B&B Monday Update 6/28/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/28/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Brooke and Ridge arrive at The Forrester mansion with the baby. They’re anxious to show the new baby to Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy. When they walk in all three are sitting in the living room. They’re thrilled to see that Brooke has had the baby, and that Ridge delivered him. “Actually, Brooke had more to do with it than I did.” he says. Thomas asks if it isn’t a little soon for him to be making his first trip. Brooke tells them he couldn’t wait to get home and meet his new brother and sisters. “Home?” Says Thomas. Ridge says they want to talk to all of them about that. Thomas says there’s nothing to talk about, that he thinks it’s great! Brooke says now they can all be a family just like they wanted.

At Forrester Creations the phones are ringing off the hook. Megan is answering with “no comment.” Darla arrives looking like a dream, and walks into Thorne’s office. She gives him a kiss and says she didn’t get a chance to give it to him this morning so she had to bring it to him. They talk about all the news about Ridge and the baby making the front pages. Darla says it is a pretty incredible story, Ridge delivering Brooke’s baby and then finding out he’s the father. Thorne says yea, but it just happened last night, how do they even know about it. Darla can sense that Thorne is less than pleased and says “Hey, I thought you were happy for them?” He walks away holding his hand up to her and saying “Yea.” She walks up to him and asks him what’s wrong.

He picks up a sketch and says that Ridge is working on a new creation. She says she knows, the new idea he was talking about. Thorne says it’s not just an idea, that he’s already pitched it to Eric, and Thorne didn’t even know about it. He’s obviously not pleased with this.

Megan is taking a minute for a cup of coffee and a break from the phones when Rick walks in. They talk about all the news about Brooke and Ridge.

Megan thinks it’s so amazing, but she’s afraid her enthusiasm is not well received by Rick. He says not to worry about it, that he’s fine with it, and he wants their relationship to last not only for his mother but for the new little baby. Megan says he’s a lucky little baby, and Rick says he thinks Ridge is the lucky one. Megan says she’s sure Ridge would agree with him. There’s a knock on the door and Rick yells “come in.” In walks Caitlin. She says that she was supposed to meet with Ridge today. Megan says that he won’t be in today, and Rick says she will just have to settle for him. “Can I reschedule?” She asks meekly. “No offense.” She adds with a smile. Megan leaves to check Ridge’s schedule. Caitlin walks over to Rick and tells Rick that Ridge wanted to take a look at her designs. Rick offers to take a look at them. He says he’s not a designer, but that he’s been in the business long enough to know a hot prospect when he sees one. (wink, wink.) “I should go.” Says Caitlin, heading for the door. “You’re not even going to give me a peek?” Rick asks.

Caitlin says it’s no big deal, that Ridge was only doing it because he and her mom are old friends. Rick talks her into letting him take a peek by promising to be completely honest with her about them. He tells her she can change behind the changing screen. As she steps behind the screen he gets a very satisfied look on his face.

“This is exactly what I was afraid would happen.” Says Thorne. Darla says maybe he just wanted to get Eric’s opinion before he got Thorne’s approval. Thorne says he hasn’t asked him for anything, in fact he didn’t even know about them until he walked in and saw the sketches. “Hmmm, are they any good?” Asks Darla. “They’re Ridge Forrester originals, of course they’re good.” Says Thorne. But they’re not right for the company, he adds. He says that Forrester is trying to re-establish their credibility, and that the designs are too flashy and leave nothing to the imagination. Darla says maybe they’re the youth line Ridge was talking about. Thorne says that what they need to do is focus on their history and tradition. “Forrester means quality, it means class.” He says. He says the designs go in a direction they don’t want to take.

“What about Uncle Nick?” Asks Thomas, “You guys were supposed to get married.” Ridge asks everyone to sit down on the couch so he can explain. He tells them that they all found out that there may have been a problem with the first paternity test, so when the baby was born they did another, and found out that Ridge was the father. “Ridge Forrester, Jr.” Adds Brooke. Both girls jump up off the couch and run to them. Thomas wants to know how this could have happened. Ridge says that Brooke, and the baby and all of them have been through a lot, and now that they’re together, they’re never going to let anything separate them again. Eric has walked in the door and is taking in all this warm family drama.

“This is the perfect family portrait.” He says. “Grandpa!” Says the twins running to him. “Look, we’ve got a baby, he’s our brother!” Eric says he’s so happy for all of them, and then asks to hold the baby. As he’s holding him and telling him that he’s his grandpa, he realizes he doesn’t know the baby’s name. “Ridge Jr.” Says Brooke. “Ridge Forrester, Jr.” Says Ridge. Eric is overwhelmed at that.

Ridge says that Eric is the one who always encouraged him, the one who always said it was possible for him to be a father to the baby. “You have no idea how right you were.” He says. Thomas asks if his grandpa knows how it all happened. He says that Stephanie filled him in last night. Ridge asks how Stephanie is doing. Eric says it was a long night. “For everyone!” Adds Brooke. Ridge says that’s why Brooke and little Ridge Jr. need to get some rest. Thomas says that Ridge Forrester Jr. is a pretty big name for such a little baby, and suggests they call him “R.J.” They all decide they like that. “RJ it is!” Says Ridge. Then he says it’s time for Brooke and RJ to go to their room. He says he wants the kids to be quiet while they rest, and he needs to go to the office for a while. He thanks Eric for coming.

Caitlin yells out that she’s ready. Rick tells her to come on out. She walks out in a stunning red beaded dress. He’s amazed at how professional it is. He asks who her sewer is, she says she made it herself. She says she’s been working on it for weeks. He asks if she sketched it and then made the pattern. She nods, and adds that she cut and sewed it too.

