B&B Monday Update 6/21/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/21/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Brooke is having contractions even though her due date isn’t for another week. (How many kids has she had??? Did this really surprise her???) Ridge tells her they need to get to the hospital.

Jackie is apologizing to Nicky and explaining to him about the second paternity test. Nick is stunned and tells her they must be wrong again. He says they screwed up the first one and they probably did it again. Jackie assures him it’s not a mistake.

He is very angry, and says that the baby is his. She keeps shaking her head and telling him that they took extra precautions with this test. “Ridge is the baby’s father, not you.” Jackie says sadly. Nick is devastated.

Ridge and Brooke are busy packing a bag for the hospital when Brooke has another strong contraction. She tells him this is no false alarm. She wants to call the doctor; but Ridge says they can do it on the way to the hospital.

But she doesn’t want to leave the house because she’s afraid she’ll have the baby on the freeway. She gives Ridge Dr. Sobel’s card and tells him to call right away. She’s having constant contractions at this point and the baby is going to arrive soon.

The doctor tells Ridge to put her feet up and give her some fluids and he’ll be there as soon as he can. (What school did this guy graduate from? They need to call 911 for goodness sake!) Brooke says he’s gonna need a turbo to get there in time. Ridge calls to let Nick know that the baby is on the way but gets his answering machine and leaves him a message to get over there ASAP. He goes back to help Brooke and just then his phone rings. It’s Stephanie. He tells her that Brooke is in labor. Stephanie puts the phone on speaker so Eric can hear the conversation too.

She tells Ridge that she’s sure that Nick can handle everything just fine without his help, but Ridge tells her Nick isn’t even there. Stephanie says that when Nick gets there Ridge should leave, that he should not be there for the birth. Ridge tells her he will be there for the birth and every day thereafter as well. Stephanie says that she’s sure Nick will have something to say about that. Ridge says yes, he did, he gave us his blessing. “What?” Says Stephanie. “They broke off their engagement?” Asks Eric. But Ridge says he has to go and help Brooke, he’ll talk to them later. Eric tells Ridge to give Brooke his best and hangs up the phone. “I knew it!” He says emphatically to Stephanie. “I knew if he just hung in there…..” He says trailing off. Stephanie tells him that now Ridge is saddled with someone else’s child. Eric says that Ridge doesn’t see it that way. Stephanie says she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t. She says that no amount of wishful thinking is going to make that child Ridge’s son.

“What can I do Nicky?” Asks Jackie. “Nothing mother, you’ve done plenty.” Says Nick backing away from her. She tells him she did it out of love. She says not telling about what Dr. Paxson said about the test results was done to protect him. “I know you can’t see that right now.” She says. He says he understands that she just didn’t want him to be disappointed. She sees a glimmer of hope that he understands her motives. He says it must have been very hard to keep the secret for so long. “Oh, it was unbearable.” She says. She tells him she couldn’t sleep, she started drinking, she came so close to telling him several times. “Even though you knew I was getting so attached to the baby?” He says. “You just wanted to leave well enough alone didn’t you?” She says yes, that’s exactly it! Nick says that makes perfect sense, but he says it with sarcasm and venom in his voice. He’s turned away from her so she doesn’t see the look on his face.

She’s so relieved, she begins to smile and the relief spills out of her. But Nick continues, “As long as I’m happy, no one else matters.” She suddenly realizes what he’s said and turns to him. “What?” She says. “Ridge? Brooke? Their baby?” Says Nick. Jackie says she didn’t want to hurt anyone. She tells him she didn’t even know until today about the paternity. “Today???” He screams. “Are you telling me that you didn’t even look at the test until today?” She tells him that he will just have to trust her. He grabs her by the arms and tells her he doesn’t even know who she is let alone trust her. “What kind of a monster could do such a thing?” He says to her angrily.

Dr. Sobel’s service calls and advises Ridge that there’s a tie up on the freeway and he will be late. Brooke is concerned that Ridge can’t handle the birth of another man’s baby. He assures her that he knows all the birthing techniques forward and backward. He tells her that after all they’ve been through they’re still together and stronger than ever. He says he loves the baby no matter who the father is. He reminds her of the dream she had where she saw Taylor. Taylor told her in the dream that an unlikely path would show her where she needed to be. Ridge says how much more unlikely could the birth of another man’s child be? Just then she has another hard contraction. Ridge holds her hands and helps her breathe. “Come on Nick, where are ya?” He says under his breath.

Please don’t look at me like that, says Jackie. “I know what I did was wrong.” She says. “Wrong?” Says Nick. He bellows at her that she let him fall deeper in love with a woman, and a family that wasn’t even his. “GOD!” He yells in despair. Then he walks over and uncovers a highchair he had especially made for the baby, with a sailor motif. He shows her angrily how he had “first mate” painted on it so he could take the baby out on the sea right away to make sure he didn’t ever get seasick. Jackie keeps saying she’s sorry, and crying.

Nick takes the highchair and slams it to the floor breaking it to pieces. He screams at Jackie that when she tells Forrester that the baby is his, to make sure to tell him that Nick took his wife to Hawaii and had sex with her too. “Ridge was right all along.” He says. “They belong together.” “But they’ll be together now!” Says Jackie in tears. But Nick says what about all the months they lost because of her lies, and, he adds, “you used me to do it!” Just then, Jackie’s phone rings and it’s Ridge. He asks Jackie if she knows where Nick is. She hands the phone to Nick. He takes the phone, and tries to get himself together enough to speak.

“Forrester?” He says. Ridge tells him that his son is about to be born, and he better get over there right away. As he hangs up, he congratulates Jackie and tells her that Dominick Marone Jr. is about to be born. “How bout that mother, I’m about to be a father.” He says. Jackie asks what he’s going to do. He asks her if he should hand out cigars with “It’s a Forrester” on the label. He kicks the broken baby chair again, and laments that Brooke was having such a hard time letting go of Ridge, wanting to do the right thing for the baby. The panic attacks. “And you were right there leading the charge weren’t you mother?” He tells her that Brooke could feel inside herself that it was wrong, that’s why she kept going back to him. Because she could feel it. “She has to be told.” Says Jackie. “YA THINK?” Says Nick. Jackie says she’ll go, that it’s her responsibility. But Nick tells her she’s to stay away from all of them. “I’ll tell her.” He says. As he starts to walk out, she says that all she ever wanted was to give him the family that he never had. “A family that belonged to someone else.” He says bitterly as he walks out. “Don’t be here when I get back.”

Ridge puts on some soft music to help Brooke relax. And takes a cool cloth and mops her forehead. “No sign of the doctor?” She asks. He says no, and no sign of Nick either. He tells her to think of someplace nice and peaceful, and she immediately thinks of the rainforest where they got married. She tells him that they may never get to have a baby of their own and asks him if they could just pretend for a little while that this baby is theirs. Then her contractions start again very hard, and she says she can’t wait any longer, she has to push. He tells her to go ahead. As she pushes he tells her he can see the crown, he can see the baby.

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