B&B Thursday Update 7/1/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/1/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

“I know what you must be feeling.” Says Jackie. Brooke tells her she couldn’t begin to imagine what she feels. Jackie says she must feel betrayed. Brooke says she was betrayed by a woman who claimed to care about her. Jackie says she does care about Brooke, that she thinks of her as a daughter. “Given what you did to your son that’s not very reassuring.” Says Brooke. Brooke asks her how she could have treated Nick like that, asking, “What kind of a mother are you?”

Sally is checking out one of Clark’s new designs being modeled for her by a beautiful girl. Sally says she looks beautiful, but she’s not too sure about the dress. She asks Clark if it’s the best he can do. “Her magnificence isn’t pleased?” Says Clark sarcastically.

Sally says she’s only interested in getting Spectra back on top of the fashion heap again. She says in order to do that….and Clark finishes her sentence for her, “beating out the competition.” Sally continues feeding him starter sentences, “Exactly, with?” Clarks answers, “Our secret weapon.” Sally – “Which is?” Clark – “Pizzazz.” He says annoyingly. She says she’s glad to see he’s been paying attention, but she says she could never tell it by looking at the gown. She says the gown should be screaming “Oooooo lala” and all she’s getting from it is an “uh huh.” Clark looks both irritated and hurt at the same time, and walks out of the room.

Ridge is sketching when Stephanie comes to the door and asks if she can come in. Ridge says of course. She walks in and looks over his shoulder at his sketch. “Oh that’s stunning.” She says. Ridge says he’s feeling inspired. She asks him how the baby is. He tells her RJ is gorgeous, brilliant and noisy. He tells her she should come around and see him sometime. “Yes.” Says Stephanie as she rolls her eyes to the ceiling. Ridge says his schedule happens to be open in the afternoon, but Stephanie says she doesn’t think she can make it because she has so much to do in the office. “Mother.” Ridge says. Stephanie tells him to be patient with her. He says he has been…for years.

Waiting for her to come around and accept Brooke, and his feelings for her, and it hasn’t happened. She says it’s difficult. Ridge says she’s making it difficult for them too. He says he’s tried to put up with as long as he could, but that now things have changed, there’s a child involved. He tells her that she fell in love with him just like he did, the first moment she held him. “Yes.” Says Stephanie. He says she’s letting her feelings for Brooke get in the way of being a part of RJ’s life. Stephanie says he should bring RJ over to the house, in a couple of months when he’s a little older, and she will baby-sit for them. “I’m not going to play this game with you.” Ridge says. He tells her it’s a package deal now. If she loves him, and she loves his son, she loves Brooke. Stephanie gives him a look only she can give.

Nick is in his office at Marone Industries working when Massimo stops in. “Dominick.” Says Massimo. Nick greets him and asks him about some business deal they had going a while back. Massimo says he remembers. Nick tells him he might want to handle it while he’s gone. “Gone? Where are you going?” Asks Massimo. He says he’s off to the Channel Islands to think a little bit. Massimo asks if it’s to deal with what’s happened. Nick says what’s done is done, and it’s time to move on. “Just that simple?” Asks Massimo. Nick says there’s nothing about it that’s simple.

“You must hate me.” Says Jackie. Brooke says she doesn’t even know who Jackie is under all the lies. Jackie says she never meant for everything to get so out of hand. Brooke says all that Jackie did was manipulate them, all of them. “You’re worse than Stephanie!” She says. Jackie says she doesn’t expect Brooke to understand. She says she didn’t think she was manipulating anyone.

“I truly believed that the child was Nicky’s.” She says. Brooke says she convinced herself. “Yes, because he was so happy.” Says Jackie. “And so were you Brooke.” She says they were both planning this wonderful life together and she didn’t want anything to get in the way of that. “Especially not the truth.” Says Brooke. “Are you listening to yourself? Are you sorry for what you’ve done? Or are you sorry that you let your conscience get the better of you?” She says. Jackie just looks at her.

