B&B Thursday Update 6/10/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/10/04

By Boo
Pictures by Susann


Sally walks through the factory yelling out encouragement to all the workers, then goes into her office where Clark is designing a new line and continues the pep talk over the loud speaker.

She tells everyone to keep thinking of all the money they are going to be making again real soon. When she is finished on the intercom, she checks out the designs that Clark is working on and tells him they are trash. Clark is not happy to hear this and asks if she has better things in the work. When she shows him pictures of Versace and Armani, he realizes she is talking about doing rip-off’s again.

Sally tells him that is what she does best, to make women on a budget look ‘hot’. When she realizes that Clark isn’t thrilled about the idea, she asks him if he is above all of this now. Clark admits that he is and things that Sally should be also. He doesn’t like the idea of working on ‘second-rate copies’. Sally tells him there will be nothing ‘second rate’ about it. She asks him if he is on board this pirate ship or if he is going to be walking the plank. Clark realizes he either goes along with her, or he will be in the unemployment line and agrees to go along with it. Sally tells him that they need a silver bullet to get this company back on its feet. She thinks the ‘copies’ are a good way to start, but not what is going to make the difference. She jumps back on her ever ready intercom and does a bit more pep talking to the workers.

Darla comes in as Sally is finishing up her morale booster and is happy to see things back to the way they used to be. Sally lets her know that won’t really be true until Darla is back on board. Sally realizes that Darla should be at the wedding rehearsal and wonders why she isn’t there. Darla explains that she didn’t want to go alone and asks a surprisingly pleased Sally to go with her.

Eric & Stephanie:

Stephanie and Eric are in the front room. Stephanie asks if Ridge will be joining them for the rehearsal. Eric informs her that Ridge will not be there, but he will be bringing a date to the wedding. When Stephanie realizes that he is talking about Brooke, she naturally gets very upset. Brooke coming to her ex-husband’s wedding, with her other ex-husband, and carrying another man’s child is just indecent. She will not allow it. Eric informs her that it isn’t her decision to make, and also tells her how proud he is of Ridge.

Stephanie can’t believe that Eric is proud of him for having his brother and father thrown into jail. Eric continues to stand up for Ridge. He is proud of Ridge standing up for what he believed in and fighting for the woman he loves. Stephanie is still sure that Brooke will marry Nick. Eric isn’t so sure about that. Stephanie looks ill. Just at the right time, Thorne enters with the Preacher that will be performing the ceremony and introductions are made all around. Stephanie takes off with the preacher to show him around the house. Eric tells Thorne about Ridge bringing Brooke to the wedding. Thorne is surprised but says he is fine with it. He doesn’t want to be the one to tell his mother that though. Eric tells him that has already been taken care of. As they wonder where Darla is, Darla and Sally arrive outside. Sally wants to make sure that she isn’t just there to run interference with Stephanie and Darla. Darla tells her that Stephanie has been great, but Thorne was going to have all of his family around, she wanted her family with her too. Sally is very touched by those words, and they enter the house together. After a nice round of hello’s and letting Sally know that Eric and Stephanie are aware that she is there because Darla wanted her there, Eric takes Sally off to the side. Thorne asks Darla if Sally knows why she is here. With a devious little grin, Darla tells him she hasn’t told Sally anything yet. She wants it to be a surprise. Eric congratulates Sally on getting Spectra back. Sally tries to bring up how happy she is that both of them were able to get rid of Brooke, but Eric lets her know that is a sore subject. Sally backs off and they banter back and forth over who’s new line is going to be the best.

Stephanie joins the conversation and they break up the ‘shop talk’. Stephanie notices Sally watching the happy couple and realizes that Sally is thinking of Macy. Sally admits that she is, but she is very happy for Darla. The preacher gathers them all around and explains how things will work tomorrow. He tells them all where the best man and groom will be standing, and then where Darla will be and Stephanie. Sally is disturbed by how far away Stephanie will be standing from Darla. It will look like Stephanie doesn’t like Darla. Darla explains to her that Stephanie is standing that far away to make room for the Matron of Honor. Sally is very surprised and touched when Darla asks her to be the Matron of Honor.

At first Sally is a bit hesitant, but finally agrees to do the honors. The preacher finishes up going over what will happen at the ceremony the next day and takes his leave. Stephanie sees him to the door. Thorne and Darla announce that they should be taking off also to which Sally objects. She invokes the ‘groom not seeing the bride before the ceremony’ rule and informs the couple that Darla will be spending the night at her house. Eric and Sally go off to mix a drink while Thorne and Darla share their good bye kisses. Once they are alone, the realization hits them both that they are actually getting married tomorrow. They are both very happy.


Nick listens to Ridge ramble on and on about how he is taking Brooke back and that they belong together. Nick stays pretty calm and confident at first. He tells Ridge that Brooke must not have gotten the memo because she was just there and told him how much she loves Nick. He tells Ridge that all his efforts were wasted. “I guess it's back to that sketchpad, huh, dressmaker?” he taunts.

Ridge reminds Nick that he is in jail and facing federal charges. Nick continues to stay calm as he asks Ridge about raising the boy as a Marone. Ridge proclaims that he will be raised as a Forrester. Nick tells Ridge that he doesn’t have permission to adopt his son, just like he didn’t have permission to break into his computer. An arrogant Ridge tells Nick that he was just doing what he had to do. Nick tells Ridge that is the way it has always been for Ridge. He has always been king of his own little world with no one there to wipe that smug smirk off his face. Nick tells him that the king is dead. They continue to banter back and forth. Ridge pulls out the guilt card and claims that Brooke had to be brainwashed to marry him. Nick tells Ridge how Brooke was crying and begging him to take her away from Ridge the night she accepted the proposal. Nick tries to reason with Ridge that Brooke finally has a chance at happiness. Ridge won’t back down at all. When the guard comes in to tell them that their visiting time is up, Ridge tells Nick that he will take very good care of Brooke.

Nick finally looses his cool and tries to go after Ridge. As the guards carry Nick off, he yells over and over at Ridge to leave Brooke alone.

Ridge continues to yell after him that Brooke will be in very good hands, all night long.

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