B&B Friday Update 6/4/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/4/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

As Ridge and Brooke continue their spit swapping contest, it suddenly occurs to Brooke that maybe she shouldn’t be doing that. “I was supposed to become Nick’s wife today.” She says, walking away. Ridge tells her she’s not Nick’s wife, that she found out the truth, that Nick cannot be trusted. Brooke tells him that they can’t be sure of that, but Ridge wonders how much more proof she needs considering the fact that he’s being questioned by the FBI and could be going to prison. Brooke begs him not to joke. (She thinks he’s joking???) “This baby needs a father!” She says. Ridge says it was an engagement she didn’t want to a man she doesn’t love. Brooke says she does love Nick. Ridge looks at her like she’s nuts.

Brooke says Nick has been very kind, patient and caring. Ridge says that doesn’t really sound like love to him, it sounds more like gratitude. Ridge says he understands how she could feel that way, but that it’s no reason to get married. The only reason to get married, he says as he grabs her head in his bowling ball lock, is if you’re completely, totally, head-over-heels in love.

Jackie is on the phone trying to find out any information she can about Massimo and Nick, but she’s hitting brick walls.

She stares off into space as she relives and remembers the scene that took place in her living room just a few hours ago. She’s startled out of her day nightmare by Eric and Stephanie walking up to her. “Bridget told us what happened.” Says Stephanie.

Jackie says she doesn’t have time to talk, that she has to get to Massimo and Nicky. Stephanie asks where they are, but Jackie doesn’t know. She turns to them angrily and says “If it weren’t for your blasted son!” Eric comes to her trying to explain that Ridge thought he had uncovered an affair. Jackie continues her tirade against Ridge. Saying he was so delighted to come in and interrupt the wedding, and adding that he had no business breaking into Nick’s computer. “He’s the one who should have been arrested!” She says. Stephanie asks gently if the FBI agents had told her what it was about. Jackie says they didn’t, but they put handcuffs on both of them, and treated them like common criminals. She’s in tears about how rude and vulgar it was.

At FBI Headquarters, Nick and Massimo have been led into an interrogation room and the handcuffs are being removed. Massimo asks them if they have contacted Frank Belkin yet. They don’t answer him. “No, of course not. If you had we wouldn’t be here.” Says Massimo.

You aren’t taking the charges against you very seriously, says Agent Purcell. “Maybe that should tell you something.” Says Nick. The other agent says that maybe Nick should tell them something about the list of wire transfers conducted between him and his accomplice. “My accomplice?” Says the agent. “Your son’s in a lot of trouble Mr. Marone, you can make it easier on him. Did you order him to transfer these funds?” Asks the agent. At that moment, another gentleman walks into the room, and immediately advises Massimo not to answer. “Thanks for coming Larry.” Says Massimo. Larry says he got there as soon as he could. He then asks the agents to fill him in on what’s going on. The agent hands him a blue binder, telling him it should fill him in. “How was this obtained?” Asks Larry. “Divine intervention.” Answers the agent.

Larry asks them to be a little more specific. They tell him they’ve been tapped into Marone Industries computers for months as part of an ongoing investigation. They’d been unable to gain access to the most sensitive information until last night when Mr. Marone’s emails were suddenly and unexpectedly unencrypted, providing them with the last piece of the puzzle. Grins the agent. “Please, let’s hear about this puzzle.” Says Nick. The agent goes down a list of purchases by foreign companies and substantial deposits into the private bank accounts of the officials of those companies. Then shortly thereafter, he continues, they give decisions that are highly beneficial to Marone Industries. “So this is it? This is why you interrupted my wedding?” Says Nick, standing up and walking over to his attorney. “They’ve got nothing.” He says to Larry. “Then these are all just coincidences?” Says the agent. Nick says he wouldn’t know because it has nothing to do with him. The agent advises Nick’s attorney to advise his client that each individual offense carries a penalty of $2 million dollars as well as five years in prison. “There is no connection between those payments and Marone Industries, or my son.” Says Massimo. “There wasn’t,” says the agent coyly “until last night.”

Eric tells Jackie that Nick’s payments to the woman named Maya amounted to millions of dollars. Jackie says she’s sure they were just routine business transactions. Eric says it has to be more than that for the FBI to be involved.

Jackie becomes aggravated and walks away saying she’s sure that Massimo will take care of it. Stephanie tries to calm her down by agreeing with her. Eric continues by saying that he knows that Massimo is not above a shady business deal. Stephanie tries to shut him up but he continues his tirade. Jackie becomes distraught as Eric says how arrogant Massimo is. “ERIC!” Yells Stephanie, finally getting his attention, and then assuring Jackie that it’s probably just a misunderstanding. “What if it’s not Stephanie?” Says Jackie in tears. “What if Nicky is involved?”

Ridge continues his attempted seduction of Brooke by stroking her face, her neck and her shoulders. She asks him to stop. “Look at me,” she says, “I’m still in my wedding dress.” Ridge tells her there’s an easy solution to that, just take it off and get ride of it. She gives him a disgusted look and turns away from him saying she needs to find Nick. “What?” Says Ridge. She says they’re sure they’re questioning him by now, and picks up the phone to make a call. Ridge takes the phone out of her hand and hangs it up. Brooke tells him she has to find out what’s going on. Ridge says what about what’s going on here right now? “Ridge!” She says exasperated. Then Ridge tells her he knows he should be backing off and letting her make her own decisions….but to hell with that. “We belong together and you know it!” He says. “Damn it Brooke tell me you know it.” He says, with her head gripped in his big hands and stooped down so she can’t help but look directly into his face. She has tears streaming down her face and isn’t answering him.

