B&B Wednesday Update 6/30/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/30/04

By Susann
Pictures by Boo

“Massimo, you shouldn’t be in this building.” Says Eric, as he walks in on Massimo and Ridge. Massimo asks if he poses some kind of threat. Eric says no. Massimo then asks to continue his private conversation with his son. Ridge says that anything he wants to say to him can be said in front of “Dad.” This cuts Massimo to the quick.

Hector is doing some paperwork at the fire station when Thomas knocks on the office door. “What’s up Mr. Ramirez?” He asks as he walks in. Hector says a lot and if he’s not careful he’s gonna put him to work. Thomas says he’s just there looking for Caitlin. Hector looks puzzled. “Didn’t she show up?” He asks. Thomas asks him what he means. Hector says she had an appointment with Thomas’s dad at Forrester Creations. Now Thomas looks puzzled.

Caitlin and Rick are eating big burgers at the Café Russe`. She says it’s soooooo good. Then she starts telling him again how great the whole lunch is. Rick asks her if she’s disappointed that she didn’t get to meet with the great Ridge Forrester. Caitlin says she’s not, that Ridge probably wouldn’t have taken her to lunch at the Café Russe`. “This is way better.” She says. Rick says he is going to tell his dad how impressed he is with Caitlin’s designs. Caitlin says she’s dreamed of this since she was four years old. She says she even used to make outfits for her dolls. She mentions her mom and says it must run in the family. Rick says that she didn’t even know her mom until recently. She says it must be genetic.

Eric tells Massimo that he shouldn’t bother talking to Ridge because they’ve heard all he has to say and all he has to offer. “If Ridge wanted to be a Marone he wouldn’t be here at Forrester.” He says. Massimo says they were lied to and that’s the reason for the distance between them. Eric says it isn’t. The distance is because Ridge saw through all his promises of undying loyalty. Ridge breaks in to stop their arguing and says “Look, whatever happened, is for the best. “No.” Says Massimo. Ridge says he’s out, and he doesn’t want to be a part of Massimo’s legacy. Massimo says that whether he wants it or not, he cannot deny who he is. Eric says that’s true, that’s why he’s back at Forrester where he belongs. Massimo says Ridge doesn’t fit in at Forrester and he never will. Eric says that Massimo gave him a chance to be a part of the Marone dynasty and that failed. “Let’s all move on.” He says. “Move on?” Massimo begins. “Ridge, how did you respond when we asked you to move on from Brooke and this child? That you felt in your heart and soul that he was of your own flesh and blood? The pull that you felt defied all logic and explanation because that’s the way it is with fathers and sons. It’s an unbreakable bond. You knew it then and you know it now.

Nick tells Brooke she shouldn’t have come. Brooke says that if she waited longer it would have become awkward. “This isn’t awkward?” Asks Nick. Brooke says it doesn’t have to be if they are honest with each other. Nick jumps on those words with both feet. “Let’s do that! Let’s do that!” He says “I’d like that, let’s be honest. Let’s just lay it on the line. How do you feel?” He asks her. “Relieved? Thrilled? Happy? You got what you wanted didn’t ya?” Brooke breaks into tears again. “Not exactly.” She says. I”I never wanted to hurt you.” Nick laughs. He tells her not to worry about him, he tells her to just sail off on the good ship Forrester. Brooke tells him she’s not worried about him, she knows he’ll be alright. She says he’ll probably meet some woman who will make him happier than she ever did, or love him more than she ever could, and she’ll hate her guts. “Good.” Says Nick. Brooke says that if Nick had married her he would have had to live with her for the rest of his life. He says he can think of worse things. “Why don’t you come over to dinner some time?” She says. Nick laughs, and says he doesn’t think so. Brooke says then they will have to get together for lunch. Nick says he’s all booked. Brooke gets frustrated and tells him that they can’t pretend it never happened. “Why not?” Says Nick. “Because it did!” She says “and you…..” Nick interrupts her, “What? Tell me what?” He says. Brooke says they just need to make it work. “Go home Brooke.” Nick says as he roughly pushes her toward the stairs. “Don’t push me!” Says Brooke sharply. “I need you in my life!” She says. Nick asks her why she keeps pushing it. Both are yelling at this point. “Because Nick! I need you! If that makes me a spoiled, rotten, selfish, bitch, then that’s who I am ok? I need you!”