He asks about the beading, and she says she did it by hand. He says the cut and line is perfect, and the waistline…. “Where did you learn this technique?” He asks. She says she reads a lot of fashion magazines. He touches her waist and runs his hands down the lines. He says some of the designers from Paris are working on some similar designs. He tells her it takes an incredible amount of patience. She says she’s a perfectionist. He says it shows. She asks if it’s too rigid. He says it’s crisp and elegant, and he adds… It’s you.” She asks if that’s good. “Very good.” He says. She heads to the screen as if to leave, but he says he wants to see her other design. So she goes to change into it.

As Thorne gives Ridge’s design one last look and puts it on his desk, Ridge himself saunters in. “He little brother.” He says. Thorne asks him what he’s doing there. (Must be a page from his father’s play book.) Ridge says he’s just checking in, and that Megan said he was in here with Darla. Thorne tells him Darla is down in daycare. Ridge says they’re both new dads!

Thorne congratulates him and they shake hands. Thorne asks if maybe he shouldn’t be home with the new mom and baby. Ridge says that they needed a nap. Thorne says that after what happened last night he thinks Ridge could use one too. Ridge says he’s too pumped up to nap. Thorne mentions all the press at the front entrance, but Ridge says he came in the back way. He says he thinks they’ll issue a press release and have a little reception in the show room. “Or you could do it at home, you know.” Says Thorne. He says they’re trying to keep the focus on the new collection. Ridge says that’s no problem, he’s trying to stay focused himself. Ridge asks if he’s seen the new designs. Thorne says yes. Ridge says “They’re pretty hip aren’t they?” Thorne says they’re very hip, which is a bit of a concern. Ridge looks at him, Thorne looks back dead serious.

Rick asks Caitlin if she’s about ready. She says she is. He says he’s leaving Ridge and his dad a note about her new designs. She says he better wait until he sees this one. She walks out in a fitted, short pink number. “Versatility’s a great quality in designing.” He says as he looks at her. She says it’s not her usual style. He says she has the perfect figure for it. “It’s cool, it’s hip, but it has the same clean lines as the other one.” He says. She says that’s what she’s always admired about Forrester Designs, simple elegance, nothing more, nothing less.

Rick says his dad calls that the beauty of economy. He says that less is definitely more with this dress. He again runs his hands over her hips and waist. He asks if there’s lycra in the fabric. She says yes, and there’s still lots of room. He takes a tape measure and starting at her waist, he runs it down the side of her hip to the hem of the dress, kneeling beside her. She gets a chill. He asks if she’s cold. She says no. He says he’ll be done in a minute. She says not to hurry. He says the hem and decorative stitching is incredible. He says he’s really impressed, staring at her. She stares back and says “So am I.”

“You have concerns?” Asks Ridge, somewhat confused. Thorne says that launching a new line is a big commitment, allocating funds from marketing, advertising, buyer development. “A line like this is well worth it.” Says Ridge. “What about dad’s designs? The budget’s done.” Says Thorne. “Tweak it!” Says Ridge. Thorne says that Eric’s designs are their cornerstone. Ridge says his designs are gonna put them back on the map. He says it’s sexy, provocative, it’s gonna turn heads. Thorne tells him to slow down. Ridge says they can’t get complacent, they need to push the envelope once in a while. Thorne tells him that their buyers want quality, classic tailoring, Forrester elegance. Ridge says his line is gonna reach a whole new market. Thorne says they tried that already with Ambrosia and the Sharpe Designs, and it didn’t work. Ridge asks if Thorne is comparing his designs with Amber Moore’s. Thorne tells him not to take it personally because it’s not about Ridge’s talent. He says that Eric and he have a plan for the company, to keep it simple and exclusive and that strategy has been working for them and they’re gonna stick with it. “Why because it’s safe?” Asks Ridge. “Because it’s been successful.” Says Thorne. “Listen Thorne,” begins Ridge, “Forrester Creations was created by people with vision, not by bean-counters worried about the bottom line.” Thorne asks if Ridge is calling him a bean counter.

Ridge says that Thorne is an administrator. “You can worry about your budgets and your marketing strategy all you want, but leave the creative decisions to the visionaries, ok?” He says. Thorne says you can’t pay the bills with inspiration. Ridge says you can’t attract new customers with budgets. Just then Darla sticks her head in the door. Ridge tells Thorne that it’s a great line, and it will get made, and Thorne will be a very important part of it. “Am I supposed to be grateful?” He asks. Ridge says that as a matter of fact he should. He says it’s Thorne’s job to facilitate his ideas. Thorne says he knows what his job is better than Ridge. Ridge asks what that means. Thorne says it means that he is the president of the company now. Ridge asks him if he’s gonna pull rank on him. “I’m trying to work with you here little brother!” Says Ridge. “But I don’t answer to you! So I kindly suggest that you get off of your high horse and stay outta my way.” As he starts to saunter out, Darla stops him. “Who do you think you are?” She asks. Thorne tries to stop her by telling her it’s ok.

She says no it’s not ok, he can’t just come in here and start giving orders. “You haven’t been with this company now for how long?” She asks. “Thorne’s in charge now and he’s doing a great job, so yes! I think you should answer to him.” She turns and walks over to stand by Thorne’s side. “Thorne has always respected you Ridge, now it’s time YOU showed a little respect.” Says Darla. Thorne is amazed and amused at his wife and lets her talk.

Ridge is amused and annoyed, and gives Thorne a somewhat exasperated look, but he’s still smiling. (Yeah Darla!)

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