B&B Friday Update 6/18/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/18/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Ridge is looking at a picture in Brooke’s living room when Rick walks in. He asks Ridge what he’s doing there, and if his mother’s alright. Ridge says she’s better than alright. “What’s that mean?” Asks Rick. Then quickly adds, “You’re getting back together.” Ridge tells him that he hopes Rick will respect her decision. Rick wonders what’s gonna happen to Nick. “She’s telling him right now.” Says Ridge.

Ridge says that there’s really no need for Rick to worry about his mother. Rick, obviously upset tells Ridge that his mother had an opportunity for a fresh start with the father of her child. “She doesn’t love Nick.” Says Ridge. Rick says that’s because of Ridge. He says it’s always because of Ridge, and wonders why, if he loves her so much, he annulled the marriage. Ridge tells him that was a big mistake. Rick wonders how he will set aside his feelings that the baby belongs to his brother. Ridge says that he thinks of the baby as his own flesh and blood.

Brooke and Nick are holding each other. Brooke tells him she’s sorry. Nick says they were the best months of his life. “I put you through so much.” She says. Nick says he would trade a bit of it. But he may change the way he did a few things.

He says he knows now that he has a heart, because it’s breaking. Brooke tells him it’s the biggest hearts she knows. “Let’s keep that our little secret.” He says. “Ours and our baby’s.” She says. She says he is still the baby’s father, and that he has so much to offer him. She says that she and Ridge both want him to be a part of the baby’s life. “He’d say just about anything to get you back.” Says Nick. “But then again, so would I.”

Rick says that he thinks Ridge is forgetting something. That Nick is still the baby’s father, and he’s a good guy and deserves to be a part of his son’s life. “And he will be.” Says Ridge. “Not gonna put him in jail again?” Says Rick, sarcastically. But, he says he could tell by watching Brooke and Ridge at Thorne’s wedding that the connection is still there. Ridge says it is, and that everything is falling into place. He wants Rick to be a part of it.

Rick says he won’t fight it, he will support the decision. Ridge says he wants more than that, that he wants them to be a family again, and he wants Rick to join him at Forrester Creations. Rick says he’s pretty settled in at Forrester International. Ridge says that experience will be invaluable but that they will need him for their new “younger” line. “Younger?” Says Rick. Ridge says it’s the way of the future. “If you want to be around in twenty years, you have to stake your claim now.” Says Ridge. “Are you serious about this?” Asks Rick. Ridge says pretty serious, but they have to have a few laughs along the way. They shake hands and make a deal. Rick seems pleased that Ridge has asked him to join forces at Forrester.

Brooke is telling Nick that Ridge was her first love back when she was very young. Nick says Ridge was probably her only love.

She tells Nick that she meant it when she told him she loved him, and if it would have been Nick that she met first, and his life had been tangled up with hers….. “That’ll be my next invention, a time machine.” Interrupts Nick. He tells her not to feel sorry for him, because he had been warned. Warned about both of them. She tells him that nothing like this has ever happened to her before. He wonders if he should take that as a compliment. “Yes, you amaze me.” She says. “And more than that, you’ve changed me, you’ve taught me so much.” He walks away and on to the veranda shaking his head. She tells him that she’s watched him, and studied how he’s always so calm. How he is at a place that she will never reach, so unafraid. He cannot understand what there is to be afraid of. “Nothing.” She says. “If you look at the world the way you do. Straight on, with no blinders and no pretense.” She says that’s what Nick taught her, and what they want to teach their son together. She tells him never to doubt what he’s taught her. She just wishes she could have given him more in return.

He kisses her and walks out leaving her in tears.