Massimo says that Ridge never gave up on his son and Massimo will never give up on Ridge. “But you did.” Says Eric. Massimo says he didn’t. Ridge says that Eric is right, worse than that he turned his back on him. He says that the scary thing is that Massimo almost got his way. He says he was so close to walking out on Brooke, and she almost married Nick. Ridge says when he looks at Massimo that’s all he sees. He asks Massimo what would have happened if he had kept on listening to him and Jackie and his mother. Massimo says he regrets ever listening to Jacqueline, he regrets their entire marriage! He says he’s been going over and over it in his mind and can’t understand how he missed the signs. Ridge says it wasn’t that he missed it , he just had his head buried in the sand. Ridge says he tried to tell Massimo that she wasn’t acting right, and that she had an agenda. “She was drinking and keeping secrets.” Says Massimo. Ridge explodes. “And you still trusted her over me!” He says. Massimo says he had no way of knowing what she had done. He thought she was having an affair and could have handled THAT easier than this. He says she is gone and out of his life, and that should tell Ridge something. Ridge says it tells him that Massimo doesn’t like to be made a fool of and that he realized too late how wrong he was. Massimo says it’s never too late – “we are father and son, what more can I do?” “That’s what I’m trying to tell you. There’s nothing more to do, I want nothing from you.” Ridge says. Massimo looks hurt. “And you think I have nothing to offer your children? Massimo says quietly. “I didn’t say that.” Says Ridge. Massimo says he has a grandson he’s never even seen. Ridge says to give Brooke some time and they’ll have him over to dinner. Massimo says at least he’s opening the door. “An inch, Massimo.” Says Ridge. “It’s not an invitation for you to bulldoze your way into my life. This will be on my terms.” Massimo says that’s fine and that he won’t pressure Ridge. “I won’t have to, you’ll come back to your true family on your own.” He says.

Hector is surprised that Thomas didn’t know about Caitlin’s meeting with his father. Thomas can’t understand why she didn’t tell him about it. Hector says she probably didn’t want him influencing the outcome. Thomas acknowledges he would have tried to do that. Then Thomas tells Hector about Ridge delivering Brooke’s baby last night, and tells him he has a new little brother. Hector is surprised and starts to say something about Nick, but Thomas stops him by telling him about the new paternity test and about Ridge being the father. Hector, although a bit speechless, manages to tell him how great that is. Thomas says he wanted to tell Caitlin because she’s had to listen to him worry about it all summer. Hector takes the opportunity to ask what else they talk about. Thomas says they talk about Caitlin getting her mother back. Hector says it sounds like they’re getting pretty close. “Yea.” Says Thomas. Then he worries what Hector will think, and tries to tell him they’re just friends. Hector says for him to relax, that he likes Thomas, but he just doesn’t want Caitlin growing up too fast. Thomas says he understands. “Good, then I won’t have to break both your legs.” Says Hector. They laugh. Thomas asks if it would be ok if he took Caitlin on a date. Hector says he isn’t sure how much time Caitlin will have this summer due to her new job. He also is concerned about the fashion industry being so concerned only with appearance and not what a person is like inside. He says that’s not how she was brought up. Thomas assures him that it’s not like that at Forrester. He says integrity is what Forrester is all about. He promises Hector that she’s in good hands.

