B&B Tuesday Update 6/22/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/22/04

By Susann
Pictures by Boo

Brooke is pushing the baby out with Ridge’s cheering on. A phone, ringing in the background, goes unanswered. It’s Nick, calling from his car as he speeds over to Brooke’s. He hopes to get there before the baby’s born so Ridge will know in advance that it’s his baby.

Jackie walks into the study to find Massimo. She welcomes him home with a hug, which he just barely returns. She says she was so worried even after he told her there was no need. He tells her that all the charges were dropped. Jackie says that Nicky already told her. “So, he was able to track you down?” Says Massimo. He asks her if she’d like to tell him where she was. “Shopping perhaps? Or with Lauren Fenmore?” “Oh Massimo please.” She says. He asks her if she has any idea how sick he is of her secrets. She tells him that he’s not going to have to worry about that much longer because Brooke is having the baby.

He is excited and concerned and says they have to get to the hospital. Jackie tells him that she’s not at the hospital; she’s having the baby at home. Massimo is worried about that and asks if the Dr. is there. She tells him that she’s sure they’ve called the Dr. and that Nicky is on his way. “Are you saying that Brooke is alone?” He asks in amazement. “No, Ridge is with her.” Jackie tells him.

Sally arrives at Stephanie’s. She tells Sally she didn’t have to rush right over. Sally says she sounded upset, and that she had used the “Brooke” word, and she knew that meant trouble. Stephanie says that Brooke is in labor, and that Ridge is with her.

“Isn’t that Nick’s job?” Asks Sally. Stephanie says yes, and she hopes he’s on his way. Sally hopes that Ridge doesn’t have to deliver his own brother’s child. Sally wonders why Stephanie isn’t a bit more upset about the situation. Stephanie tells her that she’s thought about it, and this may just be the kind of wake-up call that Ridge needs.

Brooke continues to push, but she’s exhausted and is crying for the Doctor. Ridge continues to coach her, telling her she’s doing fine. He tells her to give one more good push. She gives a long hard push and the baby is born.

Ridge is all smiles, and tells her he is a perfect baby.

He wraps him up and hands him to Brooke, who eagerly accepts him.

Ridge comes and sits down next to Brooke, as she holds the baby, and despite all my apathy about this couple, I find myself in tears at the sight of a perfectly beautiful baby being held by this smiling couple. (Damn it anyway!)

“Ridge is with Brooke?” Says Massimo in amazement. Jackie tells him that Ridge was with her when she went into labor. Massimo says Ridge just won’t give up.

He says that they must go over there. Jackie tells him to wait, and stops him with her hands. “Don’t you realize that Dominick is furious with Ridge already?” He says. Jackie tells Massimo that Nick isn’t furious anymore. She says that Nick has changed, and he’s glad that Ridge is there with her. Massimo looks at her like she’s crazy, and tells her that regardless of that, they should be there because it’s the birth of their grandson! “Not mine.” Says Jacqueline sadly. He asks her what she’s talking about.

Nick is driving like a madman, yelling at the cars in front of him. He’s talking to himself about Ridge missing out on so much the past few months. He says he’s not going to miss out on the first few minutes with his own child.

Ridge has gone to get Brooke a glass of water, as she holds her baby, rocking him gently and talking to him. When he brings her the water, he asks her if she’s alright and if she needs anything else. She says she’s fine and she doesn’t need a thing. “You did it Logan.” He says with a huge smile. “We did it.” She says smiling back at him. She says they make a good team.

Ridge says it’s just like riding a bike! As they keep talking, the baby watches them intently. (He’s a gorgeous baby!) Ridge comments on how responsive the baby is, and says “he’s clearly a genius!” There’s a knock on the door, and a dark haired gentleman steps in. “Doctor Mcclain!” Says Brooke. Dr. Mcclain says that Dr. Sobel was stuck in traffic and asked him to come over.

Jackie tells Massimo that she found something out tonight. He tells her to tell him on the way over, but she says he needs to hear it now. Massimo says this thing with Dominick could blow up. Jackie says that Nick is handling that. “He shouldn’t have to!” Says Massimo. He says that Ridge has already ruined the wedding, and he’s not going to ruin the birth of Dominick’s child. “It’s not Nicky’s child.” Jackie says softly as Massimo continues to rant.

