B&B Tuesday Update 6/1/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/1/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

On the Shady Marlin, Ridge catches up with Maya and drags her back into the cabin. He demands to know what her connection is to Nick.

Upstairs at the Marone’s, Brooke and Katie are talking about the wedding. Katie tells her that she looks radiant and that motherhood agrees with her. Brooke imitates how she will waddle down the aisle. But Katie senses that something is wrong. Brooke tells her about Ridge’s visit that morning and how he wants her to postpone the wedding. “But you’re not going to, right?” Says Katie. Brooke says she understands how Ridge feels, and that if it were his child she were having things would be different. Downstairs things are coming together for the ceremony.

Bridgett and Oscar have arrived and are being greeted by Hudson and Massimo. Hudson tells Bridgett that her mother is upstairs if she wants to go see her. Bridgett declines saying that too much fussing makes her mother nervous.

Nick is running through with Hope how she will walk down the aisle with the rose petals. He tells Rick that his little sister may upstage the bride. Rick tells Nick that when he sees Brooke walk down that aisle he won’t see anyone else in the room. Seeing Massimo, and everyone else in the room otherwise occupied, Deacon takes the opportunity to walk over and talk to Jackie. Jackie of course begins talking to him in a whisper, asking if they should be talking.

Deacon whispers back that it would look funny if they didn’t! They begin walking slowly and Jackie tells him she’s been meaning to thank him. “Do tell.” Says Deacon sarcastically. She says that if it weren’t for his insistence on the paternity test, she wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the day so much. She says she can’t believe she tried to talk him out of it. Deacon says that when Nick puts the ring on Brooke’s finger, his daughter becomes a Marone, and he’ll be seeing a lot more of her, “and a lot more of you!” he adds.

Over at the Forrester’s, Kristen has arrived and is spending some quality time with Stephanie. They are discussing how wonderful Thorne is with his new little baby. Kristen asks how Ridge is and Stephanie says he’s fine. But Kristen knows that couldn’t be true with Brooke getting married that day. Stephanie says he’ll get through it. Kristen is amazed that Stephanie isn’t out dancing in the street at the thought of Brooke getting married. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to make it any harder on Ridge than it already is. Kristen says she knows that Stephanie has wanted to get Brooke out of the family ever since she married Eric.

Stephanie drifts away for a minute remembering that painful day. Then she says she doesn’t know which was more painful, watching Brooke marry Eric, or watching her toss him aside like a piece of meat. “And turn to Ridge.” Adds Kristen. Stephanie says he’s finally free of her.

Back at the Shady Marlin, Ridge continues to give Maya the third degree. Maya says Nick is not her lover. Ridge says he knows about the emails, the money transfers, the secret meetings. Maya says it’s strictly business, that Nick is buying her yacht, making payments. Ridge doesn’t believe her. Maya says it’s supposed to be a surprise, for his fiancé. Ridge tells her she’s going to be surprised alright, especially when she meets her.

Katie senses that Brooke is having misgivings about her wedding. Brooke tells her it’s time to move on. It won’t be what she had with Ridge, but it still can be wonderful. Katie isn’t so sure, considering how Ridge’s visit shook her up. Brooke shows Katie her dress, tells her that it’s a Forrester Original. The last one she will ever wear. She fingers the dress wistfully. Katie tells her that her relationship with the Forresters has not been all roses and rainbows. (That’s putting it mildly!) Brooke says it’s still hard to move on.

Stephanie says the ironic thing is that what came between Brooke and Ridge was a baby. She’s always tried to use a pregnancy to get him. The first time it was a pregnancy. The second time in Malibu it was because Ridge wanted HER children to have a father. Kristin says that is not why they got married. They got married because Ridge was crazy about Brooke. And she says it was an incredibly romantic wedding. “Not for me it wasn’t.” Says Stephanie remember back again. You’re forgetting that his wife had just died, and Brooke absolutely pounced on him, it was indecent! Remembers Stephanie. But he always forgives her. She says that now Brooke is pregnant by another man, but he blames Nick! “Nick has now become the villain, it’s just preposterous.” Says Stephanie.

