B&B Tuesday Update 6/8/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/8/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

It’s the next day at Brooke’s house, and Ridge is drinking coffee in her living room as she comes down the stairs. She’s surprised to see him and asks him what he’s doing there. He spent the night, he says, just in case she changed her mind. He climbs the stairs to meet her half way and gives her a kiss on the cheek. “We can’t.” She says in her weak attempt to stop him. “We almost did last night.” He counters. She looks at him and tells him he seems different. He asks if he seems like the old Ridge, the one who knew what he wanted and didn’t let anyone stop him from getting it. “He’s back, and he’s not going away.” He continues. “I don’t understand.” Says Brooke. Ridge says his so called family (he names the Marones one by one) wouldn’t understand either. Brooke says they are his family. Ridge says he’s a Forrester, and damn proud of it. They have another Groundhog Day of conversation regarding Nick and Massimo’s arrest. Ridge says the Marone’s have a different value system than the Forresters, and he’s gonna distance himself from them. He tells Brooke she should do the same thing. “Without even hearing Nick’s side?” Asks Brooke. “What’s he gonna say? That it’s no big deal?” Asks Ridge. He says that all he’s trying to do is to keep Nick from dragging Brooke, Hope and the new little baby down. And of course he’s going to do everything he can to prevent that.

The guard comes to Nick’s holding room door and tells him he has a visitor. The sound of many loud voices can be heard outside the door, and when it opens, Jackie rushes in trying to avoid all the media attention and the flashes of cameras. “Oh Nicky, are you all right?” She asks, hugging him tightly.

He hugs her but pushes her back to ask if she’s heard from Brooke. She says she drove by Brooke’s house and Ridge’s car was still there. Nick is shocked at this news. “He spent the night?” He asks, almost to himself.

Oscar has come to visit Massimo. Massimo thanks him, and Oscar says that family sticks together. “Tell that to Ridge” Says Massimo. Oscar says Ridge screwed things up big time. Massimo says it was a misguided attempt to discredit Dominick. Massimo says he’s not concerned about either Nick or himself right now, but he is concerned with Marone Industries.

“Which faces a business crisis the likes of which this company has never seen.” Reads Oscar from the front page of the newspaper. Oscar says he knows how frustrating it must be for Massimo being locked up while the company is facing so much trouble. He says he took a leave of absence from Forrester this morning so he could be there to handle whatever needs handling. He says he wants to prove his loyalty to Massimo and the family. (He sure wants that ring doesn’t he!)

Hector is taking Sam on a tour of his house, telling her it sure ain’t the Taj Mahal. “It’s home.” Says Sam. Hector says it’s home for Caitlin and Jimmy, and he wants it to be home to Sam also. Sam wonders if he knows what he’s getting himself into. “Why, do you snore?” Hector asks her. She laughs, and says no but she does talk in her sleep. She says she once recited the preamble to the constitution. Hector says she could recite War and Peace and he’d still want her there. He kisses her, and after a couple minutes she pulls away and tells him she is going to spontaneously combust. “Lucky for you I’m a fireman!” Says Hector. “And I’m trained to handle situations just like this.” He closes the door to their room, and she sits down on the bed. He comes over and starts kissing her again as she unbuttons his shirt. Off it comes (Oh baby, he is a looker!!!)

They lay down on the bed and he unbuttons her blouse. They …..well you know what happens next.

Jackie tells Nick she’s sorry, that she didn’t mean to upset him, and that if Ridge spent the night she’s sure he spent it on the couch. Nick gives her a look that tells her there’s no way he believes that. Jackie says that what she knows for sure is that Ridge is trying to fill Brooke’s head full of lies. “Well, hopefully she’ll see through them.” Says Nick. “You’re not the least bit concerned?” Asks Jackie. Nick says that he isn’t; that Ridge is desperate. Jackie says yes, but he also knows what he wants and he’s not giving up. Nick says that Brooke is not some naïve school girl, that she knows what she wants and she knows what’s best for her and the kid and it’s not Forrester. (Um, is he actually talking about Brooke?) Jackie says they both know that but that’s not with Ridge is telling her. Nick says he can say whatever he wants that it’s all gonna be cleared up very soon. His voice is very low, and sounds depressed in spite of his bravado regarding Brooke. Jackie says that the media is having a field day, and Ridge is gonna use that to his full advantage. “This isn’t helping Mother!” Shouts Nick, jumping up. Then he repeats that Ridge is desperate, and walks to the door and looks intently out of the window there. “As soon as I’m out of here I’ll make sure he’s out of the way.” He says.

“I told you no comment!” Brooke yells into the phone. Ridge is another of his ridiculous spread-legged poses as he drinks coffee. “The sharks are circling.” He says. Brooke says she still can’t believe this is happening. Ridge asks if she would rather not know the kind of person Nick really is. “He is the father of my child, Ridge.” Says Brooke. Ridge says he doesn’t care about that and neither should she.

Massimo tells Oscar that he knew he could count on him. Oscar says he is a Marone, first and always, and that’s where his loyalty lies.

