B&B Friday Update 6/25/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/25/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Nick runs from the veranda, his mother following behind. “Nicky! You don’t mean that, you can’t!” She says. He stops at the door to the penthouse. She says that whatever she’s done, she’s still his mother. He slams the door shut, and yells at her that it must be nice to wrap it up with three little words. “You let me fall more and more in love with that child!” He says. She says that’s because she believed it was his child, in her heart.

He says her heart doesn’t really matter much right now. She says she was just trying to protect him and his family. “What family?” He screams. “I was wrong. I made a mistake that I really regret.” She says through her tears. He says that’s just a bit of an understatement. She tells him not to start with the jokes and the building up of the walls again. She comes over to him and grabs hold of his arm. She says she loves him more than anyone in the world, and that is an understatement. He pulls away from her, leaving her staring at her empty hands.

Eric finds Stephanie alone in the living room. He tells her he didn’t realize she was home, and asks her how everything went over at Brooke’s. Stephanie is sitting staring down at the floor.

She looks up at him and quietly says that everything’s fine, everyone is fine, and the baby is beautiful. Eric says that it’s all good news then. Stephanie says that Ridge did a wonderful job. “Ridge delivered the baby?” Eric says. Stephanie tells him that the doctor got there too late, and by the time she got there the doctor was already examining Brooke. Eric says that she just couldn’t leave Brooke alone. She says she went there to support Ridge. Eric says that she needs to let this go. He says Ridge may not be the father of the baby, but they are determined to raise this baby together. Stephanie says she knows. Then she turns to face Eric. “They did another paternity test.” She says. "Ridge is the father.” Eric is stunned, “Ridge is the father of the baby?” He asks, rhetorically. Stephanie says yes, that the doctor confirmed it while she was there. Stephanie says she doesn’t believe it either, but it is what it is. “Ridge and Brooke have a child together.” She says.

Ridge and Brooke are still on the bed together holding their miracle baby. “It’s almost like I willed it to happen.” Says Brooke. She says that everyone kept telling her that the baby belonged with his father. “Now he is.” Ridge says. “You felt it all along didn’t you?” She asks him. He says when she had the first ultrasound and that little image came up on the screen, and all the kids were there, it just felt so right. “What about this?” She asks. He says “this” feels like heaven to him. They both smile down at their perfect baby.

“This is what love is to you mother? Lying and manipulating?” Nick says, up very close to his mothers face. Taunting her. He says she must be from the Stephanie Forrester school of parenting. She says that he knows what she did, and he knows why she did it, and she doesn’t want to discuss it anymore. “I’m sure you don’t” He says. She says she wants to know where “we” are going to go from here. “We?” He says. “I can help you Nicky, please let me.” She says. He says he thinks he’s had all the help he can take for now. “My GOD, Don’t YOU GET IT?” He yells at her, breaking into tears again. “I loved her.” She says no one knows that more than she does. He says no, if she knew that she would never have done this to him. He wanted to make Brooke’s life better, to help her because of the nightmare she had with Forrester, but they never had that chance because Jackie turned it to poison. He says Brooke is probably over there right now saying how glad she is it’s all over. How glad she is that Nick is out of her life. Because, Nick says, he was just a complication, a problem, a nightmare, that she wants out of her mind. “No!” Jackie says, “I do not believe that!” Nick says she had an anxiety attack while she was pregnant and Jackie stood right over her watching and she didn’t tell her the truth. Jackie says that’s because she thought it would cause her more stress, and she did it because she loves Nick. “There’s that word love again.” He says. Then he runs his fingers through his hair with exasperation, and tells her that if that’s her idea of love, he doesn’t want any more of it. And he walks past her.

Ridge and Brooke are still playing with the baby. He tells her she needs to get some sleep. She says she’s afraid to. She’s afraid she will wake up and all this won’t be true. “It just doesn’t seem real!” She says. “It sure seems real to me.” Ridge says. He asks her if she has any idea how gorgeous she is right now. But she just laughs. “In my ratty hair, and dirty bathrobe?” He says she is absolute perfection. Just then Hope bursts in to the room. “Daddy!” She says happily. Brooke asks her what she’s doing up. She says she was thirsty. Ridge picks her up and says he’ll get her some water, but first she’s gonna meet her new brother.

He carries her over and Brooke turns the baby around so she can see. She gives him a little kiss, and then Ridge takes her back to bed. “Did you see her?” Brooke says to the baby. “That was your sister.”

