. “I love it, I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to be doing in it exactly.” She says. Rick tells her that her day is all mapped out for her, and hands her an itinerary. “Rick, this is a photo shoot.” She says. “Really!” Says Rick, asking her what time that is. She says it’s nine o’clock. He looks at his watch and says they better get going. He walks over and opens the door, and in walks Giovanni and his crew. “Oh my god! Giovanni??” Says Caitlin. Giovanni tells Rick that he’s right, she is beautiful. Caitlin tells Giovanni that she has never modeled before. Giovanni tells her he’ll take care of everything. They’re supposed to do a location shoot, but Caitlin asks if they can do the shoot at Forrester, where she’s more comfortable. Giovanni says that will work. Then he introduces the hair stylist, and make-up artist, and his assistant to Caitlin. At that point Rick asks if they will all give him a minute with Caitlin. They all walk back out. “You think I can pull this off?” Asks Caitlin. Rick walks over to her and says that she is going to be great. Then he kisses first her forehead, and then the lips. She’s totally hooked on him.


Nick is sitting in a deck chair playing with the invitation, his back to Ridge. “So what’s it gonna be, yes or no?” Asks Ridge. “I thought you’d left.” Says Nick. Ridge says he needs to tell Brooke something. Nick asks if Brooke put him up to this. Ridge says that it was her idea, and asks again if he will be there. Nick says that man to man, he knows Ridge doesn’t really want him there. Ridge says it’s not about him, that Brooke would like him to be there, and he knows that Hope would like to see him too. Nick says in another couple of months Hope won’t even know who he is. “Besides, you’re the family man; you know what you’re doing. Good luck getting the brush through those curls though, but I’m sure you’ll manage.” Ridge asks him if he’s through with it all. Nick says he has a lot of work to do, that he’s launching a new cargo ship. He says the model just came in, and he takes it out of the box to show Ridge. The model says “Hope” on the side. “The Hope?” Says Ridge. Nick has named his new cargo ship, Hope. (Awwwwwwwwwwwww!)


“Threatening me today of all days? Not very wise.” Says Brooke walking back in. Stephanie says she doesn’t have anything to lose. Brooke says she’s not keeping Stephanie from her grandchildren. “Oh, so you do want me at the ceremony.” Says Stephanie. Brooke says she came all the way over to ask her. Stephanie says she knows Brooke doesn’t want her there. Brooke says she’s right, that it’s the happiest day of her life and she doesn’t really want to see Stephanie’s scowling face looking back at her. “But it’s important to Ridge, for whatever reason.” Says Brooke. Stephanie says she’s not surprised that Brooke doesn’t understand that. “You have no idea what Ridge and I mean to each other. She says. Brooke says she understands more than she wants to. “This has nothing to do with the grandchildren, or that I’m not Taylor.” She says that Stephanie didn’t like Taylor when Ridge first married her either. She says that Stephanie is upset because she doesn’t want anyone to come between her and her greatest love, Ridge. “Don’t you know how sick that is? You look at him in a way that no mother should.” She says. Stephanie grows angrier by the second, and tells Brooke to get out. Then Brooke says that Stephanie wishes that it was her face on the invitation, and that it’s not Brooke who’s been obsessed all these years, but Stephanie. “You!” Says Brooke, shaking the invitation in Stephanie’s face.

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