Massimo asks if he’s willing to back that up with action. Oscar says Marone Industries is in a free-fall and there’s only so much damage control that Massimo can do from Jail. “And that’s where I come in.” He says. He explains how he ran his father’s club in Vegas. And his club that he opened for Macy, no one ever thought it would re-open but he made it happen. He says that may be small potatoes compared to what Massimo’s company is going through, but if they continue to counteract the bad press, then they can stop the hemorrhaging and at the very least reassure the shareholders. Oscar continues telling Massimo he can get with he PR people, and work out a strategy, and…..”Fine.” Interrupts Massimo. “Do it.” He says that if Oscar can do all that he says he can do, then he will be well on the way to earning the Marone ring. He says it apparently means more to Oscar than it ever did to Ridge.

“Ridge please don’t do this.” Begins Brooke for the umpteenth time. They do the Groundhog Day thing once again out on the veranda. He tells her she came “this close” holding up his fingers….. “to making the biggest mistake of my life.” Finishes Brooke. “I know that’s how you see it.” She says. Ridge asks her if that isn’t the way she sees it. Brooke says she thought he understood how important it was to her to raise her son with his father. She walks away from him and back into the house, obviously a bit tired of it all. (It’s about time!) “I do understand” Ridge says following her into the house again. “Or tried to anyway, it’s all wrong Brooke. You and I need to be together!” He says emphatically. “So you say, so I should just forget about Nick?” She asks. He says that what he’s saying is that it’s not too late for them, not too late for Ridge to be a father to her baby, “our child.” He says. “But he’s not our child.” Says Brooke. “You’re not the father.” Ridge says he doesn’t care about that anymore. “To hell with biology!” Brooke says she can’t just desert him. She puts her purse over her shoulder and heads out the door. “Please tell me you aren’t going where I think you’re going.” Says Ridge following her. “Nick needs me.” She says. “Brooke!” He ruses toward her, turns her around and again takes her head like a bowling ball and kisses her.

The cheap schmaltzy music starts up again as she kisses him back, but she pulls away, and leaves.

Brooke arrives at the jail and is pounced upon by the herd of media people. Flashbulbs are flashing, microphones are stuck in her face, a million questions are shouted out, but she ignores them and keeps walking. The guard leads her to Nick’s holding room. She looks in through the screened window. He’s sitting on the table, head down.

Hector and Samantha wake up in the morning with smiles on their faces. Hector says he hopes her smile means what he thinks it means. “When do I move in?” She asks. “Let’s go get your stuff.” He says, jumping out of bed. But she stops him and tells him they need to tell Caity and Jimmy first. “It’s gonna be quite an adjustment for them.” She says. “And for you.” Says Hector. He’s worried that the house isn’t quite what she’s used to. She says she’s lived in mansions and penthouses, and been lonelier than he could imagine. He asks her if she’s really ready. “I can’t wait.” She says.

Massimo is pacing his cell when the guard announces that he has another visitor.

In saunters Ridge. “You wanna tell me what’s going on?” He asks. “Now you’re willing to listen?” Says Massimo. Massimo starts saying that he warned him that if he didn’t stop pursuing Brooke that bad things were gonna happen.” But before he can finish Ridge talks over top of him saying “And I warned you that nothing was gonna come between Brooke and me.” Massimo is amazed to see that Ridge is not sorry. Ridge asks him again what happened. Massimo tells him that he did nothing to deserve this!” Indicating his jail cell. “Especially from you, my son.” Ridge says he gave back the ring.

Massimo says he will always be a Marone, they share the same blood, and he will never let Ridge turn his back on that. “On what?” Asks Ridge. “The great Marone dynasty?” He says that’s what got Massimo in jail in the first place. Massimo says that Nick wanted to be a father to his son, so he supported that, and Ridge sees that as a betrayal. “Hell yes!” Says Ridge. Massimo asks him why he can’t see what he’s sacrificing. Ridge wonders what that might be. “Money? Position? Family name? You know all those can be gone within a second. He tells Massimo that maybe the best thing that could happen to Massimo would be if he lost it all. “Maybe it would finally wake you up and make you realize that none of that matters, not when you have what I had with Brooke. “And I’m gonna have it again, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us, so don’t even try.” He says, shaking his finger at Massimo.

Brooke is let into Nick’s holding room. She walks over to him and hugs him. “Are you ok?” She asks. He asks her if she’s ok, “both of you.” He says. He tells her he tried to get through to her, but they wouldn’t let him call. She says she tried to get through to him too. Then Nick says he knows Forrester spent the night. “Where’d he sleep?” He asks. “On the couch,” Says Brook, “he was just trying to protect me.”

“Protect you?” Asks Nick. He stares at Brooke, and slowly backs away from her, turns his back and takes a few steps. “Please, I’m confused here, tell me from what?” He asks. Brooke tells him she can understand his being upset, then tells him she was worried about him, that she doesn’t like seeing him in that place, dancing around the question. Nick says that he doesn’t like it either. And he doesn’t like that Ridge stopped the wedding. “And I don’t like that he SPENT THE NIGHT IN YOUR HOUSE!” He yells, banging a chair. “I don’t like that!!” Brooke is quiet for a minute as Nick stares out the barred window. He asks her if she remembers when they made love in Hawaii. “Yes.” She says quietly. “I asked one thing of you after that, I asked you always to be honest with me, remember?” He asks her as he walks toward her and stops face to face. She nods, appearing afraid. He asks her to be honest right now. “Do you love me?” He asks. “Yes.” She says. “Do you?” He asks again. “Nick, yes.” She answers with tears in her eyes. She touches his face with her hands. He kisses her deeply, wrapping his arms around her, and she kisses him back.

He holds her very close to him, like he never wants to let her go again.

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