B&B Wednesday Update 6/16/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/16/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Private Dinning room:

Brooke tries to tell Ridge that she doesnít belong here with him, she should be with Nick right now. Ridge tells her that Nick is a big boy and can take care of himself. Right now, she needs to hear what he has to say. He asks if she remembers the last time they were in this room together. Brooke remembers that it was the night she had to tell him that she had slept with Nick at the foundry. She understands that he felt betrayed that night.

Ridge tells her that he didnít feel betrayed by her. When he starts to stroke her cheek, she pulls away and tells him that she canít do this. He begs her to hear him out, she owes him that. Ridge explains that he feels like he let her down by letting her go. He realizes that now and wants to make sure that she knows he is never going to let her down again. He swears he can be with her and love her baby as if it was his own. Brookeís cell phone rings, but when she tries to answer it Ridge grabs it from her and turns it off. He continues to try to convince her that he loves her more than anything else in the world. He canít imagine his life without her in it.

Brooke just canít be convinced that Ridge will not resent the baby. She tells him that she will always love him, but she just canít be with him.


Nick and Mass are still in the room that looks like an interrogation room. The two FBI agents come into the room bringing Maya with them.

They inform Mass that she is there because she is an accomplice. Nick and Massimo both try again to tell the agents that this is a big mix-up. Just then, a man named Frank comes into the room. It looks like he is the head of the FBI and is very good friends with Massimo. Mass introduces him to Nick. Frank explains that he was out of the country and his office wasnít notified of what was going on. He apologizes for not coming sooner. The FBI agents are confused and try to explain their actions. Frank comes down on them, but Massimo tells him that he understands they were just trying to do their job. Frank explains what an upstanding man Massimo is and how much he has done to help his country by promoting peace all over the world. Massimo is concerned about the press and how all of this could hurt his future endeavors. Frank tells him that they will drop all charges and issue a public apology. Mass and Nick are very happy to hear that they are all free to go.

Deaconís house:

Deacon has summoned Jackie to his place again and she is not happy about it at all. She reminds him that Mass and Nick are in jail and she needs to be with them. Deacon is in a panic though. Jackie understands, they are all upset about what Ridge did. She is confident that Nick and Brooke will still get married as soon as Nick is out of jail. Deacon isnít so sure about that. He is really upset about this. At first, Jackie accuses him of making up all these crisisí to get her to come to his house. He finally starts to get through to her that he really is worried, and he has good reason to be. He tells her that he has a friend that drives a limo and he knows that Brooke went to the wedding with Ridge. He also knows that Ridge and Brooke are having a private little dinner party. Jackie tries not to let Deacon get her riled up too, but he starts to get to her any way. He knows that if Nick and Brooke donít get married, he will not be in Hopeís life as much as he wants to be.

Jackie tries to stay calm and convince Deacon and herself that Brooke will end up with Nick like they all want. Deacon slips up and mentions that they have a better chance as long as Ridge believes that the baby is Nickís. Jackie catches the slip and reminds him that he did the DNA tests again himself. She asks for the results. When he tells her that he burned the results, she finally realizes that he lied to her. The baby really is Ridgeís.

Marone Mansion:

Nick and Massimo are finally home. Massimo searches the house but canít find Jackie or Hudson.

Nick stares at the fireplace remembering the wedding ceremony. Massimo assures him that he will pick up right where he left off. Nick agrees with him and tries to call Brooke. He gets a bit frustrated when she doesnít pick up.

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