B&B Thursday Update 6/24/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/24/04

By Susann
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Stephanie is in shock. The Doctor has just said there’s no doubt that Ridge is the father of the baby. She tells Ridge that Brooke has somehow rigged this. Brooke says that she was just as shocked as Stephanie when Nick told them.

Stephanie asks Nick if Brooke has convinced him to lie for her. Nick says the only person who knew anything about this was his mother. “Your mother?” Says Stephanie. Nick says it’s Ridge’s child and she better get used to it because that’s just the way it is.

Eric is just pouring himself a drink when Thorne walks in and gets his usual “warm” greeting. “Thorne what are you doing here?” Asks Eric. Thorne starts to ask him about some things that Ridge was saying the other night at the wedding, but is cut off when the phone rings. Eric runs to look at the caller ID to see if it’s Ridge. “It’s not them.” He says and just lets it ring. Thorne asks who he’s expecting. He tells him that Brooke is having her baby and he’s expecting Ridge to call.

He tells Thorne that Ridge is over there, and that Brooke won’t even make it to the hospital. “You mean that Ridge could deliver this baby?” Thorne asks. “Quite possibly.” Says Eric adding that Nick is in jail. Eric tells him that both Nick and Massimo have been released. Thorne says that Nick and Ridge could be there together. Eric says yes, along with Stephanie. Thorne winces and puts his head in his hand. Eric says he would have stopped her but all she did was leave him a note. Thorne says it’s gonna be a three-ring circus. Eric asks him what he originally came over for. Thorne says that he wants to avoid a problem. Eric asks what kind of problem. Thorne says that Ridge is overstepping. Eric asks what Thorne means. Thorne says that Ridge is broadcasting his new vision for the company to any who will listen. “He made overtures to Samantha and her daughter about coming to work for us.” “You don’t think that’s a good idea?” Asks Eric. Thorne tells him that’s not the point. He says the point is that Eric is the CEO and Thorne is the President and Ridge needs to run things by him. “Well, he did.” Says Eric. Thorne is surprised. “What?” He says. Eric says that he and Ridge talked it over. Thorne says Ridge never mentioned it to him. Eric says he’s sure that Ridge would have gotten around to it. “When, when Samantha on the payroll?” He says, and gets up. Eric tells Thorne that he’ll talk to Ridge. Thorne says that somebody better, because he’s not gonna just rubber-stamp anything that Ridge wants to do. Eric looks surprised.

Stephanie wants to know why everyone just believes this with no proof. Ridge says the test confirmed it. Nick says his mother’s test did too. “Your mother had a test run?” She asks. Brooke says that Dr. Paxson originally told Jackie that there was a problem with the test, and that she was going to tell everyone else but then she was killed in an accident. “But Jackie kept that piece of information to herself.” Says Ridge. Stephanie starts to yell at Nick, but he yells over her that there’s no doubt that the baby is her grandchild. She stops, and soaks in what she realizes is true, and walks away. “It was meant to be.” Nick adds. He starts to walk out and Brooke calls to him. He turns and they look at each other for a few seconds, then he turns again and leaves.

“Thorne nobody is asking you to rubber-stamp Ridge’s ideas.” Says Eric. Thorne says that nobody is discussing them with him either. Eric says he’s been busy with the wedding and they didn’t want to bother him. Thorne says he’d like to believe that’s all it is, but that it’s the same old Ridge. “He comes in and takes over.” Thorne says that he would have thought Eric would be more concerned. Eric tells Thorne not to over react. Thorne says he’s talking about taking the company to a “whole new level.” Eric says that Ridge is very enthusiastic right now and feeling creative. “You know Ridge.” He says.

Thorne says yes he does, and that’s what concerns him. “It’s like he’s driving this train, and he expects everyone else just to get on board.” Eric stands up and says that Thorne’s right, they do need to discuss it and they need to clear the air. “But during business hours, not when you’re supposed to be on your honeymoon!” He says. “Or when you’re so concerned with Ridge and Brooke.” Adds Thorne. Eric acknowledges that. He says it’s very hard for him to concentrate right now with Stephanie over there with Ridge and Brooke now that they’ve reconciled. “What? They have?” Says Thorne. Eric says yes, it’s official and Stephanie is not taking it very well. “I can imagine.” Says Thorne. Eric says that Ridge raising Nick’s child with Brooke is never gonna work. “And you disagree?” Asks Thorne. He says yes, he disagrees, and he told Stephanie that too, but it’s gonna take a miracle for her to agree.