Maya tells Ridge there’s no need to tell anyone about her. Ridge asks her if she’s bothered that Nick is getting married. Maya tells him no, because it’s not that kind of relationship. Ridge asks what kind of relationship it is then. Maya tells him again that it’s the yacht. Ridge says again that he’s not buying that. Maya says that she’s not who he thinks she is. Ridge points out that neither is Nick, and Brooke needs to find that out. Maya turns and runs throwing a chair in the way to slow Ridge down from catching her.

Katie comes downstairs and tells Nick and Massimo that Brooke is just about ready.

Nick says that Hope is ready too. Katie says Hope can show her then cause she doesn’t know what to do! Massimo takes Jackie aside and says that it wasn’t that long ago that they were the ones standing up there, nodding toward the alter. Jackie tells him it was the happiest day of her life. Massimo says he thought this was the happiest day of her life. “One of the top three.” She says. Number three being the day she met Massimo. As they hug, Massimo spies Deacon across the room, and excuses himself from Jackie saying there’s something he wants to check up on. Heading over to Deacon, they greet each other, and cut to the chase. “I’ve got nothing to report.” Says Deacon. He asks if Jacqueline has seen anyone, called anyone? Deacon says no, and that he hasn’t taken his eyes off her all day. Over with Nick, Jackie is straightening his tie and telling him there’s nothing to be nervous about. Nick agrees, saying all he’s doing is changing his entire life! Jackie says it’s for the better. Hudson comes over asking if they’re ready to begin. “The sooner the better.” Says Nick.

Ridge is in a car chase with Maya, weaving in and out of traffic. Maya is furiously trying to elude Ridge. “Nick, how could you let this happen?” She says to her self bitterly, shouting for other cars to get out of her way. Ridge says “You’re damn desperate to keep this secret aren’t you?” As he follows her. Driving down the highway at breakneck speeds, he handles the steering wheel with one hand and dials Brooke with the other. Such talent! “Come on Brooke! Answer!!” He yells into the phone.

Back at the Marone’s, things are just about ready to get underway, when Brooke’s phone rings. Jackie runs over and picks it up, sees it’s Ridge calling, and says they need to turn off the phone for the ceremony. As she turns off the phone and sets it down, Ridge is hearing Brooke’s answering machine. He leaves Brooke a message telling her he is right about Nick and begs her not to do anything until he gets there. Jackie places a call to the gatekeeper telling him that the ceremony is about to begin, and he is not to let anyone in. She repeats herself and asks if she’s made herself clear. She walks over to Nick, who is at the bottom of the stairs holding Hope. She gives him a big hug and looks at him warmly. Nick thanks her and asks what it was for. She says the next time she hugs him he will be a married man. As she goes up the stairs to get Brooke, Deacon watches Jackie, and Massimo watches Deacon.

Jackie goes into the room and finds Brooke standing in front of the mirror. She tells her how lovely her dress is. She tells Brooke she will be the most accepting mother-in-law she has ever had, and Nicky has assured her that she will be her last. Brooke says that would be a change. Brooke asks how Nick is. Jackie says he is so excited. Brooke says he is a wonderful man. Jackie says he is a lucky man. Brooke says she’s feeling pretty lucky herself right now. Jackie says it’s a perfect time to get started. “Are they ready?” Brooke asks. Jackie says whenever she is. “Let’s go.” Says Brooke.

Ridge finally catches up to Maya and runs her off the road. He boxes her in, jumps out of his car and over to hers, reaches in and takes her keys saying “Maya, need a lift?”

As Brooke comes downstairs, her sister Katie and Hope are at the bottom of the stairs waiting.

She gets to the bottom and kneels down to Hope, gives her a kiss, and tells her to begin spreading out the rose petals. When Hope gets to the front of the aisle, Nick kneels down and tells her she did great, and sends her off to sit with Deacon. Then Katie walks down the aisle. Then the music changes and it’s Brooke’s turn. She looks down, touches her tummy, and says “Let’s go little one, it’s time to marry daddy.”

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