B&B Tuesday Update 6/29/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/29/04

By Susann
Pictures by Boo

“Well, well, well!” Says Ridge. “Pretty fierce guard dog you have there little brother.” (If he doesn’t stop calling his little brother I’m gonna deck him!!) Darla says Ridge can call her any name he likes, but he doesn’t have to talk to Thorne the way he just did. “Things have changed around here.” She says. Ridge asks her what her title is. “Chief Gadfly?” Darla reacts as if to go after Ridge, and Thorne holds her back. “Let’s get one thing straight.” He says, pointing his finger at Ridge. “You want to discuss business strategy? Fine. You want to question my authority? You bring it on. But if you ever use that tone of voice again with my wife then I will personally throw you out of this place on your butt, you got that?”

Caitlin and Rick show up at Café Russe`. She thanks him for bringing her, and he thanks her for coming along. She can’t believe she’s actually there. She says she’s heard so much about it. Robert shows up and greets Rick. Rick introduces Caitlin as “a very talented designer.” Robert shows them to Rick’s “usual table” and gives them their menus. Caitlin opens hers, but spends all her time looking around wide-eyed. Rick asks her if something’s wrong. She sees someone famous and asks Rick if that’s who she thinks it is. He looks over and says “Chris O’Donnell? Yea he’s a nice guy. She’s amazed that Rick knows him. He tells her they have really good hamburgers, but Caitlin says she’s way too excited to eat. “Because of O’Donnell?” He asks. “And you.” She says.

Nick is cleaning up some pizza boxes and papers around his boat when Brooke shows up. “Hi.” She says. He looks up from the trash. “You ok?” He asks. She says she’s fine. (Obviously, the baby is already with a babysitter!) He tells her she should sit down, and take it easy. She tells him she just had a baby, not major surgery. He asks how the baby’s doing. She says he’s doing great, and home with the baby nurse right now. “Not with Forrester?” He asks. Brooke says no, that Ridge went to work. “He had a lot of creative energy.” Nick looks disgusted and says that he guesses becoming a father will do that to you. He makes some small talk about needing a new something or other for the boat, and Brooke asks him if he’s taking a trip. “Yea.” He answers. “For how long?” She asks.

Ridge says it looks like he’s stepped on a few toes. He walks over to Darla and apologizes. She looks to Thorne for a cue on how to respond. Thorne nods his head, and she accepts. Ridge says he completely understands her protective attitude toward her new husband. He says if things seemed like they were getting a little too hot in there when she came in, for her to just keep in mind that he and Thorne grew up together. “We aren’t kids anymore Ridge.” Says Thorne. Ridge says he realizes that, and says that no one is more impressed than he is with all that Thorne has accomplished. Thorne says it sounds like Ridge wasn’t expecting that. Ridge says he was trying to pay Thorne a compliment and wonders where all the suspicion is coming from. “You’re kidding me right?” Says Darla. “Darla……with all due respect, when you came in I was trying to have a private meeting with my brother.” Says Ridge. Darla said she was under the assumption it was a business meeting. Ridge says that anyway you slice it, it’s none of her concern. Then he wonders out loud if Thorne is getting all his ideas about Ridge from his new wife.

Caitlin again tells Rick that it was really nice of him to invite her there. He says it was completely selfish motives. “You’re good Caitlin, you’re damn good.” He says. She thanks him again. “What’s that word, when things happen right when you need them to?” He says. Then he remembers. “Kismet, that’s what this feels like.” Then he says that would be a good name for the new line. Caitlin asks if there’s a new line. He says not officially, but that Ridge is pushing for it, and looking for something with flair and sophistication. “In other words, exactly what you’re doing.” He says. Caitlin grins from ear to ear. Rick tells her when she meets with Ridge, to not go in “too polite.” She can’t believe there is such a thing. He tells her to go in with confidence. “I will.” She says.

