B&B Thursday Update 6/17/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/17/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo

Scene One: In a private room

Ridge and Brooke discuss the reasons that Brooke is with Nick. Brooke tells Ridge that she wants to give her baby boy the best life possible. Ridge tells her that he will love that baby like he is his own. He then tells her that he can’t believe that the baby is not his, but he still feels like the baby is his. He swears to her that the baby will be cherished.

Scene Two: Deacon’s House

Deacon asks Jacqueline if she really thinks that he would lie about the paternity. She tells him that he has a lot to gain if Nick is the father.

Deacon says they have more to worry about like Ridge trying to seduce Brooke. Jacqueline asks him what he has done. Jacqueline’s phone rings, it is Nick telling her to go home, that he and Massimo are out of jail. She asks him if he will be there and he tells her that he is looking for Brooke, and asks if she has any idea where she is. She tells him that she may be with Ridge at the club in the private dining room. They hang up. Deacon tells her that it is good that Nick is going there to cause a rift between Ridge and Brooke. She then begs him to tell her about the results. He tells her that she really doesn’t want to know. She then cries out that the baby is Ridges.

Scene Three: Private Dining room

Ridge discusses the ultra sound with Brooke and how he feels the baby is his. She then asks him how he will feel when the baby is born. He tells her that he wouldn’t have a problem. She tells him that he may not have a problem, but Nick might. Ridge then asks her how the baby is going to feel if the baby picks up on her being in a loveless marriage.

She tells him that she don’t know what to do. He tells her that they should have the life they want, the two of them together. Together they could give the baby an incredible life. Ridge on one knee tells her that all she has to do is say yes. She responds with yes. She then asks if they are crazy. He tells her that she has made him very happy. He tells her to never loose faith. Brooke then sees the ring from Nick. She walks onto the balcony, and Ridge follows. Nick enters the room without them knowing. Ridge asks Brooke what is wrong. She replies, “How do I tell Nick?”

Scene Four: Deacon’s House

Deacon tells Jacqueline that nobody has to know. Jacqueline tells him that they lied. Deacon tells her that she would have done the same thing so that Nick could have his own family. Jacqueline tells him that she couldn’t lie, not about this. Deacon reminds her how this situation got started. Jacqueline states that she can’t believe that Ridge is the father. Deacon tells her that if the truth comes out then Nick looses everything.

Scene Five: Private Dining Room

Nick watches Brooke and Ridge on the balcony. He leaves the room and then re-enters. He then talks about how charming the place is. He tells Brooke that he sees there was no reason to worry about her missing him. Brooke asks Ridge to leave. Ridge then leaves the room to allow Nick and Brooke privacy to talk. Nick tells Brooke that he is not surprised to find her with Ridge in a romantic setting. He tells her that he is getting tired of the excuses and drama.

He tells her that he enjoys his uncomplicated life and he wants out.

Scene Six: Deacon’s house

Jacqueline tells Deacon that she knows what it would do to Nick. She then starts shoving Deacon. He stops her and tells her to not say anything to anyone. She asks him, what about Ridge. He tells her who cares about Ridge, and that this whole situation is because Ridge tried to take away his daughter. Jacqueline says she is beginning to understand why Ridge did. He then tells her to try her rescue mission and see what happens, that Nick and Massimo will not be able to forgive her. He then informs her to think very carefully. Jacqueline says that she understands that she would loose everything, including Nick. She tells Deacon that none of that changes what she has to do, that she is going to go and tell Nick the truth.

Scene Seven: Private Dining Room

Brooke asks Nick “You want out?” He tells her that it is just not working for him. She tells him that she thought that he was happy. He responds by looking at her at saying, “Who wouldn’t be, look at you?”

He tells her that if it wasn’t for this child, and places his hand on her stomach. She tells him in a very understanding tone that if it is how he feels she understands. He tells her that it was good the marriage didn’t go through, lucky break. She tells him that she would have been the lucky one to be his wife.

They then see the engagement ring, and Brooke removes it placing it into his palm. She then hugs him and thanks him.

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