B&B Thursday Update 6/3/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/3/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

“What plans?” Asks Stephanie. Eric tells Stephanie that Ridge is not giving up; that he just left him at the Shady Marlin. Stephanie asks what he’s doing there. Eric tells her about Ridge’s meeting with the woman who is supposedly Nick’s lover. Stephanie says that’s ridiculous.

Eric tells her about Ridge overhearing a phone conversation between Nick and this woman, and how he uncovered the emails and money transfers. Stephanie says the woman is no doubt just a business acquaintance. “Ridge doesn’t think so.” Says Eric. Stephanie asks what Ridge plans to do, and before Eric can answer she realizes that Ridge probably plans to drag the woman over to the wedding and force her to confess. “This is insane!” She says. “He’ll ruin everything!”

“No way I’m walking out of here!” Says Ridge. Brooke begs Ridge to stop. Nick tells him he’s making a mistake. “What, do you have one in every port?” Ridge asks Nick. “How dare you!” Says Jackie. Brooke says that Nick isn’t like that, and Ridge knows it. “Do I? Do you?” Answers Ridge. Massimo tells Ridge that Maya is an employee of Marone Industries.

Ridge says there’s no record of her in any employee records, and that he certainly didn’t know anything about her. Massimo says Ridge will just have to trust him on this. Ridge asks why he would do that when he has as much as thrown Ridge overboard in favor of Nick, taken Nick’s side on everything. Jackie says that Massimo would never lie to him and neither would Nicky. “What about all the emails and money transfers? If you’re not having an affair, what is going on?” Asks Ridge. Massimo and Nick look at each other, and appear to be worried.

Eric tells Stephanie that Ridge won’t interrupt the wedding unless he’s sure Nick is having an affair. “Do you know how crazy that sounds?” Says Stephanie. Eric tells her that they are just going to have to trust Ridge’s judgment – that he’s trying to protect Brooke. Stephanie wants to know what he’s protecting her from. She has a man who’s in love with her and has worked hard to get her to marry him. She says that Nick adores Brooke, anyone can see it. “Why else would he put up with all this mooning over Ridge?” She asks. She says if he goes over to the wedding he will humiliate himself in front of all the people. Eric says that obviously Ridge thinks it’s worth the risk and he agrees. He says that Nick Marone is hiding something and Ridge is going to expose it.

Massimo tells Ridge that it’s neither the time nor place to get into it. Ridge asks if they’re supposed to wait until after their honeymoon. He says Nick owes Brooke an explanation now.

Massimo approaches the alter and apologizes to the minister for his son’s behavior, and tells they will get on with the wedding shortly. Ridge says they’re gonna have to throw him out first. Eric Jr. steps up and says that maybe that’s just what they should do. Brooke asks him to stay out of it, but Eric Jr. says he is not gonna let Ridge do this to her. Ridge tells Eric Jr. that he’s trying to save Brooke. “Brooke you can’t go through with this.” He says to her. Nick takes Brooke’s arm and turns her to face him. “Brooke, I’m not having an affair, I swear on my son’s life.” He says. Ridge says that even if they’re not messing around, they’re up to something. “Trust me.” Says Nick. “It doesn’t add up, you know it doesn’t!” Says Ridge. He begs her to call off the wedding. They gaze into each other’s eyes, in agony. (Oh God, spare me.)

Eric tries to get a hold of Ridge but he doesn’t answer his cell phone. Stephanie asks him why he didn’t leave a message. Eric says he will get a hold of them when he has something to talk about. Stephanie is frustrated and walks away. Eric follows her and tells her that Ridge thinks he’s on to something, and thinks he can prove that Nick has been sending this woman money. Stephanie asks Eric if it’s not possible that there’s a good explanation why Nick would be sending her money. Eric says the one reason that makes the most sense she won’t even entertain.

She says that Nick has found the love of his life, and even though she doesn’t want to admit it, Brooke is a stunning and sexy person. “Why would he look at any other woman?” She asks. “I don’t know, why do some people do what they do?” Says Eric. They argue back and forth over the whole thing again, repeating a lot of what they have already said. Then Stephanie says she doesn’t understand why he would go bursting into a wedding ceremony to save a woman who’s never deserved him. “God! How did he get to this point in his life??” She says, mostly to herself.

