B&B Monday Update 6/14/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/14/04

By Suzanne

Darla, in her robe, gets ready for her wedding, with Sally's help. They joke about how Sally won't be able to call her "Einstein" anymore, now that she's becoming a Forrester. C.J. arrives, dressed in a tux. Darla hugs him, very happy that he's there. They mention that C.J. is very successful now and opening a new coffee shop in San Francisco. He says he's happy for Darla. He admits it was a little difficult at first to think of her with Thorne, but Sally straightened him out on that. Sally tells her that she also emailed him pictures of the new baby, Alexandria. C.J. goes up to see her. Darla thanks him again for being there and they hug again.

Kristen hugs Thorne. They are all dressed up for the wedding as the caterers, etc. set up. Samantha, Caitlin, and Hector arrive. Thorne introduces them to Kristen. Thomas tells Caitlin that she looks amazing. Clarke and Megan arrive; they meet Hector. Clarke jokes around. Rick greets Brooke and Eric; the reverend stands nearby. Rick is surprised to see her there. Eric informs him that she came with Ridge and the kids. Rick is surprised but Brooke suggests they talk about it later. Eric says that Ridge is with Stehanie so whatever Rick has to say, Ridge has already heard it and then some.

Ridge and Stephanie argue about Brooke; they are dressed for the wedding. He accuses her of trying to manipulate him the same way she always does to Brooke. They keep arguing. Stephanie is concerned about the children and reminds Ridge of how he acted at Nick and Brooke's wedding. Ridge stands by his decisions and yells at her for trying to tell him what to do. He declares they will be together whether she likes it or not.

Thomas takes Caitlin out to the balcony; he wanted her to get away from the people who keep bugging her about her new mother. She says she doesn't think her dad would like her sneaking off. He kisses her. She smiles. Hector watches them from the main room with an eagle eye.

Thorne tell Brooke that he's glad she came to her wedding. She wishes Stephanie felt the same way, but he reminds her that it's his wedding. The reverend informs him that it's time to begin the ceremony. They wonder where Stephanie and Ridge are; Thorne hopes they're not still arguing. Thorne goes in to where Ridge and Stephanie are and tells them to get to the wedding and stop arguing about Brooke. Ridge is happy for the interruption and walks out, telling Thorne that she's all his now.

Darla is still not dressed, but she's very nervous. Sally asks her if she's ready to start. Darla tries to take deep breaths to calm herself. She tells Sally that she feels like she is on the set of a movie and any minute will get busted and thrown off the lot. Sally sits down next to her and tells her that if anyone deserves happiness, it's her. She asks Darla to think about what Saul would say. She does a Saul impression. telling Darla, "Who are those people? They'd be lucky to have ya". Darla laughs at the impersonation. She tells Darla that she was thinking a lot about him. She always thought he'd be the one to give her away. Sally assures her that he's there and to think of him when she's walking down the aisle, holding her head up high. Darla thanks her. Sally jokingly asks what fairy godmothers are good for, anyway. They laugh and hug.

C.J. chats with Rick, saying he doesn't know half the people there. Rick points out all the new people to him but doesn't really know Sam's family. C.J. is surprised that he doesn't know them, either. Rick stares at Caitlin and replies that he doesn't know them as well as he'd like to.

Sam asks Hector asks why he's so tense. He replies that it's not "his scene". She suggests warmly that he give it some time, saying these are really great people. Ridge joins Brooke, telling her that everything is taken care of. He kisses her and Stephanie glares at them from across the room.

Sally stops Thorne and insists on talking to him about Darla. He looks nervous about what she might say because she looks ready to chew him out. She tells him that Darla is family to her, so when they get married, he will be family, too. He smiles and they hug.

The wedding starts and everyone gets ready. Sally suggests to Stephanie that she should be thankful she's getting a great daughter-in-law like Darla. Stephanie says she agrees but points out Ridge and Brooke to Sally as an explanation of why she doesn't look happy. Sally looks and then says, "My sympathies". Ridge and Stephanie walk down the aisle together, even thought they are both tense and not smiling. Sally walks down the aisle by herself. Everyone stands, then Darla walks down the aisle. Thorne looks very happy as he and Darla look at each other. Everyone sits down as the reverend starts talking. He talks about their beautiful daughter and then reads a passage from a Buddhist wedding ceremony. They say their vows. Sally and Stephanie, then Eric and Ridge, affirm that they stand with the couple. Brooke smiles, perhaps remembering one of her many marriages to Ridge. Thorne says some sweet things that he wrote to Darla, promising her a great future. Darla says her own speech. Everyone smiles at each other.

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