B&B Wednesday Update 6/2/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/2/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

As the music begins, Brooke starts her walk down the aisle.

Stephanie and Kristen continue their discussion of Brooke. Stephanie says that Ridge could never, from the very beginning, see how devious and cunning Brooke was. Kristen says that’s what Ridge wants to believe. Stephanie says that the marriage between Ridge and Caroline never took place because Brooke withheld a letter that Caroline had written to Ridge.

Kristen says that’s ancient history. Stephanie says it may be ancient history but she just keeps doing the same things. Eric for instance, trusted her and look what she did. She took away his company, his life’s work. She has a flashback to a scene between Brooke and Stephanie, Eric and Ridge. Brooke is seen very angry and tearing up contracts. Kristen says that no matter what Stephanie thinks of Brooke, she has to realize that Brooke made a huge contribution to Forrester. She gave them belief! Yes, says Stephanie, and she celebrated by seducing your brother, while still married to your father! Kristin doesn’t believe Stephanie. But Stephanie has a video tape to prove it. Stephanie says that Brooke has pursued Ridge right from the start by developing a men’s line, so that she could make him head designer, be with him every day, work side by side, while he was still married to Taylor. Kristen says she knows that must have been very difficult for Taylor. Then she came up with that God-awful Brooke’s Bedroom line. Says Stephanie. “That was the most humiliating moment in history for our company.”

Stephanie has flashbacks of that moment with Brooke in her lingerie on the four poster bed. She says how she hated it with Brooke parading around all day in her underwear.

Another flashback of Brooke and Ridge in their underwear falling out of a door with cameras going off everywhere. Kristen says that Brooke could argue that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Kristen says all this is neither here nor there because she’s not even with Forrester anymore. “Oh but the damage she’s done.” Says Stephanie. Some of that can never be repaired, she says. She poisoned the relationship between Taylor and Ridge because she was always there, always flirting, always interfering. Kristen says that Stephanie should face the fact that Ridge is not innocent in all this. He encouraged all the flirting. Stephanie nods. “Yea, harmless flirting.” Says Stephanie, “Your father, Ridge, Thorne, they never saw the danger in that until it was too late. I don’t think Ridge realizes even now how lucky he is to be rid of her.” She says. “But I do….I do.”

Back in Ridge’s car Maya is trying to convince Ridge that he’s making a huge mistake. He says letting Nick into his life was his huge mistake. He tries again to call Brooke but again gets her answering machine. Maya tells him again that Nick is not her lover. “Right, he’s buying your yacht.” Says Ridge sarcastically. He says he read the emails and listened to the phone calls. Maya says then he must know that it’s business. But Ridge says he’s not buying her story, and neither is Brooke.

Brooke finally makes it down the aisle and meets up with Nick. She gives a little wave to Hope, and Hope waves back.

Brooke and Nick face each other. The minister motions for everyone to be seated. The ceremony begins. (Blablabla, we’re gathered here to unite Brooke and Nick in holy matrimony, blablabla, children, blablabla Massimo and Jackie, blablabla family values.)

The altruistic Kristen tells her mother that maybe dad and Ridge aren’t forgiving Brooke for her sake but for their own. “Spare me the healing powers of forgiveness.” Says Stephanie. Kristen says she might want to try it sometime. Stephanie reminds her that she broke up Thorne and Macy’s marriage. And that she (Stephanie) ended up in the hospital, and we know where Macy ended up. But Eric came to Stephanie and said for the sake of the family you have got to forgive Brooke. “And I walked her down the aisle didn’t I??” “Yes I know.” Says Kristin. But Stephanie says that what Kristen doesn’t know is that she really did support that marriage.

More flashbacks of yet another Brooke wedding to a Forrester man. But she broke your brother’s heart by going after Ridge again, even though he was happily married! Stephanie continues. “And when that didn’t work out she slept with Bridgett’s husband!” She says clenching her fist. Kristen tells her to calm down. (Can I slap Kristen now?) Stephanie tells her she is calm, and relieved, that “Brooke Logan Forrester Forrester Forrester is gone, gone, gone!”

Maya asks Ridge to stop the car so she can explain what’s going on. But Ridge won’t do it. She grabs the wheel in an attempt to get him to stop, causing the car to swerve. Ridge tells her it isn’t a game and they continue on.