Nick walks slowly into a dark penthouse. The penthouse he was to share with Brooke and the baby. There’s a baby bed in the shape of Noah’s Ark. He stops and stares at it for a moment, then reaches up and winds the music box on top. It begins to play softly, and Nick dissolves into tears. (And I did too.  )

Brooke and Ridge are cooing over the baby, with Stephanie across the room staring coldly out of a window. “He’s a miracle.” Says Brooke. Then she says “Ridge.” Ridge answers her, but she says “Not you.” She says she was talking to the baby. “Ridge Forrester Jr.” She says.

At this, Stephanie turns to look at them, with a face so long it’s dragging on the ground. “Mother! Come and look at this.” Says Ridge. Stephanie looks over at them, but turns and walks the other way. Brooke calls out to her. She says that this is not only her and Ridge’s miracle, but it could be a miracle for them too. “And I know it would mean the world to Ridge Sr. and Ridge Jr.” Stephanie looks at her. “She’s right about that.” Says Ridge. Brooke says it would mean a lot to her too. “I know what it would mean to you.” Says Stephanie, coldly. Brooke says she doesn’t mean to rub Stephanie’s nose in it, and she doesn’t need Stephanie to welcome her as a daughter or as a friend. “I’m past that; I don’t need your approval.” She says. She says she just wants her son to have a grandmother who loves him, and supports him and gives him lots of attention. Stephanie continues to stare intently at Brooke and the baby. “So I’m inviting you to share in our joy, and let all the anger and hostility end, with the birth of your grandson.” (I couldn’t agree more.) “Look honey, there’s your grandmother, and she’s gonna be a very big part of your life.” Says Brooke, turning the baby to Stephanie. “At least I hope so.” She adds. “So what do you say mother?” Says Ridge. Stephanie pauses for a moment and then says “You’re a family now because of the baby. I can’t fight that and I won’t.” She turns to walk out. Ridge calls out to her. “Mother?” She stops and turns to look at him. “That’s not good enough.” He says.

Nick continues to walk through the dark penthouse, touching things, and thinking about what might have been. He sits down on the couch, and picks up a baby care book. In the book he finds the first ultrasound of the baby, being used as a bookmark. He takes it out, and stares at it sadly.

At just that moment, Jackie appears at the open door. She stops and looks sadly at Nick, who hasn’t noticed her there. “Nicky?” She says softly. He looks up at her. “Go away mother.” He says. “I can’t, not until I know that you’re alright.” She says. “I’m dandy, now leave.” He says angrily. “I mean it, I’m not doing this now!” She just stands there and doesn’t move. He gets up and walks quickly to the balcony. She follows him out. “The baby – you saw him didn’t you?” She says. “Yea, cute kid.” He says. “Gonna be a real lady-killer, like father like son, huh?” Jackie walks toward him. “What about Brooke and Ridge, did you tell them?” She asks. He says he did. She says it must have been a big shock for them. “Are you worried they’re gonna come gunning for ya?” He says sarcastically. She says no, that’s the last thing from her mind. “But if they did they’d have every right.”

She adds. She starts to cry, and reaches to put her hand on his shoulder saying she’s sorry, but he reviles from her touch and walks away. She tells him that they’ll get through it, and they’ll be together. (Is this woman insane?) “I lost my family tonight.” Nick says trying to hold back the tears. Jackie says she knows he did, and she knows he feels like he’s never gonna get over it, but he will. “You don’t get it do you?” He yells at her, turning to look at her. “You’re my family!” He tells her that all his life, she was the only one he could count on, the only one he could trust to be there for him no matter what. “That’s gone, DEAD! He yells. “And you might as well be dead.” He walks back inside leaving her standing alone.

“What do you want from me?” Asks Stephanie, exasperated. Ridge says he wants her to tell them that she’s happy for them. For Brooke and the new little boy.

He wants what she and Eric have. “In spite of what it’s cost you, and will continue to cost you?” She asks. “And what about you mother?” Says Ridge “What’s it gonna cost you to continue to hold on to all this animosity?” He says he refuses to believe that it has to be this way. He says it isn’t about the past, and it isn’t about Brooke. It’s about this moment right now, and this little boy, Ridge Forrester Jr. “My namesake, and your grandson. My god, you haven’t even held him yet!” He says, grabbing her by the head in that way only Ridge can do. Then he walks across the room, and gently takes the baby from Brooke, and brings it over, and places it in his mother’s arms. “He’s something else, isn’t he?”

She looks down at that beautiful baby and begins to tear up. “It’s just like when I first held you.” She says. “I looked down at that tiny, perfect face,” she stops and kisses him gently, “and I promised that I would love you, and protect you forever.” She looks up at Ridge, then back down at the baby again. “Mama’s little baby boy, aren’t you?” She says gently, kissing him on the forehead. She’s smiling now, as is Ridge and Brooke.

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