“Brooke, he’s keeping secrets from you, is that any way to start a marriage?” Says Ridge. As Brooke looks at Ridge intently, Bridgett says “He’s right.” All eyes turn to her. Oscar attempts to stop her gently, but Bridgett persists. “You need to know what you’re getting into.” She says. Jackie says that she already does know what she’s getting into, and implores Brooke to tell them. Brooke starts to say that she doesn’t understand why, if she’s a Marone employee….

but Ridge interrupts her saying there’s no record of Maya in any of the employee records – only in Nick’s secret restricted emails. “You broke into my email?” Says Nick. “You bet I did.” Says Ridge. “Then it’s true about the emails?” Says Brooke. Nick tells her he will explain everything to her later. “Why weren’t they coded?” Asks Massimo. “They were.” Says Nick, adding that Ridge figured out the password. Ridge says it wasn’t hard to figure out. “Brooke? Try being little more inventive next time.” Says Ridge. Massimo is furious that Ridge has seen the emails and asks Nick if they are still open, and could “they” have access. “They?” Says Ridge. Maya begins speaking to Massimo and Nick in Japanese, and Nick answers her in like. Ridge who sounds a little bit less sure of himself says, “Your girlfriend speaks Japanese, what else are you gonna surprise us with?” Nick turns to the minister and says that they will have to take this up another time. “WHAT?” Says Jackie. “Nick what is going on here?” Asks Brooke.

He tells her there’s a few things he has to take care of. Massimo tells him to call as soon as he gets there. Brooke insists to know where he’s going. Ridge says it’s obvious, he’s going to cover his tracks. Nick promises Brooke that they will finish the wedding. Just then, sirens can be heard approaching, and Maya calls out to Nick, who tells her to go out the back way. As she runs out the back, Gregory, the gatekeeper calls, and Oscar notices a couple cars outside the gate. “What is going on here?” Demands Jackie. Gregory tells Hudson that it’s the FBI. Nick and Massimo roll their eyes, and everyone else looks astonished.

“Don’t you ever get tired of this?” Asks Eric, “This jealousy of Brooke?” “Un Uh, I’m not jealous of Brooke!” Says Stephanie. Eric asks her what she would call it then. “Dumfounded, stupefied! Every time Brooke bats her eyes, dozens of men seem to forget millions of years of evolution!” She says. Eric asks her if she knows how insulting that is. “I hope it is! She’s got long blonde hair, a surfer body that doesn’t seem to age, and the ability to cry when ever it’s appropriate.” Says Stephanie, humorously mimicking Brooke. (hahahahaha) Eric says Brooke feels things very deeply, he says she’s a very passionate woman. Stephanie gives him a look that could kill, and tells him he’s treading on thin ice. Eric says the truth of the matter is that Brooke has never in her entire life loved any man the way she loves Ridge. And she and Nick and everybody else will be much better off the sooner they face that. “And I hope to God that’s what’s happening over there right now.”

“I’m sorry but Mr. Marone will not be able to see you.” Says Gregory to the FBI men. “Open the gate.” They answer. Gregory attempts to protest, but the agent holds up a paper and says “See this? My orders trump this. Let us in.”

“Brooke is not going to walk away from Nick so quickly” Says Stephanie. “And hopefully they’re exchanging their wedding vows right now.” Eric asks her if she wants her son to be miserable for the rest of his life. She says she doesn’t and that’s why she can’t wait until she hears the wedding bells ring. Eric says that may be a little bit premature. Stephanie says that she doesn’t think Nick and Massimo are going to let anything stop this wedding from taking place. And she adds that Eric’s “new best friend Jackie” isn’t going to let anything stop her from becoming Brooke’s new mother-in-law. As she pops the cork on a bottle of champagne, she adds “Heaven help her!” Eric tells her she can drink the champagne by herself. “Oh you’re such a wet blanket.” She says. “Fine, I’ll finish the bottle by myself! As far as I’m concerned there isn’t enough champagne for all the toasts I want to make.” She says looking up and off in the distance. (She’s on a roll! Go Stephanie!!) She makes her first toast.

“To this glorious moment, it’s been years coming, and it’s finally here.” She says as she tips her glass and takes a sip happily.