Back at the wedding the minister tells Brooke and Nick that he’s going to ask them to declare their intent. Will you Nick Marone, blablabla, love, honor and cherish, blablabla, in good times and bad, blablabla, forsaking all others, blablabla, as long as you both shall live? Nick says he will. Will you Brooke Logan, blablabla, love, honor and cherish, blablabla, in good times and bad, blablabla, forsaking all others, blablabla, as long as you both shall live?..............There’s a long silence as Brooke considers the “forsaking all others” clause in the agreement. But eventually she gives in and says “I will” to the relief of Jackie, Rick and a few others at the ceremony. Now comes the vows. Nick first: “Well, I’ve come to realize that the best part of life is giving. So I’m gonna give you the best part of me, and that’s my word. I give you my word that I’ll be there for you and Hope, and this baby, through calms and storms; you won’t face it alone, because we’re in this together as parents and as husband and wife. Whatever you need, you got it. Whatever, wherever. You can depend on me, because I do love you, and I always will.” (Ok, I’ll take him!!) Now Brooke: “I promise you from this day forward there will be no looking back, no questioning fate. What the minister said is true. This baby is the miracle, and so are you. Everything you’ve done for me, your patience, I can’t thank you enough, but I’m certainly gonna try. And that is my vow to you, and our family. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be Mrs. Dominick Marone.” (Oops, did she forget “love?”)

Ridge pulls up at the gate with a screech of tires. “Can I help you?” Asks Gregory, the gatekeeper. “Yea, open the gate.” Says Ridge stepping out of his vehicle. Gregory tells him he can’t do that. Ridge tells him he needs to get up there. Gregory says he has strict orders not to let anyone through. “Mrs. Marone said….” begins Gregory. “I don’t give a damn what Mrs. Marone said!” Says Ridge. “Trust me Gregory, you don’t wanna mess with me on this one.”

Eric arrives home just as Stephanie gets off the phone. She tells him she has just made reservations at the Café Russe` for the two of them tonight, and she asked the chef to make his favorite dessert, chocolate mousse. Eric looks at her with disgust and says “So you feel like celebrating huh?” and walks right by her. “Why not? All’s well with the world, you and I are together, Samantha has found her daughter, that’s pretty miraculous!” Says Stephanie as Eric begins to fix himself a drink. “And by the end of the day, Brooke Logan will be Mrs. Dominick Marone, you can put that in the category of a miracle too don’t you?” Eric asks rhetorically. Stephanie says she certainly does and she’s very grateful for it. “Thankful that your son is losing the woman he loves?” Says Eric. Stephanie says that after the wedding he’ll stop torturing himself. But Eric says it’s not going to be that simple, that he’s going to need all the compassion they can give him, and no more lectures. Stephanie says she wasn’t going to lecture him, and in fact was going to call him up and ask him to join them for dinner. Eric says that Ridge has other plans.

The minister asks for the rings. Massimo and Katie go forward and hand them to Brooke and Nick. “These rings are a symbol of the commitment you are making to each other….blablabla.” Nick takes Brooke’s left hand, “I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow, blablabla.”

As Nick begins to place the ring on Brooke’s finger, Ridge bursts in the door yelling “STOP!” “Brooke, you can’t marry him.” He says. “Ridge!” Says Brooke. Rick jumps up and asks Ridge what the hell he’s doing there. Deacon asks Katie to take Hope to the kitchen. “What is she doing here?” Nick asks Massimo. Ridge asks Massimo if he knows about her too. Jackie jumps up and says she doesn’t understand.

“Who is she?” Asks Brooke. “Nick’s gonna explain everything, aren’t’ cha buddy??” Says Ridge. “Are you out of your mind?” Asks Massimo. Maya tells Nick that she hasn’t said anything. “Good.” Says Nick. “What, you wouldn’t want your dirty little secret getting out Nick? Well it’s too late, I read your emails, I know about the meetings and the money.” Says Ridge. Brooke asks Nick what is going on. “I was right Logan, “ Says Ridge, “it’s an affair.” “No! No! Nicky would never do that!” Says Jackie. “I called her up, I pretended to be Nick, she met me out at the Shady Marlin.” Says Ridge. Nick tells him he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Massimo tells Ridge emphatically that they work together. “That’s not what she said.” Says Ridge. “She admitted it?” Asks Brooke. “No, I told him this was insane.” Says Maya. Massimo tells Brooke that it’s all a misunderstanding, and there is nothing to it. Ridge asks Massimo why he’s defending Nick again. “Ridge I give you my word, he is not having an affair with her or anyone else!” Says Massimo. “Now we are in the middle of a wedding!” “They’re lying Brooke.” Says Ridge.

Massimo tells Ridge that he’s making a scene and embarrassing everyone, and that he is wrong. Then he apologizes to Maya for the mistake. Ridge and Maya begin talking at once. Ridge going on and on about a bogus story, and Maya saying how Ridge dragged her out of her car. Massimo tells Maya he will get her home, and tells Ridge to leave. Ridge refuses. Massimo tells him he’s made enough trouble, that this is Brooke and Dominick’s wedding and he wants him to leave NOW! Brooke and Ridge look at each other with despair and uncertainty.

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