“Have you seen your mother?” Massimo asks Nick. “Yea.” He answers. “I thought I knew the woman I married,” Begins Massimo. “No, don’t pop, don’t start. It’s not gonna change anything.” Massimo tells Nick that he asked her to leave. Nick says she’s at the penthouse. Massimo says he doesn’t care. “You care.” Says Nick. Massimo says the family is never gonna recover, and Ridge….” He trails off. Nick says he’ll get over it. Massimo says Ridge feels that Massimo took Nick’s side over Ridge’s. Nick says it’s not about sides. Massimo says that’s what he told Ridge. Massimo says all he wanted was for Brooke’s baby to be brought up by his father. Nick says that’s exactly what’s gonna happen, so everything worked out and Ridge will forgive him. “What about you Dominick?” Asks Massimo. Nick laughs. “Never been better.” He says he’s had more heart-to-hearts in the past few days than he’s had in his entire life, so he’d just like to put it in the past.

Massimo says he knows how much the child meant to Nick. Nick says maybe if he had kept his feelings to himself his mother wouldn’t have had a reason to lie. Massimo tells Nick that he knows what his mother means to him too.

Jackie says of course she regrets everything she’s done, and the pain that she’s caused. “Ridge and I will never get back all of those months, we should have been so happy.” Says Brooke. Jackie says she knows that apologies are meaningless, but that she is terribly sorry. Brooke asks her about what she did to her son. Jackie says Nick can’t bring himself to look at her, but when he does it’s worse. “He won’t let me help him.” She says. Brooke asks her if she really expected him to. “No.” She says she didn’t . But she says he does need someone. And when she saw Brooke there she was so glad, because she knows that Brooke doesn’t hold Nick responsible. “He’s NOT responsible!” Says Brooke. “He’s more a victim here than any of us!” Jackie says that Nick has never opened his heart up to anyone before Brooke. Brooke says that turned out so well thanks to Jackie. Jackie says she’s afraid he will never trust anyone again. Brooke says if he doesn’t that’s Jackie’s fault. “But I don’t really see that happening.” She says. Jackie sees a spark of hope and asks Brooke if Nick said something to her. Brooke asks Jackie if she really thinks she would betray Nick’s confidence to her of all people. Jackie says it’s ok, Brooke has said enough, and she’s always trusted Brooke with Nicky, because Brooke understands him so well. She says it’s such a relief to know that Brooke is still in his court. She goes on and on about how it’s going to be alright now, she has a smile on her face. But Brooke is looking at her as though she’s lost her mind.

“Ok, Bucky what’s goin on??” Says Sally to Clarke. “What’s with the attitude?” Clarke asks her “What attitude?” She scoffs. Clarke says he’s just not into the “knockoff” game. Sally says he better get into it and quick. “Or what?” Asks Clarke. “You’re gonna can me? You’d be doing me a favor!” He says. “Is that so?” Says Sally with her usual sarcasm. Clarke says yes, it is so, and that he wasn’t going to tell her but he got another job offer, a good one, and he almost took it. “So why didn’t ya?” Asks Sally. Clarke says he’s asked himself the same question. Sally gets a big grin on her face and says he didn’t take it because he can’t stand to be away from her, because she and Clarke are joined at the hip and are a team, and always will be. Clark says she got the last part right. Sally says she would be completely lost without him, and tells him to quit fishing for compliments and get busy. He looks at her, and then walks back in and seems to get back in the game of designing again. He says maybe the dress needs a little Latin flare.

Sally begins dancing the flamingo around them.