“First I’m a bean counter, then I’m a puppet, don’t I have a mind of my own?” Says Thorne walking over to Ridge. Ridge says he’s just trying to get a handle on where Thorne is coming from. He says he doesn’t get it. He says everyone else is excited about his new ideas. Thorne says everybody else isn’t responsible for the company’s future. “This IS the future!” Says Ridge emphatically. Thorne tells Ridge that he doesn’t get to make that choice, “Not on your own.”

Massimo walks up to the door of Thorne’s office just in time to hear Ridge say, “We have a chance to take Forrester to a whole new level, the likes of which you’ve never even dreamed of. For your kids, for your grandkids.” Thorne says there won’t be a legacy if the company doesn’t survive. Massimo continues to eavesdrop outside the door as Ridge and Thorne argue about the direction of the company, and who makes the decisions. Ridge asks “Where’s all the fire, the passion and the excitement?” Thorne says excitement comes from taking risks and says that they’re not in a position to do that. “Then you’re not in a position to win!” Says Ridge. “Where do you get off telling me how to win, or what this company needs? You haven’t even been here Ridge. You walked out on us when the going got tough. You walked out on Dad, went out to play with your little oil ships. What the hell was that all about, huh?” Yells Thorne. He continues telling Ridge that while he was off playing his little games, Thorne stuck it out and worked his ass off through some of the hardest years the company has ever seen. “Now we’re getting back on track and you want me to put it all in the red so you can get off on some adrenalin rush? LIKE HELL BUDDY!” Just at that moment Thorne’s secretary come in and realizes she’s walked into the middle of something. Thorne tells her it’s ok and asks if she’s ready for him. She says she is, and that he’s really gonna like the numbers she has to show him. “Unless you have any more insights, I’ve got some beans to count.” Says Thorne to Ridge. Ridge looks at him with a condescending grin and walks out. (Probably to run and tell daddy.)

“Would you like my itinerary?” Says Nick. Brooke says she hates to think that she and Ridge chased him away from his home. He says he’s heading up to the Channel Islands for a bit. Brooke says she knows how difficult it must have been to come to them with the truth. Nick says it had to be done. “If you hadn’t have done it we never would have known that RJ was ours.” Says Brooke. “RJ? Ridge Junior? Says Nick with a funny grin. “Not quite as catchy as Dominick, is it? Whatever suits ya.” He says. Then he tells her has to get to the store. She tells him to wait that someone wants to see him. Then her assistant comes down the stairs carrying Hope. Nick is genuinely happy to see her. He takes her in his arms and kisses her cheek. She asks him if they’re going sailing. Brooke says not today, but another day. Nick says he’ll take her anytime she wants. Then Hope says “Uncle Nick.” Nick looks up at Brooke, and says, “That’s right Uncle Nick.”

Ridge is back in his own office looking at his sketches with frustration, when Massimo walks in. “Trust your gut.” He says. “Excuse Me?” Says Ridge. Massimo tells him that whatever is churning inside him, to trust his instincts, just like he did with the baby. “I see you heard.” Says Ridge. Massimo walks in and sits on his desk. He says he knows that Ridge wanted the baby to be his. “I’m very happy for you my son.” Massimo says.

Caitlin tells Rick that the Café Russe` is like being inside a fashion magazine. She names off several famous designers, and even points out an Ambrosia halter on a woman sitting at the bar. Rick says she really knows her stuff. She says she loved that line, and was always waiting for the next shipment to come in. Rick says he can’t picture her in an Ambrosia. She says she never had the guts to wear it, but her dad wouldn’t let her anyway. She says she liked to study the colors, the way they would clash and work together at the same time. Rick says that Amber was never afraid to make a statement. Caitlin says that’s what Amber is like in real life. “You know her?” Asks Rick. Caitlin tells him that Amber moved in with them after the fire. Her father was the one who rescued her. “You’re kidding!” Says Rick. Caitlin says it’s a small world. She says she couldn’t believe one of her idols was actually living with them. “Your poor ex-wife, I probably talked her ear off.” She says. Rick says he still can’t quite get used to hearing the words “ex-wife.” Caitlin says they must have spent a lot of time together, at work and at home. Rick says when it was good it was good. Caitlin says she’s never had anything like that. Rick says she will.

