B&B Wednesday Update 6/9/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/9/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

At the police department, Brooke and Nick are hugging and talking. Nick says he promised her a wedding and she got a conjugal visit. She says her life never turns out quite the way she expects. Nick says it’s not gonna as long as Forrester is running around accusing him of conspiracy and having an affair. Brooke says that she told Ridge that his story never really made sense. Nick asks her when she told him that. She says that Ridge stopped by the morning of the wedding. Nick is surprised at that and wonders why she didn’t tell him about it. Brooke says that she didn’t want to stir up trouble, that Ridge sounded really crazy and desperate. “That’s because he is desperate.” Says Nick. “And pathetic! And you know why? Because you’re moving on.” He adds angrily. He walks over to the window and looks out. Brooke asks him if the accusations they are making against him are true. “Does it matter?” He asks. She doesn’t answer him.

He leans against the window and says that the damage is already done. “We’re locked into a category now Brooke, CEO scandals. It’s gonna take ages for them to weed through the facts.” Brooke asks him what the facts are. “They said you were bribing foreign officials.” She says. He tells her that is sometimes legal and sometimes not. He says it depends on where the money goes and what you get for it. “It’s a very fine line and you just have to prove that you didn’t cross it.” He says it’s all accounting issues, and definitely not his strong suit. “So there could be serious consequences?” Asks Brooke. Nick says it’s just peon problems, and they’ll clear it up by the end of the day. “It’s just a disaster for the company.” He adds. Brooke sighs and looks sad. She says she never imagined in a million years that they would have to deal with something like this. Nick says they can thank Forrester. Brooke once again defends him by telling Nick that Ridge is not responsible for his accounting issues. “What did you say?” Says Nick. She tells him that she’s not siding with Ridge. “It’s just….” She stops there but she has more to say. Nick tells her to go on.

“You want me to lose everything? Is that what you want?” Says Massimo to Ridge. Ridge says no, that he is just making a point. Massimo says he already made his point abundantly clear, about where he stands with Brooke. “There it is again, that contempt in your voice.” Says Ridge. He asks Massimo whatever happened to welcoming Brooke into the family with open arms. “That was just a lot of bull wasn’t it?” Massimo says that Brooke is the mother of his grandchild, and she is family.

“Whether you like it or not, huh?” Says Ridge. Massimo asks what there is to like about the situation. His sons are at each other’s throats, Ridge has turned his back on Marone legacy, “turning your back on ME!” Says Massimo with a catch in his throat. “You keep saying that the legacy, the company, the fortune, the influence, doesn’t matter to you, but that’s all I had to give.” Says Massimo quietly. Ridge says that he might have given him his support. Massimo said that he has always supported Ridge. But he asks Ridge how he could be expected to keep Dominick away from his son. “How could you expect that of me, of all people, when the biggest tragedy of our life was being kept apart?” He says. Ridge says he doesn’t really see that as a tragedy anymore, that he’s starting to believe that he was actually better off. This hits Massimo very hard.

Caitlin arrives home from school and checks the phone, but finds no messages. She walks into the kitchen just as her dad comes down the stairs with only his boxer shorts on, and whistling a jaunty tune. “Hi Dad!” She says, turning around to greet him. He’s surprised to see her and asks what she’s doing home so early. She says she couldn’t concentrate.

Hector asks her if something’s wrong. Caitlin says she’s been trying to reach her mom all day on her cell but she hasn’t answered. Hector starts to play with her by saying maybe she’s busy or left her cell at home. Caitlin says no, that she always has it with her. “She must be avoiding me.” She says. “I think I scared her off.” Hector chuckles and asks what she’s talking about. Caitlin says she was putting lots of pressure on her to move in, and probably upset her. Hector begins to reassure her that that’s not the case, when Sam bounces down the stairs wearing only a t-shirt. “Caitlin!” She says, attempting to cover up a bit with no success. Caitlin looks at Sam in shock, and gets a grin on her face realizing what must have just gone on.