“You want me to love Brooke?” Says Stephanie. “There’s no other way.” Says Ridge. Stephanie says she’s do anything in the world for him, but that there are some things that are beyond a person’s control. Ridge says he’s not gonna settle for less. Stephanie asks him if that’s some kind of ultimatum. Ridge says it’s an opportunity for Stephanie to be a part of their lives, and to be a major influence on her grandson. Stephanie says she’s sure Brooke would love that. Ridge says Brooke knows how important it is to him. He says the hostilities have got to end now, and they’re going to, one way or another. He starts to walk out. She asks him if she can’t meet his demands is she out of his life? Ridge says he doesn’t believe she would let it get that far. He tells her to stop being so self-centered and realize what a gift it is. He says she has an opportunity to put away all the bitterness and turn it into something healthy. “Mother, this little boy, is the best of all of us. “He shares our blood, all of our blood. Mine, yours and Brooke’s.” He tells her that as much as he loves her and wants her in their lives, he cannot have the hostility continue anymore around his son.

“Let me make something very clear, if I’m still in Nick’s corner, it’s not something I’m doing for your sake.” Says Brooke to Jackie. “No, no of course not, it’s because you still love him.” Jackie answers. Brooke again looks at her like she’s lost her mind.

“I don’t wanna talk about my mother.” Says Nick to Massimo. Massimo says he understands. “I know you do.” Says Nick. He tells Massimo not to worry about Ridge, that’ he’ll come around. “He’s so happy right now he’d forgive Eve for the apple.” He says. Massimo says he’s on his own again. He says he was on his own for years anyway. Nick says he’ll be back. He’s not sure what he’ll be back “to” but he’ll be back. “To me!” Says Massimo. That obviously warms Nick’s heart.

He’s obviously very fond of Massimo. But he tells Massimo he has to go. Massimo says he knows that the sea is where Nick draws his strength. Massimo asks him not to stay away too long. Nick says he won’t , and that Massimo is stuck with him… “like a barnacle.” Nick goes and picks up a box of cigars to take with him. “God I’ve missed these.” He says. “It’s almost worth being dumped for.” He grabs his bag and walks out, leaving Massimo behind.

Brooke says she is not going to stand there and discuss her relationship with Nick, with Jackie. Jackie says she doesn’t have to, that she knows how Brooke feels, she knows how both of them feel. Brooke tells her she’s using that to justify what she did. Jackie says nothing can justify what she did. “But Brooke, you’re a mother, haven’t you ever wanted anything so badly for your children that it clouded your judgment?” She asks. Brooke stops and thinks for a moment, and then says, “If you’re asking for my forgiveness….” Jackie says she’s not, that she doesn’t deserve anything from Brooke, “But Nicky does. He deserves your love.” She says. “He needs your friendship now more than ever.” Brooke says he has it. But warns Jackie not to go spinning any more webs. Jackie says that she has more than enough problems in her own life and she’ll be staying out of Nicky’s. She says that if anything happens between the two of them it will be their own doing and not hers. Brooke says emphatically that NOTHING is going to happen. “We’ll see. Bye Brooke.” She says as she walks out. Brooke is left behind shaking her head.

Stephanie is staring at pictures of her family on Ridge’s credenza. “Ill try.” She says after a minute. Ridge says that’s not good enough, it’s all or nothing. Stephanie says he can’t ask her to love someone…:Ridge interrupts her, “Who’s made me happy? Who’s given me something I’ve always wanted.” Stephanie continues, “but has caused you just as much misery and unhappiness!” Ridge walks away in exasperation. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to say these things, and that she is trying to accept this, but he just keeps pushing. Ridge says it’s because he loves her, and he doesn’t want to have to cut her out of his life. He tells her to think about what that would mean. “Holidays, birthdays without us, without all of us mother.” She says he doesn’t mean it. He says he does. He tells her she has got to come through for him and her grandchildren, or she’s gonna leave him no choice. She begins to cry. “I can’t believe you’d let it come to this. I’ve loved you more than any man.” Ridge tells her that maybe that’s part of the problem. “Mother, you and I have always had something very special, very unique.” “From the moment you were born.” Stephanie answers softly. “But now you’re holding on too tight. You’ve gotta let go.”

She begins to cry harder, and puts her head on his shoulder. “I’m asking you now, you’ve got to let go, or you’re gonna lose me.”

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