B&B Monday Update 7/5/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/5/04

By Suzanne

At Forrester, Ridge looks at some models (Kira and Michelle) who are wearing some of Caitlin's designs. Eric, Rick, Stephanie, and Thorne are there, too. Thorne is grouchy throughout the whole meeting. Ridge admires the designs and talks about how daring they are, etc. Thorne wonders if Ridge wants to make Caitlin his apprentice, but Ridge says he wants to make her a star. Thorne objects to Caitlin being given her own line. Ridge ignores his objections and goes on and on about how much good publicity it will be for their company to have such a young girl representing them. He says she will be like Cinderella, not only developing her own line but modeling it. She will be an inspiration to young girls everywhere. When he describes her as "sexy", Stephanie objects, saying that she doesn't give off that vibe. Ridge says this will be the transformation from young girl to...Thorne cuts him off and says, "to a tramp?" but Ridge says she will be the girl who has it all.

Caitlin and Thomas wait outside the meeting. She is nervous. They chat about the new baby. Thomas says it's a good thing they ran that second paternity test. She can't believe what Jackie did. They chat about how much time Brooke and Ridge lost and how happy they are now. He says that Ridge is designing again and how his family is all together. She smiles, happy for him. She goes back to worrying about why they called her in. She is very excited about being there. She tells him about the lunch she went to with Rick. His smile disappears and he quizzes her about what Rick said to her. She tells him a bit about how Rick was supportive of her and how he talked to Ridge for her. However, she is called in so Thomas gives her a good luck kiss. She goes in.

Caitlin arrives at the Forrester board meeting. Eric says he's interested in what Ridge has to say, but Thorne objects. Ridge introduces Caitlin to them. They ask her some questions about her designs and her background. She tells them how glad she was to intern there. They noticed that she sewed her own designs, so they ask her where she learned. She replies that she learned from her "Nana". Thorne points out that means she has not been formally trained. They thank her and she leaves, with Rick sniffing behind her to "walk her out". Thorne only sees that Caitlin is an experienced young kid. Ridge sees star quality in her. He wants to move on her now while she is still young and fresh. Thorne says she's inexperienced so Ridge waves him off dismissively, saying they can always bring in Brooke to help with that. Stepahnie objects right away to that idea. She is so annoyed that she puts down the whole idea. She says they don't sell sex anymore, especially not to teenagers, and that they should move on. Ridge and Stephanie argue about Brooke some more...she says they are trying to rebuild what Brooke destroyed. Thorne chimes in that the timing is all wrong for what Ridge wants to do. They have to concentrate on their plan to rebuild. He doesn't want Ridge's attention diverted and refers to Ridge being on his design team, which really rubs Ridge the wrong way. They argue. Thorne tells him to put his ego aside and do what's best for the company. He says this would be an enormous risk and alienate their customer base. When she mentions studies, Ridge scoffs at the idea and makes sarcastic remarks about focus groups. They both turn to Eric for his decision on their argument. Thorne looks uncertain but Ridge smiles as if he knows that Eric will be on his side.

Outside, Caitlin is nervous about how she did in there, but Rick assures her that she did great. She kicks herself for talking about her "Nana". She tells Rick how much she really wants to work there. She asks Rick about what he thinks and then she kisses him on the cheek to thank him.

At home, Brooke and Darla look at the new baby; they can't believe Alexandra and Hope were that small not too long ago. Brooke hopes it's different for their children and they don't have the rivalry that Thorne and Ridge did. She tells Darla that Stephanie played Ridge and Thorne against each other. Darla says she didn't realize that. Darla and Brooke sit down and have tea. Darla shares that there has been some tension between Ridge and Thorne at the office lately. Brooke replies that she didn't know about that. Darla is afraid some old wounds are opening up between the brothers. Brooke says that she and Darla are the future of their family and the ones to decide that the old patterns don't repeat themselves in their children. Darla agrees. She wonders if Brooke will talk to Ridge about it. She says that she tried, but Ridge made fun of her. She says that Thorne feels he can handle it himself, but she is doubtful. She brings up Thorne's new position and thinks that Ridge doesn't appreciate it. Brooke gets uncomfortable and a little defensive here. Darla talks about the strategy that Thorne came up with to put Forrester back the way it was. Brooke knows she means, the way it was before Brooke came in. Darla talks about Thorne's vision to make it the premiere company it once was. She says that Ridge's designs are "not Forrester", according to Thorne. Brooke argues with her about that. Brooke paces and then tells Darla that she agrees with Thorne--Darla should let him handle it on his own. Darla is frustrated at this advice. They each talk about their men. Brooke calls Thorne a "nuts and bolts" man. Darla points out that the company did fine for a whole year without Ridge. They argue a little. Brooke tries to keep the peace by saying that both men are essential to the company. She then adds that she thinks that if Darla is saying something different to Thorne, maybe she is the one who needs an attitude adjustment. They continue to argue and to defend their men. Darla angrily points out that if Ridge thinks he can just go back to being in charge again while Thorne lives in his shadow, he's wrong.

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