Just then the phone rings, and Brooke says it must be Nick. She answers it.

Nick explains to the agent that he transferred funds to an agent of a foreign subsidiary. The agent says she turned around and bribed foreign officials. “What cornfield are you from?” Nick asks the agent. “You’re allowed to grease the wheel, that’s in the law.” The agent tells him that he is allowed to pay minor officials to help expedite routine government services.” Says the agent. “And that’s exactly what happened.” Says Nick. Ten thousand here, twenty thousand there, it adds up, he says. The agent tells him there’s not a transaction in there for less than a hundred thousand. Nick says there’s a lot of a squeaky wheels in the world. “As there have been since the wheel was invented.” Adds Massimo. “That is the nature of my business gentlemen, any business, and it is perfectly legal.” He says. “Now if I have to explain this to you….” Begins Massimo, but his attorney tries to stop him. Massimo refuses to stop saying it’s all ridiculous. Massimo tells them that the country is at war, terror cells multiplying all over the world, and this is where their energy is going? Harassing businessmen who pay their taxes that pay their salaries? Massimo is ranting by this time, pacing back and forth. “Enough.” Yells his attorney. “Fellows, unless you have more than this, we’re outta here.” He says. The agent says they’re free to go, just as soon as Mr. Marone can answer one simple question. “What question?” Asks his attorney. “Where are the records?” Asks the agent. He tells them they are required to keep accurate and detailed records, and he wants to know where they are.

Jackie tells Stephanie that she’s right; it just has to be a misunderstanding. Stephanie tells her they’ll settle it all out and then reschedule the wedding. Jackie says next time they’re gonna have an army of guards to keep Ridge out. Eric says he doesn’t think that will be necessary. “Oh please!” Says Jackie. “The man has no respect for anything! He has no respect for Nicky, he has no respect for Brooke….” She says, at which point Stephanie cuts her off by saying that Ridge has too much respect for Brooke, and that’s the problem. Eric says that Ridge thought he was doing the right thing. Jackie says he comes in like some knight on a horse and steals away the bride. Stephanie gasps. “You mean he left here with Brooke?” She asks. “Yes, and I’m not gonna let him get away with it.” As she heads out the door, Eric asks her where she’s going. “I’m going to stop your son from causing any more trouble!” She spits at him and runs out. “Five minutes.” Says Stephanie. “Five more minutes and she would have been Mrs. Nick Marone.” Eric says that instead she’s with Ridge. Stephanie says she knows that he’s thrilled with that. “Yes I am.” Says Eric, adding that it never would have worked anyway because Brooke was marrying Nick for all the wrong reasons.

Stephanie says that Brooke is still gonna marry Nick, that this is just a bump in the road. Eric says the FBI just dragged him away. They argue back and forth about what Ridge thought and what Ridge was doing, ending with Eric telling Stephanie that she better prepare herself for another wedding, only this time it’s not gonna be Nick and Brooke. Stephanie glares at him.

Brooke is talking to Oscar on the phone and hearing for the first time that Nick and Massimo were arrested and led away in handcuffs. When she hangs up she tells Ridge that she has to go find him because he is her fiancé. Ridge says thank god he’s not your husband! And tells her she can’t get involved in it. They argue back and forth, with Ridge saying Nick’s guilty, and Brooke saying they don’t even know what he’s charged with, and that she just can’t walk away. And Ridge saying he’s a criminal, and Brook saying she can’t just abandon him. And Ridge saying he took advantage of her, and Brooke saying it wasn’t like that. Then he surprises Brooke by saying that he (Ridge) is partly to blame. He says that when they found out that Nick was the father, he just couldn’t handle it, but he’s beyond that now. Brooke says she doesn’t blame him, that anyone would have felt that way. Ridge tells her that he’s gonna do whatever it takes to win her back. He says he will not lose her again. “You and I belong together.”

“Nothing to say?” Says the agent. “I’m a sea captain, not a bean counter.” Says Nick. The agent tells him that his bean counters don’t know anything about it because he didn’t tell them, because it’s a bribe. He then rattles of the code violation number. “That’s not true.” Says Nick. The Marone attorney says he wants to confer with his clients. The agents gather up their folders and files and tells him there’s plenty of time because the FTC will be there in the morning. Nick asks if they’re gonna keep them there until morning. The agent says they’re keeping them there until they get some answers, and begin to walk out the door. “Hold it gentlemen.” Says Massimo. “I’m sure I can answer any questions you have, for god’s sake you took my son away from his wedding and left his bride waiting at the alter!” “Then she’ll just have to wait a little longer.” Says one agent. “For better or for worse probably has a whole new meaning right now doesn’t it.” Says another. Out the door they go, leaving Massimo, Nick and their attorney in the room alone, in silence.

Brooke tells Ridge that the baby is still between them and always will be. Ridge says it doesn’t matter, that he will take care of them a lot better than Nick will be able to from prison. He tells her there’s no reason in the world they can’t be together. As he has her head in yet another vice grip, the doorbell rings. “Don’t answer it.” Says Ridge. “It could be Nick.” Says Brooke. She opens the door to find Jackie. Brooke tells her she spoke with Oscar and asks if Jackie has heard from them.

Jackie sees Ridge in the room and begins telling him that it’s all his fault. Brooke says that Ridge couldn’t have known this would happen. Jackie and Ridge begin sparring, with Jackie calling Ridge the “Champion of truth,” and imagining how happy he is now that he’s caused all this trouble. Then she orders him to leave. “Excuse me?” Says Ridge. Brooke tries to calm Jackie down, but she’s having none of it. She says if he has one shred of decency he will just get out.

Ridge tells her he’s not leaving. “In fact,” he says “you are.”

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