B&B Friday Update 6/11/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/11/04

By Boo
Pictures by Susann

Forrester guest house:

Darla and Sally are surprised at how beautiful Samantha and Stephanie made the guest house. Darla thinks it is the perfect bride’s room. Darla admits that she didn’t sleep much last night because of missing Thorne. Sally thinks that missing someone every now and then isn’t that bad a thing. Darla can’t believe the food that was brought to the guest house. She doesn’t even know what to call some of it. Sally reminds her that she is about to be Mrs. Thorne Forrester and she needs to get used to the lifestyle. Darla likes the sound of that. Sally can’t remember what she did with Thorne’s ring and starts to panic. Darla calmly shows Sally that the ring is safe and sound, right on Sally’s thumb where she put it. Darla is very happy to have Sally as her Matron of Honor. Helen brings Alexandria by for a short visit. Sally and Darla return to girl talk and take a look at the dress. Darla is so proud to be wearing a Forrester original. Sally starts to get ideas of a knock-off for Spectra, but Darla shoots that idea down real quick. Darla remembers Macy and wishes that she could be there. The two women share a few moments remembering Macy, then Sally gives Darla a pair of earrings that Sally had given Macy on her 21st birthday. Sally tells her that the earrings were always meant for her ‘daughter’. The two share a hug. As Darla tries to get dressed, she keeps getting runs in her hose and is starting to get a bit frustrated. Someone knocks on the door and when Darla asks who it is, she is shocked to hear that it is Thorne. She reminds him that he can’t see the bride. Thorne tells her that doesn’t mean he can’t kiss her and enters the room with a blindfold on. Darla and Sally both get a kick out of this as Thorne and Darla share a kiss. Thorne tells her he just wanted to make sure she was doing okay. Darla assures him that she is fine and she will meet him at the alter. Thorne feels his way back out the door as Sally tells him to hold onto the blindfold, it may come in handy for the honeymoon. After he leaves, Sally and Darla marvel over what a wonderful man he is.


Ridge is in the front room talking to Catherine upstairs on the phone. He tells her not to worry about Brooke, just to get Hope ready. His call gets interrupted by a call from his mother. Brooke comes into the room looking for Hope’s blanket. Ridge startles her when he tells her that Hope won’t need it where they are going. Brooke is surprised to see Ridge and wants to know what he is talking about. Just then Catherine brings cute little Hope down the stairs in a very pretty little dress. Hope excitedly announces to her mother that they are all going to a wedding. Brooke isn’t pleased that Ridge is pressuring her like this. She is concerned about what Nick will think. Ridge continues with the pressure by telling Hope that he is saving the first dance for her. He unzips a garment bag and hands Brooke a dress that looks just like little Hope’s dress and tells her to go get dressed. There is a knock on the door. Brooke answers it to Thomas and the twins. All three join there father in begging Brooke to come to the wedding. Brooke finally decides that she doesn’t have a choice and runs upstairs to change clothes.

Forrester main house:

Stephanie calls Ridge on the phone and expresses her displeasure in finding out that Brooke is coming to the wedding. Ridge isn’t listening to his mother at all and insists that he is bringing Brooke to the wedding and doesn’t want to hear anymore of Stephanie’s objections. He hangs up on her. Thorne comes in carrying Alexandria. He thinks the place looks wonderful. Stephanie tells him only the best for him and Darla. Stephanie notes that Thorne isn’t fully dressed. When Thorne jokes about doing the ‘Chippendale’ thing to add some excitement to the wedding, Stephanie is not amused. She comments that there will be enough drama as it is. Thorne realizes that she is talking about Brooke coming to the wedding. She is surprised that it doesn’t bother Thorne that Brooke will be there. Stephanie just hopes that Brooke has the common sense not to show up. Stephanie gets a call letting her know that the champagne that she wanted for the ceremony isn’t going to be available. She is upset at the news because she wanted everything to be perfect. Eric joins the two now and he and Thorne both promise her that everything is going to be fine. Eric tells Thorne how proud he and Stephanie are of him now. Thorne is pretty proud of himself. He decides he needs to get a move on if he is going to be ready in time for the ceremony. After he takes off, Eric and Stephanie discuss how proud they are of Thorne. Stephanie wishes she could feel that way about Ridge, but Ridge just won’t learn from his mistakes, and he is about to make another one. Thomas comes in with the twins explaining that he drove the girls over as a favor to their dad so he could have some time alone with his date. Thomas and the girls run off to talk to Uncle Thorne when they see him. Eric tells Stephanie to behave herself when Brooke walks through the door. Stephanie tells him that is impossible for her to do. Eric reminds her that this day is for Thorne and Darla. Stephanie remains hopeful right up to the end as she sees Ridge and then Catherine come through the door. She is delighted to see Catherine until Brooke steps in with Hope and explains that Catherine is there to watch Hope. Right away Stephanie starts off with the snide remarks and Ridge whisks her out of the room for a good talking too. Eric escorts Brooke and Catherine into the main room and assures Brooke that Darla and Thorne both wanted her here. He asks where Ridge is and Brooke tells him she knows that he is with Stephanie because her ears are burning. Eric tells her not to worry, she is a part of this family and always will be.

In the study Stephanie and Ridge go at it like only the two of them can. Stephanie thinks Ridge has totally lost his mind. They continue to argue the same old points they always do. Ridge declaring his love for Brooke and Stephanie trying her best to convince him that he is wrong. Stephanie can’t believe he went so far as to have his father thrown in jail. When Ridge says that was not his intention, Stephanie tells him that he is now starting to act like Brooke. ‘Well I didn’t mean to hurt anybody’ she says mocking Brooke. She brings up Nick and the baby and Ridge again proclaims that he doesn’t care if the baby is Nick’s. He will raise the baby with Brooke. Stephanie tells him that she can not go through all of this again. Ridge scoffs at her when she tells him that it will kill her. Stephanie is serious though. She reminds him off all the people that he will be cutting out of his life if he continues with this. The show ends with her asking Ridge if ‘that woman’ is worth all of this.

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