“This has gone on long enough…..” He begins, and suddenly realizes that Jackie has said something important. “Wait, what did you say?” He says. She repeats that it’s not Nicky’s child. Massimo says of course it is! He says she was there for the paternity test. “It was wrong.” She says. Massimo finally realizes that Jackie is saying that Ridge is the father. “There was a mistake at the lab….” She begins, but Massimo stops her. “Wait! Wait, wait, wait a minute.” He says. “Why is it that we are just hearing about this now? My god, Brooke is in labor!” He goes off on a tangent about the reckless, irresponsible behavior of the lab. But Jackie tells him not to blame the lab. He blows up. “Who should I blame?” He yells. “Me.” Says Jackie. “Me.”

Dr. Mcclain tells Brooke that everything looks fine, the baby is healthy. Brooke says she’s tired, but otherwise fine. Ridge asks if they need to go to the hospital. The doctor says no, he’ll stop by tomorrow, draw some blood, drop off some paperwork. “That’s it?” Asks Brooke. He says, that’s it, the hard part’s over. He tells them they did a great job. At that moment, Nick arrives. He says he got there as fast as he could.

The Doctor tells him that he’s just in time, there’ just one thing left to do. “It’s customary for the father to cut the cord.” He says, handing Nick the scissors. Nick stares at the scissors for a moment, and then says Ridge should do it. “Me?” Says Ridge. “You.” Says Nick. “Are you sure?” He asks. “Yea.” Says Nick. The Doctor hands Ridge the scissors, and together they cut the cord.

“So you think Ridge is in for a rude awakening?” Sally asks Stephanie. She says they both are. She says he’s convinced Brooke that this relationship can work, but how can it? The baby will be a constant reminder. Sally says that she dodged a bullet because the baby could easily have turned out to be Ridge’s. “Boy, I know that.” Says Stephanie. She then wonders if she should go over there. But Sally says she doesn’t feel right about that. She says that the situation could easily blow up and Ridge would blame Stephanie for interfering. Stephanie says that the only person who should be with Brooke when the baby is born is its father.

The Doctor’s beeper goes off and he goes to make a call, first congratulating Nick and telling him he should thank Ridge, because he’s the one who delivered him. “You delivered him?” He asks Ridge. Ridge says that they’d probably like some time alone and starts to get up. “No stay,” says Nick, “I’m glad you’re here, at least you had that.” He says. “Do you want to hold him?” Asks Brooke. Ridge takes the baby from Brooke and tenderly places him into Nick’s arms.

He touches Nick’s shoulder like a brother would, and should. Nick is overwhelmed at the sight of the baby. He talks gently to the baby, “you just couldn’t wait to see your mom could you? I can’t blame you for that.” He says. He begins to cry. “I was gonna teach you how to sail and take you around the world!” He says. “That can still happen.” Brooke says, “We’re all his parents, we’re gonna do this together.” “No.” Says Nick. “He’s only gonna have one father in his life, one.” Ridge attempts to head Nick off at the pass by telling him that Brooke has had a rough night, and they can have this conversation later. Nick says they should have had it months ago. Ridge says he knows Nick is all geared up and that’s only natural. He says he remembers the first time he held his little bambinos. “Did it feel like that when you held this one?” Asks Nick. “When you delivered this boy, it felt that way didn’t it? Like it was yours?” Ridge says he’s not going to apologize for loving the baby. He says there’s lots of times in the past few months that he wished he didn’t. “But still” says Nick, “it felt as though he was yours didn’t it?” Nick looks down at the baby again. “Amazing.” He says. “If you’re worried about me trying to take your place in his life….” Begins Ridge. Nick says that’s not going to be an issue. Brooke says that they had talked about this, that the three of them were all going to raise the baby together. Nick says it’s not the three of us, it’s the three of you.

He walks over to Ridge and hands him the baby. “He’s yours.” He says softly. Ridge asks if he’s saying that he’s willing to let him adopt the baby. “I don’t understand.” Says Brooke. Nick tells him that he found out tonight that there was a problem with the paternity test. There was an error at the lab. Ridge asks if he just found out tonight. Nick says his mother has known for months, that she ran another test. “How did she know?” Asks Brooke, both of them still not fully understand what Nick’s saying. “The bottom line is, I’m not the father, you are.” Nick says. Brooke looks speechless, and Ridge shakes his head trying to take it all in. He looks down at the baby in his arms realizing for the first time that it’s really his. “Ours?” Brooke says looking at Ridge. “Really ours?”

Everyone in the room is in tears, but for different reasons.

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