Caitlin asks Rick what happened to his marriage. He says he thinks he just wanted too much. He wanted Amber to be something she wasn’t. Caitlin says they came from two different worlds. Rick says he needed Amber to be honest, but with amber it was all an act. He says he could look Amber right in the eye and not know if she was telling the truth. With that comment they begin to look deeply into each others eyes without speaking, holding the gaze until the waiter interrupts, asking if they need anything else. Rick says no and to put the lunch on his tab. Caitlin thanks Rick again telling him how great it was. Rick says it was his pleasure. He enjoyed getting to know her better. He says he has a feeling that they will be spending a lot more time together. “I hope so.” Says Caitlin. Then Rick says Ridge may take a while getting back to her because he and Brooke just got back together. Caitlin is surprised and says Thomas must be so happy. Rick is surprised to hear that Caitlin knows Thomas. Caitlin says how great Thomas is, and Rick says, without thinking, that he’s a great kid. Then realizing what he’s said, he says Thomas isn’t really a kid because he’s the same age as Caitlin. Rick asks her if she and Thomas have been hanging out. She says they just talk sometimes. She starts fumbling for words and Rick helps her out by saying he thinks that is just great. Rick says it’s time to get back and Caitlin says she didn’t mean to keep him there too long. She is obviously sorry that lunch is over.

Nick tells Brooke that she IS spoiled rotten. “That’s one of the things I like best.” He says. “See?” Says Brooke. “Where else could I get that?” Nick says she made her choice. But Brooke says there wasn’t really any choice. Nick says if Brooke starts talking about her “destiny” with Ridge again he’s gonna throw up. “Ok then I wont.” She says. “I appreciate it.” Nick says. Brooke asks him where they go from here. “You’re asking me?” Nick says. Brooke says she doesn’t want to force him into anything. “Yes you do.” He says. “Ok, yes I do.” She says. She says she can’t help it she misses him and it hasn’t even been that long. “Not for you it hasn’t.” He says quietly. He tells her sarcastically that it was very nice of her to come but she shouldn’t be there. He says all the “let’s be friends” crap doesn’t work. He’s yelling now. “People say it but they don’t really mean it.” He says. “I do.” Says Brooke. “Well I don’t!” He yells. He says he doesn’t want to be her friend, her brother-in-law, or Uncle Nick, and he thinks it sucks that she asked. Brooke gets teary eyed again. She says there’s a reason why he came into her life and they got so close. She says they thought they knew what that reason was but they didn’t That doesn’t mean they should just walk away from each other. She takes his arm and turns him around to face her. “Please tell me you won’t walk away.” She says. Nick says he’s at a loss for words. “But I’ll tell you this. If I ever catch you crying over Forrester, I’ll have something to say about that.” She says it was sweet of him to offer. “What are friends for?” He says. “Now look who’s making me cry.” She says. He waipes away a tear and tells her he’s going to go to the store. As he walks out, he tells her to sit down and rest for a bit before she leaves. “Thanks for stopping by.” He says.

Eric has just closed the door after Massimo left. He tells Ridge that Massimo is trying to take advantage of him. Ridge says he can handle Massimo. Eric says not to let his guard down. Ridge says he won’t, but if he shuts him out completely, Massimo will plot to take over the company or something. “He’s lost a lot dad.” Eric says he doesn’t think that was much of a marriage to begin with. Ridge says not just his marriage, but his dream of what his family was going to be as well. He says he can’t kick a guy when he’s down. Eric says to just keep an eye on him. Ridge says he wonders what Massimo is gonna do in the long run. Ridge says he’s at Forrester where he belongs and that’s the way it is. Eric says it means a lot to hear him say that. Ridge says he’s sorry it took so long, but sometimes he has to learn the hard way. Eric says he’s just worried about this soft spot Ridge has for Massimo. Ridge says that Massimo was head over heels in love with Jackie. “You mean to tell me you didn’t relate to that at all?” He asks Eric. Eric says he does, but what he can’t understand is how the Jackie that he knew would play god with lives like that. Ridge says to just wait until he gets his hands on her, if Brooke hasn’t already gotten to her.

Brooke is looking out the window as she gets ready to depart the Shady Marlin when Jackie comes down the stairs expecting to find Nick. She’s saying something about knowing Nick doesn’t want to talk to her, when she looks up and sees Brooke. “Nick may not want to talk to you, but I definitely have something to say.” Says Brooke.

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