Stephanie says they’re going to get married…..again. And then they’re going to move back into that house….again. “And then what?” She says. She asks Eric when Brooke has ever been able to make any relationship work?

Eric says that’s what she wants, for this relationship to last. She says she wants some stability for Ridge’s children. And now they’re going to be part of that family.

“Haven’t those kids had enough? Haven’t they suffered enough?” Stephanie says. “If she lets them down again….” She begins clenching her fists. “She won’t” Eric says. Stephanie asks how he can say that. He says it’s because this is what she has always wanted. “If you want to do what’s best for your son and his family you’ll support that.” He says. Stephanie rolls her eyes and throws her head back. “If you can’t do this for your son, then do it for his son.” He says. “For our grandchild.”

Nick has walked to the door of the veranda again, and Jackie follows along behind. She says that the baby is fine and Brooke is fine. She says that what he had with Brooke wasn’t poisoned, it was wonderful, and he must never forget that. “Well I’m gonna try.” He says, staring off into space. She tells him not to say that. She says no matter how it turned out it’s been a good experience for him, because he’s opened up to love, to the possibility of a family. “A lot of good that did.” He says. She says he has changed for the better. “Oh, this is better?” He says. She says it’s better than shutting down, which she knows is exactly what he wants to do right now. But she says he can’t do that because he has come to far to do that. “Right down a dead-end street.” He says. She laughs. “It’s not a dead-end street.” She says. “It’s just the beginning.” He has sat back down, and she walks over and kneels in front of him. She tells him he has so much love inside. She says it’s always been there, but he’s finally tapped into it “Now I get to drown in it.” He says. Jackie says she knows it hurts, but it’s still good. She says before he met Brooke, he was so lonely, never content and never satisfied. She begs him not to put those walls up again. He looks up at her with coldness and says, “Who are you to ask anything of me?” She says it’s for his own good. He asks her if she knows what he needs?” She says this time, yes. “You LIED TO ME.” He says to her. He says when he was out at sea, he was never lonely, he had the entire horizon around him. And whenever he needed anything, he had one thing he could count on. Her. “Because I knew you would drop everything, and you would come to me wherever I was.” He stands up and looks at her eye to eye. “And now all I want to do is stay away from you. Go home mother.” He says. She looks at him sadly, and says “I can’t.” He says fine, then he’ll go. And he turns and walks to the door. Jackie chases behind him begging him not to go.

But he opens the door, and fights off her clutching hands, and shuts the door behind him. Leaving her crying inside the door.

Stephanie walks out to the veranda, Eric stands a few steps behind her. “I held him,” she says, “I didn’t want to.” “And?” Says Eric. She says it was like holding Ridge again. “Looking into those eyes, those eyes that were so innocent, they had never been hurt.” She says she remembered making him a promise that no one would ever hurt him. Eric says no one could keep that promise. “You couldn’t have kept that promise to Ridge even without Brooke.” He says Ridge did need a lot of tending to, always looking for trouble. Always finding it.

He puts his hands on her shoulders as they remember back to Ridge’s childhood. “I remember you tearing out your hair time after time over him.” He says with a smile. Stephanie says there was always something special about Ridge. She says that Brooke asked her tonight if she believed in fate. “I don’t” She says she always knew that Ridge was meant for something extraordinary. “It certainly wasn’t Brooke.” She says. Eric starts to say something to her, but she stops him. She says that Ridge has already made it clear to her that if she doesn’t accept this she will lose him. “When I held that little baby this evening I suddenly remembered all the dreams that I had for my baby, my son.” She says. Eric asks her if one of her dreams was to someday hold her son’s newborn in her arms. She says it was. She says he’s a beautiful baby, so tiny, so perfect. She says she didn’t want to love him, but she did. She says that she realized that what she was holding was probably the reason she would lose Ridge.

Eric says that can only happen if she turns her back on Ridge. “You have to decide which is stronger, your love, or your hate.” Stephanie says that maybe Brooke is the stronger of them, because she’s won. Eric puts his arms around her and holds her closely.

Ridge comes back in the room carrying a stuffed animal. “What’s that?” Brooke asks. “Hope’s dolphin. She wanted her little brother to have it.” He says. Brooke says that’s sweet. The have another conversation about how this all was meant to be. The speculate about all the things the world has in store for him. And they decide that they have finally fulfilled their destiny.

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