Nick is back on his boat smoking a cigar, when his mother comes down the stairs. “I haven’t seen you with one of those for a while.” She says. He tells her there’s a lot of things he hasn’t done for quite a while. She asks if he found Brooke. “Yep, it’s over.” He says. Jackie is shocked, she says that they were almost married. He tells her he knows how much she wanted it, but the truth is it’s a ship that never went to port. He’s obviously depressed, and so is Jackie. She tells him she’s there because she has to tell him something. Something she’s done. He asks her if it can wait, but she says given what’s happened it might actually come as a relief. He tells her there’s one thing getting him through this and that’s his kid. That’s the only thing. “I need him more than he needs me.” He says. “I’m here for you too Nicky.” She says. He tells her she has been there, every step of the way. “You’re the world to me.” He says as he walks away, and she looks after him with a tortured look on her face.

Brooke comes back out alone, and Ridge has lit all the candles in the room. “What’s all this?” She asks. Ridge tells her he figured she could use a little stress relief. “Did you tell Nick?” He asks. Brooke says she didn’t have to, “he knew.” Ridge says it will be better in the long run. She says she told Nick he could be a part of the baby’s life. “We’ll make it work.” Says Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge he sounds confident. “Why shouldn’t I be?” He asks. As he “pets” her belly, she begins to have some discomfort. He asks her if she’s ok. She says she is. “I guess this little guy just wanted to put in his two cents worth.” She says. Ridge tells her that she just passed up her last chance to get rid of him, and now she’s stuck with him “till death do us part.”

Nick ponders why it happened that the child had turned out to be his. He says he always thought it was some kind of “sign.” But it’s not some cosmic plan; he doesn’t think there’s somebody up there moving the chess pieces around. “Brooke’s his, then she’s mine, then she winds up with my child inside her. Why? Why did it happen?” He asks, mostly himself. He says he knows she doesn’t have the answers, because there are no answers. “All I know is that boy is my entire future now.” He says that eight months ago he didn’t even want it to be his. “Remember?” He asks. “Yes.” She says. “But he is, and he’s the focus of my life now.” He lies down on the couch and covers his face with his cap. He’s happy that he’s gonna be a father because it sure as heck wouldn’t have happened any other way. She says that isn’t true, that there will be other chances. She is leaning against the stairs, agonizing over what she has to tell him. Nick is going on and on about wanting to be a part of his son’s life. “I need to be a part of his life.” He says. “Nicky,” she begins, “there’s something that I have to tell you, something that you need to know.” She tells him that months ago, before she died, Dr. Paxson had come by the house looking for him. “Why was she looking for me?” Said Nick. She tells him that Dr. Paxson said that the lab that ran the paternity test had told her that there was a bit of a glitch, and that the tests had to be run again. “What did you say?” Said Nick, lifting the cap from his face and looking at his mother. She tells him that Dr. Paxson said that there was every possibility that Nick was still the father, that the second test was just a precaution. “There was no second test.” Says Nick. Jackie says there was, that she took care of it. Nick stands up slowly and walks toward her. “You ran a second paternity test?” He says. “Yes.” She says. She didn’t tell anybody because she didn’t want to upset anybody unless there was a need. “Ok.” Says Nick quietly but questioningly. “The test confirmed I’m the father.” Says Nick, more of a statement. Jackie stays turned away from him, crying softly, but not speaking. “I’m the father.” Nick repeats.

He suddenly grabs Jackie’s arm and whirls her around to face him, and sees her tears.

Ridge and Brooke are getting ready for bed. “Our first night together.” Says Ridge. “Well not exactly our first.” Brooke answers.

Ridge says it seems like it. He says it’s been a long time, far too long, and she’s never looked more beautiful. He turns her around and begins massaging her shoulders. He says how good it feels. He coos and murmurs sweet nothings in her ear. Bla-bla-bla life together, bla-bla-bla always be together, bla-bla-bla you are mine….you remember the routine. Flash backs are shown of them dancing together to the strains of “Unforgetable.” It’s a much younger Ridge and Brooke they show. Ridge continues to massage her back, and her murmurs of “Oh Ridge” turn into a more intense “OH RIDGE.”

As she grabs her belly and tells him the baby’s coming.

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