B&B Monday Update 6/7/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/7/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Nick wakes up behind bars. “Not quite the honeymoon I had in mind.” He laments. He thinks back to the moment that Ridge burst into their wedding ceremony and says (to himself) that Ridge had better stay away from Brooke.

Continuing where we left off on Friday, Jackie says to Ridge that if she leaves, Brooke is coming with her. Thinking twice about that, she says that’s a very good idea! “We can go and find Nicky together.” She says. “BROOKE STAYS.” Says Ridge emphatically. (God I wanna deck this guy.)

Jackie asks Ridge who he thinks he is….then answers her own question by telling him she knows who he “thinks” he is and calls him the “White Knight.” Ridge says that compared to Jackie’s son, he’s a saint. Jackie tells Ridge not to dare to compare himself to her son. But Ridge says that he’s not the one who was hauled off in handcuffs. Brooke asks Jackie if she knows what it’s all about. Jackie says she doesn’t but she’s sure it’s nothing serious. Ridge scoffs at that remark and pouring himself a drink says “They were arrested by the FBI!” Jackie says that’s because of Ridge, because he wouldn’t leave them alone. Ridge says he’s not going to talk about it anymore, that it’s over and done with. Jackie asks Ridge to please leave Nick and Brooke alone so that they can raise their family in peace. Ridge asks her if she really thinks that’s gonna happen after all that’s taken place. Jackie says of course it is. Ridge says she may wanna check with the bride. “Brooke, please tell me that you aren’t listening to this man.” She begs Brooke. Brooke tells Jackie that she just really needs to find out what’s going on with Nick. Jackie says they should go find out together. They both head up the stairs saying that Brooke needs to change into something else. Ridge grabs Jackie by the arm stopping her. “Let go of me!” Says Jackie.

Just at that moment the phone rings and Jackie runs to answer it. She looks at the caller ID and sees that it’s the attorney. She answers by asking him what’s going on. Her face pales as she exclaims “Oh my god!”

Thorne is in his office taking care of business. Darla is sitting by watching him. As he finishes up a conversation with a business client, Darla tells him that she loves how he “projects” and calls him “Mr. President.” Thorne tells her that she needs to stick around because he has plans on how to “penetrate” new markets! (Whew hot!) Darla giggles, and tells him she needs to stop by more often. Thorne tells her she may have to because he is gonna be putting in some long hours due to the new line coming out. They talk about Ridge having other things going on and that it will all fall on Thorne’s shoulders. “Nothing new there.” Says Darla. Thorne tells her that he knows the long hours are gonna be hard on her and the baby. But she tells him not to worry about it. “I’m so proud of you.” She tells him.

Just as he gives her a kiss, one of his designers comes in and has some urgent business for him to attend to. Something about a “silk crepe.” She says it’s something very important to his father, and she can’t find Ridge anywhere. He tells her it’s approved, and to run with it. She thanks him and leaves again. As they once again resume their hug and a few more smooches, someone knocks at the door again. “Come in.” Says Thorne. His secretary peeks in and asks if it’s ok now. He tells her it is and to go ahead. She walks across his office with a definite purpose, as Darla asks him what’s going on. He tells her to turn around and close her eyes.

While he has his hand over her eyes to stop her from peeking, two gentlemen help his secretary wheel in three manikins, with three beautiful, newly designed wedding dresses for her to choose from. As he takes his hand from her eyes and lets her look, she gasps in delight.

She is overwhelmed with how beautiful they are. “I figured you’d be needing one.” He tells her gleefully. “We haven’t even set a date yet!” She exclaims. “Sure we have!” He says. “Maybe with one of your other fiancé’s” She jokes. “How bout day after tomorrow?” He asks. She looks at him like he’s crazy. He asks her if that’s not a good day for her. She says any day they get married will be good, but she’s concerned with all the stuff that’s currently going on with his family, and Brooke and the baby and Ridge. Thorne attempts to dismiss those thoughts with a wave of his hand. “If we wait for Brooke and Ridge to get their act together I’m gonna die a bachelor!” Thorne says. He tells her to go try on the gowns. “No peeking!” She says as she heads off to the dressing room.

As Jackie ends the phone call with the Attorney, she tells him to keep her posted, and hangs up. Brooke asks her what’s happening. “They’ve been charged with bribing foreign officials.” Says Jackie bitterly. “So that’s what the money was for.” Says Ridge. Jackie says no, that it’s all just some overeager officials, and that all of it is Ridge’s fault. Brooke asks her if they can post bail. Jackie says they can’t get a hold of a judge until tomorrow, and even if they could, they apparently pose a flight risk due to their foreign contacts. Brooke asks where they are now. “They’re in jail.” Jackie says sadly.

