B&B Tuesday Update 6/15/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/15/04

By Bridget
Pictures by Boo

Scene One:

Darla and Thorne exchange rings in a beautiful ceremony. They repeat their vows, promising themselves to one another. They pledge their love and faithfulness. The priest then pronounces them husband and wife. They then seal their vows with a kiss.

Scene two: Massimo, Nick, and Jacqueline discuss why things are being delayed and they are still in jail. Massimo says it is a delay so that they can go through his files. Nick says that Ridge is to blame, and is using the situation to cozy up to Brooke.

Jacqueline says that she talked to Brooke. Nick tells her that he has also, and as soon as he is released he and Brook are going to the courthouse to finish the ceremony. Jacqueline is very pleased, saying that if Nick gets out of there Ridge can't do anything to interfere. Her and Massimo then try to figure out what Brooke is going along with when it concerns Brooke. Nick then says that Brooke is not at the wedding with Ridge. Jacqueline says that she can go and check on Brooke. She wants to make sure that she is all right. Nick then says that they need to call their lawyer Harvey and tell him to speed things up. Jacqueline tells him that he must not worry because when he get out of their Brooke will be waiting for him.

Scene Three:

Brooke and Ridge are dancing together at Darla and Thorne's reception, along with the rest of the family. CJ and Rick then discuss whether or not Brooke and Ridge are back together as they watch the two laugh in the corner. Ridge then tells Brooke that he glad that she decided to come. Brooke claims she is having a good time and glad that she did decide to come. Ridge says that he knows it has been a difficult week but things seem to be coming together. "WE seem to be coming together." Brooke's smile quickly fades. Ridge then discusses the vows that Darla and Thorne took and how they had once taken them. He claims that he had let her down. The doubts are behind them now and that he will never do any of that to her again.

Stephanie then begins to watch Ridge and Brooke in the corner.

Caitlin and Thomas continue dancing then Caitlin goes to get something to eat when Rick goes to introduce himself. He compliments her by saying he always notices a beautiful woman.

Sally that says that must wait for the official wedding duties as she interrupts Thorne and Darla's kiss. Thorne then offers the first toast, promising to make Darla as happy as she has made him. Darla then wants to make a toast, she says that when she was little she wanted a wedding just like this one. Unfortunately she was raised in a family like, but one day she met Sally.

She then tells Caitlin that she understands what she has been going through for the past few weeks; she then explains that the day is a celebration of family. Ridge and Brook then toast in the corner, as Stephanie is paying close attention to what looks like a reunited couple.

Scene Four: Sally then offers a few words. CJ jokes about the few words being a first for Sally. Sally then discusses the value of a family and toasts to family. Ridge then asks Rick for a moment taking him into the foyer. Ridge tells him that he hopes that what is going on between himself and Brooke doesn't get in the way of their job. He claims that he is looking forward to working with Rick. Rick tells him that he has been working internationally. Ridge says that he has some great ideas for the company and will need Rick at home for them.  Thorne interrupts them and asks if they are talking about business. Rick tells him that Ridge was just explaining some business ideas. Ridge then says that they will of course have to run them by the new CEO, and then asks Rick to stop by later in the week so that they can discuss everything.

Darla approaches Caitlin sitting with her family. She tells her that she hopes that she didn't embarrass her with the toast. Caitlin says that the toast touched her. Hector then thanks Darla for making his family feel special. Ridge then asks if he could lure Samantha away from the competition. She says that she don't know if Sally will let her. Ridge then insults Sally's décor and then tells Samantha that the discussions need to stop, that Samantha and Caitlin must come to Forrester. Thorne looks upset by his brother's demands.

Scene Five: Stephanie and Brooke are in an office having a heated conversation about Brooke being at the wedding. Brooke tells her that the men in her family don't mind, and Stephanie asks her what the men in the Marone family will think. She doesn't imagine that Nick would be very pleased to see Brooke partying with the man that put him in jail.

Brooke tells her that it is a family party. Stephanie tells her that it is no longer her family and that the sooner she starts to realize that the easier it will be for everyone. Stephanie then explains that Ridge believes that the two of them are going to get back together. By the looks of things the children are probably thinking the same thing, and that she need to be responsible. Brooke then proclaims that by the way Stephanie is acting she should take Ridge to the pool house and have her way with him. Stephanie in disgust says that it is always about sex with Brooke. Brooke says that it is not about sex it is about love. It is about the two men that love her and the two men that she respects and admires very much. Stephanie then asks about the one that Brooke just almost married. Brooke then tells her that she may stand at the altar with him again, but no one is going to make that decision for her. Brooke tells Stephanie that she put her faith in her and Stephanie stabbed her in the back.

Scene Six: Jacqueline apologizes to Nick for mentioning Thorne's wedding. A guard then comes into the room to say that visiting time is up. Massimo says that they will be home soon, and then they can straighten out the entire mess. Jacqueline then leaves the father and son alone.

Nick then tells Massimo that he is not spending another night in jail. He is concerned with Brooke's health and that she is close to her due date. Massimo say all Brooke has to do is draw the line with Ridge. Nick explains that Ridge is not listening to anyone anymore. Massimo says that he will have Stephanie call Ridge. Nick tells Massimo that he doesn't want Stephanie anywhere near Brooke.

Scene Seven: An upset Brooke tells Stephanie that she wanted her love and support. Stephanie says she now knows how far Brooke would go to get it. Brooke tells her that she hates her because of what she did to Ridge. If Stephanie truly loved Ridge she would love her also. Stephanie asks her about how much Brooke loved him when she ended up pregnant with Nick's baby. Brooke then tells Stephanie she doesn't have a heart. They then discuss feeling sorry for each other. Stephanie then reminds Brooke that she is no longer apart of the Forrester family when Ridge interrupts. He then takes Brooke out of the room. Before leaving however he turns to his mother to say that the next wedding that she will be attending will be his and Brooke's. She replies by saying, "Over my dead body."

Ridge leaves feeling pleased.

Scene Eight:

Thomas takes over the dance floor for a moment. Darla then tells Thorne that she can't believe what has happened. She married Thorne Forrester. She tells him that she is happy and he replies that he is also. He then gently kisses her hand.

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