“How can you say that to me?” Says Massimo. Ridge tells him to look where he is, “are these your values?” He asks. Massimo tells him this is all a mistake thanks to him and his vendetta. “Are those your values? When the going gets rough you throw your family overboard?” Massimo asks. Ridge says he doesn’t consider Nick his family. “What about me?” Asks Massimo. Ridge says that he had no idea that Massimo was involved in the mess. Massimo says that’s not what he’s asking. He wants to know how Ridge sees him. “As family? A Father? The man who formed and shaped you?” He says. Ridge tells him that he wasn’t around when he was growing up. Massimo agrees that he wasn’t around, but says that he’s inside Ridge, he IS Ridge. Ridge says he’s giving himself way too much credit. Massimo says that if Ridge rejects him, he rejects himself.

Ridge says he doesn’t understand the philosophy determines who you are, where you belong, what you think. Then he says that if he is like Massimo, he’s glad that Eric was in his life to counteract all that. Massimo says that Eric never understood Ridge, and that all he did was make Ridge feel guilty for who he is. Ridge says that maybe a little guilt was necessary when someone lives their life the way Massimo does. He says Massimo manipulates people. (Look who’s talking!) “You practically forced Brooke into a marriage just because it suited your needs.” He says. “Whereas you completely disrespect her free will, is that it?” Answers Massimo. He says Ridge barged into that wedding and took over, no caring what anybody else felt, bound and determined to stop it. “That’s kind of a Marone move don’t you think?” He says. “I can’t imagine Eric pulling a stunt like that, can you?” Ridge contemplates that. Massimo says he can go on telling the world that he is not a Marone, but the truth is that he is, whether he likes it or not. Ridge is quiet for a change.

“Don’t let Forrester mess with your head.” Nick tells Brooke, taking her hands in his. He says he can feel the tension in her hands and see it in her face. Brooke asks if that’s any wonder after all that’s happened. “It’s more than that!” Says Nick, as Brooke walks away from him. “He’s had a lot to say to you in the last 24 hours, and don’t forget your history with him.” Nick says. “Every time you try to walk away he does the same thing, he drags you down!” Brooke tells him this is wrong. Nick says he knows it’s wrong. Brooke says what’s wrong is the way they are at each other’s throats, “you’re brothers!” She says. “Oh Please.” Says Nick. “And if it wasn’t for me…..” She says. But Nick stops her. “Don’t do that.” He says. She asks him if she was wrong to think that this could work. She says she wanted their child to have the perfect life. Nick says the charges are nothing, a joke. Brooke tells him that’s not what she’s worried about. Nick says he doesn’t want her to worry about anything. He just wants to get out of there and go back to plan A. “But Plan A didn’t consist of a family feud, not in my mind.” She says, disgusted. “Our son’s gonna be born into a war zone.” She turns away in tears. Nick walks up to her and asks her if she really thinks he’d ever let that happen. She says she doesn’t know how he could stop it. “It’s stopped!” Says Nick. “Ridge says he’s not gonna give up.” She answers. Nick says he doesn’t care what Ridge says, he’s tried everything he can do and it hasn’t worked. “So, poof, it’s gone.” He says now they work on what’s important. He tells her it’s time to get a smile back on her face, time to be positive about the good things they have. He reminds her about all the talks they’ve had about that. She nods, and smiles weakly.

He tells her she has to stay strong, “You’re the strongest woman I know.” “Are you trying to give me a pep talk?” She asks. “A little, is it working?” He asks. She says it is, a little. He tells her she has to ask herself one question. “You’ve gotta ask yourself if you believe in me.” He says.