She and Brooke hug each other for comfort as Jackie looks over Brooke’s shoulder at Ridge and says, “You’re loving this aren’t you?” Ridge says that actually he’s not. Jackie tells Ridge that Massimo begged him to end this vendetta. That this is how he rewards Massimo for all the things Massimo did for him. Ridge says he had no idea that Massimo was involved, that all he wanted was for the truth to come out. Jackie tells him the truth has come out, about Ridge. Jackie tells them that now the media is going to get a hold of this, and thousands and thousands of Marone employees and shareholders are going to suffer. “How can you let Ridge say these things about the man you love?” Jackie asks Brooke. Brooke attempts to defend Ridge, but Jackie says that Ridge set out to hurt her son. She tells Brooke that the vows Nicky took today, he meant, that he’s never felt that way about any other woman, “and you took vows too.” She says. “That’s enough.” Says Ridge. But Jackie continues asking Brooke how she can let Ridge do this to Nicky. “Tell him to leave, Brooke.” She says. “I said that’s enough.” Says Ridge loudly. “Tell him to leave, Brooke!”

The jailer opens the door and lets Massimo into Nick’s cell. “How’d it go?” Asks Nick. “Just round one I’m afraid” Says Massimo. They discuss Ridge’s obsession and how it brought this all about. Massimo says he didn’t know it was gonna go this far. “Neither did he, this is just a happy accident as far as he’s concerned.” Says Nick. Massimo says that Ridge had no idea what he was stumbling into.

Nick says he didn’t stumble in, he broke in. “This should be a lesson to you, no more dressmakers running Marone.” Says Nick. Massimo says if he’d been a little more open with Ridge about how they do business…..but Nick interrupts him and tells him to stop standing up for him. “He’s the reason I’m not with Brooke on my honeymoon right now!” He says. “She’ll wait for you.” Says Massimo. But Nick doesn’t look all that convinced.

Darla tells Thorne to cover his eyes. As she walks out and tells him to look, he is overwhelmed with her beauty. He walks over to her and wraps his arms around her.

Amid much giggling and kissing, Thorne takes off his shirt. (He appears to have a bit of a sunburn on his back.) He holds Darla in his arms while at the same time loosening the straps on her gown. As he steps away, he drops the dress from her body. She crosses her arms across her body instinctively. He imitates her and they giggle. At her urging, he puts his shirt back on and sticks his head out of the office and tells his secretary to hold his calls. Then he steps back in. Let the fun begin!

Back in their cell, Nick and Massimo are trying to figure out how to get out of the mess their in. Massimo tells him not to worry, it’s nothing he can’t handle. Massimo is more worried about Nick and Brooke. Nick says he no longer feels sorry for Ridge, and that when he gets out of there, “the gloves are coming off.”

Brooke says that Jackie is just upset now, but she knows that Ridge did not deliberately set out to hurt Nick. “You can’t be serious.” Says Jackie quietly. Brooke says that Ridge was just trying to protect her. “From what? “ Says Jackie incredulously. “A beautiful wedding? A husband who adores you? A family ready to welcome you with open arms, the way his never did?” She adds pointing at Ridge. Ridge tells Jackie to leave Brooke alone. Jackie goes off on another tangent as Ridge walks over and stands by Brooke at the staircase.

Finally Ridge has heard enough, and taking Jackie by the arm, he drags her to the door and throws her out.

Massimo tells Nick that going after Ridge is not going to score him any points with Brooke right now. But Nick says he’s not gonna let Ridge get away with this. Just then two guards come and one takes Massimo away, as the other tells Nick he has a phone call, and leads him to the phone. Nick is sure it’s Brooke, but hears Jackie’s voice. “Nicky is that you?” She says. “Hello Mother.” Says Nick, obviously disappointed. Jackie tells him that she’s been worried sick about him. Nick tells her that he wants her to talk to Brooke for him. “I tried, Nicky, I tried.” Nick asks her what she means by that. She tells him that Ridge threw her out, and that he’s in there with her right now. “She’s so confused Nicky.” She says. Nick is obviously very upset by this, but says nothing at first. Then he says “I’ve gotta go Mother.” And hangs up. He turns to the guard and asks how to make a call out. The guard says he can’t, that he’s done. As the guard leads him back to his cell, he tells the guard he gets one phone call! The guard says, yes, and you just had it.

Nick protests saying he didn’t make that call. But the door slams shut and the guards leave. He is frustrated and bangs on the cell door. “Damn it!” He yells.

“I wish you hadn’t done that.” Says Brooke…weakly. Ridge tells her he was tired of listening to “that old bull-dog yapping away.” Ridge asks her if she’s alright. “I don’t know.” Says Brooke. Ridge says he’s sorry, that he shouldn’t have let it go on as long as it did. But Brooke tells him it wasn’t his decision. “Yes it was, and I should have fought harder for you.” He answers. She tells him she’s carrying another man’s child. Ridge tells her it doesn’t matter. Brook says it does and it will, and that he’s not being realistic about it. She says it would always be a struggle for him to raise this child, but it wouldn’t be for Nick. Ridge says he doesn’t have all the answers, but he knows that he’s not gonna lose her, because when they’re together everything just seems to fall into place. “You’ve got to trust me.” He says, and takes her in his arms and kisses her. But she pushes him away and walks out to the veranda.

He shakes his fists, and walks out after, grabbing her and forcing her to kiss him again. The scene fades to Nick in his cell for a moment. He has a worried look on his face. Then back to Brooke, who is apparently once again falling under the spell of Ridge.

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