Brooke sends her assistant back out with Hope. “I hope you don’t mind.” She says. Nick says Hope is a great kid. Brooke says Hope still plays his CD constantly. “Forrester must dig that!” Says Nick with a grin. Brooke says he’ll just have to live with it because she’s not gonna give it up. Nick becomes uncomfortable and starts playing and adjusting all the ropes he has lying around the boat. Brooke says she hopes that Nick will still make Hope a part of his life. She says he was a good influence on her, he made her laugh. She says that Hope still needs him. Nick looks over at Brooke. “She needs me?” He says. Brooke says that Hope loves him. Nick looks around for a minute and then says, “Are you sure we’re still talking about hope here?”

Massimo says that he knows they have a lot of healing to do, “I understand that.” He says. Ridge says if he really understood that he wouldn’t be here right now. Massimo tells him that his sons never had chance to grow up with their father, he wanted things to be different for his grandchild. “No matter what the cost?” Says Ridge. Massimo says that things were said and things were done that they can never take back, but now that they know the truth…. Ridge stops him with, “you think this will all go away?” Massimo says they were all victims. “No!” Says Ridge. “Nick was not a victim! He took advantage of my wife and you supported him. Next you’re gonna tell me you want me to feel sorry for Jackie!” He says. Massimo says no, that what Jackie did was unforgivable. Ridge sarcastically says they can overlook that because “she’s family.” Massimo looks up at him. “Not anymore.” He says. “You threw her out?” Ridge asks. Massimo says it’s ironic that he begged Ridge to turn his back on the woman he loved all for the sake of family, when all the while it was his wife that was the biggest threat. “Well, you’re better off.” Says Ridge, a bit surprised that Massimo has ended it with Jackie. Massimo says without Jacqueline yes, but not without Ridge or his grandchildren. He says he never meant to hurt them, and asks Ridge if they can put it all behind them and start again. “I can’t pretend.” Says Ridge. Massimo begs him to at least open the door an inch. “Why, so you can come barreling through?” Ridge says. Massimo laughs and says Ridge knows him well, because they are so much alike. Ridge scoffs and tells him not to start that again. Massimo tells him that his passion and his drive comes from Massimo, and asks if he really thinks he can settle in again with the dressmakers. Ridge says he IS a dressmaker. Massimo says no, he is a visionary, a rebel, and the kind of man who can help save the world. Ridge says he doesn’t want to save the world. “What do you want to do, play it safe?” Asks Massimo. “You’re never gonna fit in here, you are not a Forrester, you are a Marone, and so is your son, Massimo Marone the sixth!” He says. “Oh please.” Says Ridge. “You are not going to have a little tiny bust in your office!” Massimo says it’s his legacy. “He’s got all the legacy he can handle as Ridge Forrester Jr.” Massimo asks if Ridge can’t pretend, how can he think that his son will become a Forrester, that Ridge himself could ever be a Forrester again. Massimo is using the argument he just heard to play Ridge. He tells him that he sees him at Forrester Creations, but it’s like he doesn’t really belong anymore. “You are a stranger in your own home.” He says. Then he tells him that he still has another home, with the man who gave him life, who lives inside of him, who loves him. Then he holds out the Marone ring. It catches Ridge’s eye and he stares at it. Replaying the words he just shared with his brother. “Come back to me son.” Says Massimo. Ridge is obviously seriously considering Massimo’s offer. But then, from the door comes the words. “Don’t do it Ridge.” Eric to the rescue.

“I shouldn’t have said that.” Says Nick. Brooke tells him that it is her that still needs him. She says she just didn’t feel she had the right. Nick says he took the Marlin out last night, just out in the middle of nowhere, and stared off into a big black hole just trying to find some kind of answer – something to make sense out of all this. “You and Forrester together now, there’s a part of me that’s happy for you.” He says. Brooke asks what about the other part. He says he doesn’t know. Brooke says he has so much to look forward to, so much waiting for him. He says he wishes to god he’d never laid eyes on her. “I love you too.” Says Brooke. She walks over to him and takes him in her arms. He doesn’t resist, and they hold each other.

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