“Oh yea, you’re a fine one to talk about the truth!” Says Ridge. Massimo asks if he’s referring to the charges against him. “Those will be handled shortly, probably before the end of the day, and then Dominick will be free to marry his bride.” Says Massimo. “Oh no.” Says Ridge, “That is never gonna happen, not now.” Massimo says that Nick is a Marone too, and asks if he’s ready to deal with the consequences of an all out war with Nick. He says Nick wanted to welcome him into the family, allow him to continue a friendship with Brooke. That sets Ridge off again, and he tells Massimo that Nick is gonna be the one on the outside looking in. Massimo asks Ridge if Brooke has called off the wedding. Ridge is silent. Massimo says he didn’t think so, that Brooke is still carrying Nick’s child, and tells him that Nick wasn’t having an affair. Massimo tells Ridge that he should go to his brother, and do whatever it takes to work things out. Ridge doesn’t say anything. “Guard? We’re finished here.” Says Massimo.

“I believe in you Nick.” Says Brooke. “What next?” She adds. Nick says they put all of this behind them and make it official. He kisses her hands. He adds that the lighting for the mug shot was very flattering and it will make a wonderful addition to the wedding album. “How can you joke at a time like this!” She asks. He says that’s what he promised when he proposed to her – surprises, laughter, “and a deal’s a deal kid.” He has her laughing for the first time in quite a while. He tells her not to let Forrester get to her. She says Ridge is hard to ignore. Then Nick tells her he believes in her too. This touches and surprises her. As they kiss, the guard opens the door and tells them visiting time has ended. Brooke is genuinely sorry to leave. They kiss again and she leaves. When she’s gone, Nick lets out a big sigh and sits down, obviously still extremely worried about something.

Caitlin looks back and forth between her father and mother, then stands up smiling and says she better go. They both rush over and tell her no, and begin apologizing. She says not to apologize, and that this is good, “weird but good.” “Really?” Says Sam. Caitlin says that she thought that she was pressuring Sam, but “you guys are way ahead of me.” She chuckles at her dad, saying that he looks so goofy and embarrassed and in love. She says that it’s great and it’s all she ever wanted. “So you’re moving in? Is that what this means?” She asks Sam.

Nick is staring out the window, deep in thought, when the door to his cell opens. The guard announces that he has another visitor. Ridge walks in.

“So you are gonna move in, right?” Says Caitlin. Sam tells her this is something she needs to think about. “No I don’t” Says Caitlin. Sam asks if she’s sure she wants her there 24/7. “Yes!” Says Caitlin. Sam says this is so new to her. “I have a family!” She says. “Is it too new? Do you need more time?” Asks Caitlin. “No. This is incredible.” Sam says. She says that Caitlin is willing to open her home and her heart to someone who’s practically a stranger. Caitlin says she’s not a stranger, she’s her mother, and she belongs there.

Sam says she’s never felt this way before. Caitlin tells her to come home. “I am home.” Sam says, hugging Caitlin.

“You’ve either got a lot of nerve or you’re just stupid.” Says Nick to Ridge. “Well Nick, I’m sorry, I never should have let it get this far.” Says Ridge walking over to him. He says he regrets letting Nick get his hopes up over the past few months. “I think you set your expectations kind of high, so it’s gonna be really hard watching them all fall apart.” Says Ridge sarcastically. Nick tells him he must be inhaling some serious fumes at the dress factory, because he has no idea what he’s talking about. Ridge tells him he’s never been more certain of anything in his life. “Just like you were certain I was having an affair?” Says Nick. Ridge tells him that whatever he did or didn’t do…Brooke and him belong together. Nick shakes his head, and tells him that he and Brooke are engaged, “and as a matter of fact she was just here.” He says. “Did you have a good visit?” Asks Ridge, adding that it will he the last one. As Ridge begins to walk out, Nick tells him that he made a fool of himself, and that he set the wedding back a few days but that’s it. He says nothing’s changed. Ridge tells Nick that’s where he’s wrong, because he’s changed. He’s not going to sit on the sidelines any more. He’s going to take back from Nick, what wasn’t really his to begin with.

“I’m reclaiming my life Nicky boy, I’m taking Brooke back.” He says, pointing his finger at Nick.

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