As everyone files out the door, Ridge yells “What is going on here?” “The FBI?” Asks Brooke. Oscar says it looks like Gregory is holding them off. Massimo says that won’t last long. Nick says that they have to get everyone out of there. Ridge demands an explanation. “Says the man with all the answers, you should leave.” Says Massimo, asking Deacon to get Jackie out of there. As Deacon steps up Jackie insists on remaining there. Bridgett goes to Oscar, but he says they need his help and asks Rick to take her home. Rick then turns to Brooke and says she should come with him. “I’ll take care of your mother.” Insists Ridge. He and Brooke share yet another long stare. Oscar yells in that they’ve made it through the gate. Brooke turns to Rick and tells him she’ll be ok. Rick leaves with Katie, Hope, Megan and Bridgett. Nick walks to the door, but stops and looks at Brooke. “What are you doing here?” He asks. She says she’s not leaving without him….but she’s standing there with Ridge. Ridge urges her to leave with him. Nick tells her to go. Now she stares at Nick. “Mr. Marone, FBI, Open up!” Someone yells from outside the door. “We want to ask you some questions sir.” He says. Everyone clears out the back way, with the exception of Nick, Massimo, Jackie, Hudson, Deacon and Oscar. “This is your last warning Mr. Marone, let us in.” Hudson heads to the door and opens it. As the agents walk in, Massimo asks them to tell him what it’s all about. Jackie tells them that they were right in the middle of a wedding. The agents apologize for the inconvenience. “Inconvenience? That’s what you’re calling this?” Asks Nick incredulously. Massimo says that Nick is his son, and the agents say they already know that. Nick asks them who they are. “Agent Purcell.” Says one agent holding up his identification. Massimo tells him that if he has questions he should contact his secretary and make an appointment. The agent tells him they’re gonna do it right now. Jackie tells them they can’t just barge into someone’s home.

 The other agent says with a subpoena they can, and hands it to Massimo. Massimo looks it over, with all the other men looking too, and advises the agents that his lawyer will be in touch. The agents tell Massimo that he and Nick must come with them now. “Are you telling us we’re under arrest?” Asks Nick. The agent says they’d rather they came willingly. Jackie is flailing her arms and protesting, but Massimo tells her that Agent Purcell is just trying to do his job. Massimo tells the agents that to make everyone’s life a little easier, they need to contact a Mr. Frank Belkin of the Washington office, and he will clear the whole matter up. The agent tells him that won’t be necessary, but Massimo says it will if they expect any further cooperation from him. “You’re refusing to cooperate?” Asks Purcell. “You can take it that way if you wish.” Says Massimo.

At that point other agents are motioned in and begin to cuff both Nick and Massimo as they protest. Another agent reads them their Miranda. Massimo says that Purcell will lose his badge over this. (They all say that, trust me.) Purcell says he’ll take that chance. Nick and Massimo are let out in handcuffs with Oscar, Hudson and Deacon following behind. Jackie is left behind in an empty room where the wedding was to have taken place.

Ridge has taken Brooke home and is waiting in the living room while Brooke puts Hope to bed. She comes down the stairs. Ridge asks how Hope is doing, and Brooke says fine thanks to Katie getting her out of there. Ridge tells her it could have been worse, that she could have been married to that man. Brooke tells him that just because it didn’t happen today doesn’t mean it won’t happen. They argue back and forth over whether or not Nick was having an affair, and Ridge says he’s obviously involved in something big or the FBI wouldn’t have been there. Brooke says she should have been there for him. Ridge speculates that with the amount of money that changed hands he could be involved in smuggling, drug trafficking….just about anything. Brooke doubts that either Nick or Massimo would be involved in that, but that if they are, Ridge is the one who could send his own father to prison. Ridge says he’d do it again. He bemoans the fact that he almost lost her today. He grabs her head in his hands in that annoying way he always does. She reminds him that Nick is still the father of her baby. Ridge says that’s a fluke, an accident, and they can’t let that control their lives. He throws his usual pitch at her, that he can be her husband and the father of her baby. She gives him her usual weak protest that he’s not the baby’s father. He asks her to take off Nick’s ring, and the dress, and never look back. (And he grabs her head again.) “We almost lost each other today but we have a chance to make it right once and for all.” Then he kisses her.

Or, I should say they begin a passionate kiss with equal participation. Here we go Brooke. At least she can’t get pregnant again!

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