B&B Monday Update 5/31/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/31/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Brooke is running around the house in her robe looking for Hope’s shoes. She finds them under a cushion on the couch and yells up to Martha to let her know.

Just then Nick calls on the phone. He asks her what she’s doing today. She says she hadn’t really thought about it and asks if anything special is going on. He asks if perhaps she would be interested in becoming a sea captain’s wife. She says she better get dressed. He asks if she’s all ready. She tells him she hasn’t packed for the honeymoon yet because she still doesn’t know where they’re going. But Nick is not about to give her any hints. He tells her to just know that she will be relaxed and he will dote on her.

On the other side of town Ridge is doing 90 miles an hour headed toward Brooke’s.

He picks this time to call his dad on the cell phone and ask him if he can keep the kids for a while longer. Eric agrees and asks him where he’s headed. Ridge tells him he’s headed toward Brooke’s and then the Shady Marlin. Eric asks if it has anything to do with the wedding. Ridge says there isn’t gonna be any wedding, not if he has anything to say about it. Eric wants to know what Ridge is up to, but Ridge hangs up without answering.

Deacon shows up at Brooke’s to pick up Hope. Hope is all ready and waiting. She twirls around in her pretty dress to show off for Deacon. She looks adorable.

Deacon tells Brooke how much he appreciates her letting him have Hope for the day. Deacon picks up Hope and has her give Brooke a goodbye kiss and then heads out the door as Brooke waves bye-bye.

Over at the Marone mansion, Jackie is seeing to all the last minute arrangements. Nick walks in and tells her that they hired a wedding planner to see to all the details.

She scolds him for getting crumbs on his shirt and brushes him off. He tells her that if she wants to fuss, fuss with the flowers. Jackie comments on a few other things she’s concerned about such as “where is the minister?” Nick tells her he’s the one in the kitchen with the funny collar. Jackie tells him to stop joking around, that this (knock on wood) is the only wedding he is ever going to have and she just doesn’t want anything to go wrong.

Brooke’s doorbell rings, and thinking it’s Deacon who’s realized they forgot about Hope’s little purse, she runs to the door and opens it up. It’s Ridge who asks to come in.

Brooke tells him he shouldn’t be there but he pushes his way in anyway. He tells her there are things she needs to know about Nick. She tells him she doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her she’s gonna have to hear it, and then she’s gonna call off the damn wedding. Brooke gives him her best shocked and horrified look.

Nick tells Jackie that she’s making him nervous. He tells her to relax and that nothing is gonna go wrong. Nick tells her no tears, he doesn’t want any tears. She tells him she is allowed to get a little sentimental about her only son’s wedding. Nick says he gets it. Jackie tells him she doesn’t think he does. When he was growing up, she tells him she tried so hard to give him the family that he deserved but she failed. And then (she says) he left and searched the world hoping to fill the emptiness. She tells him that watching him try to fill that void caused her great pain. Now, she says, you’re going to be happy because you are going to give your son what you never had. Nick tells her he loves her.

“You want me to call off the wedding??” Asks Brooke incredulously. Ridge tells her she’ll want to after he tells her what he came to tell her. Brooke tells him that she thought he had finally accepted the wedding. “NEVER!” Says Ridge. He says it’s a good thing he didn’t because then he wouldn’t have busted the guy. He asks her if she’s ever heard of a woman named Maya. She says no, and asks who it is. Ridge tells her it’s Nick’s lover. Brooke tells him it’s ridiculous. “Is it?” Ridge asks. He asks her how much she really knows about Nick. Where does he go when he’s not with her? Brooke tells him that Nick loves her and is a very honest person. Ridge asks her why Nick is sending wire transfers of hundreds of thousands of dollars to a woman she’s never heard of. Brooke wants to know where he heard that. Ridge tells her that doesn’t matter. Brooke asks Ridge if the whole thing is about wire transfers. Ridge tells her about the conversation he overheard where Nick was telling this woman not to call him again because they “can’t risk it.” Brooke says that it was probably just business. Ridge tells her he was president of the company and would have known about that. He tells her that it involves millions of dollars. Brooke asks where Nick would get millions of dollars. “Good question.” Says Ridge. He says maybe they’ll have to add embezzlement to the list. Brooke tells him he’s got to stop this. Ridge tells her he’s stop if she’d just listen to him. She tells him she means he’s got to stop attacking Nick, who is his brother and the father of her child. Ridge tells her she doesn’t have to remind him of that. Brooke tells Ridge that she doesn’t want her child growing up in a war zone, so if he can’t control himself, she will cut him out of her life. She tells him she loves him, and she wishes things were different but they’re not. Ridge tells her she does not know this guy. Finally fed up, Brooke tells him to just stop it and let her go, and let her be happy. Ridge tells her that Nick is never going to make her happy. Brooke tells him that he already does. Ridge says that’s because she’s seeing what she wants to see. She says that’s him. That he wants to believe that Nick’s this horrible person but he’s not, he’s a good man. Ridge tells her that all he needs is a couple of hours to prove that Nick’s hiding something. Then he tells her not to give up on them.

He kisses her and walks out the door leaving her distraught.

Nick comes down the stairs in his tux asking Jackie if he looks ok. She says he looks positively wonderful. Massimo provides the boutonnière and pins it on for him. Massimo wishes Nicks grandfather were there to see him. He says his own father never thought he would ever even get married, let alone have a grandchild. And now here he is standing up for his own son at his own wedding, and that some day “DomiNicky” will be doing the same thing for his own son. Just then the doorbell rings and Jackie rushes to answer it. Deacon is standing at the door with Hope in his arms. “Are we the first to arrive?” He asks.

As Brooke tries to digest all that Ridge has told her, Rick walks in. He says he just saw Ridge leaving and asks what that’s all about. Brooke tells him what’s happened and Rick is stunned. He can’t believe that Ridge is doing this on her wedding day. Brooke tells Rick that Ridge is hurting, and that whether he stopped by or not, she still would have been thinking about him. She tells him that she looks at her life now and she doesn’t even recognize it. Rick tells her that just because it isn’t exactly what she planned that doesn’t mean it won’t be terrific. He tells her she needs to let go of the past – let go of Ridge.

As Ridge boards the Shady Marlin, he looks inside the cabin and says “What are you doing here?” Ridge tells his father that he shouldn’t be there. Eric says Ridge shouldn’t be there either, but asks why he is there. Ridge tells him he’s meeting someone there and she should be there at any minute. He tells Eric about his belief that Nick is having an affair. Eric asks if he told Brooke. Ridge says he did but Brooke didn’t believe him. Eric says he’s not surprised. Ridge tells him he’s not just shooting in the dark, that he heard a phone conversation between Nick and this woman that was all very secretive and clandestine. Then he tells Eric about all the secret files in Nick’s computer, the wire transfers and meetings. “That doesn’t mean he’s having an affair!” Says Eric. Ridge says if it was business he would have known about it. Eric tells Ridge that he’s not happier about the wedding than Ridge is. But that it was a very hard decision for Brooke to make, and he’s asking a lot to ask her to cancel the wedding based on this. Ridge tells his father that he needs to leave before Maya gets there or she could bolt. Eric asks what’s gonna happen when she sees him instead of Nick. Ridge says he knows what’s going on, he just needs confirmation. “And then what?” Asks Eric. “And then Brooke gets on with her life.” Says Ridge. “Without Nick.”

Nick coughs as Jackie once again tightens his tie. Hope giggles. Nick threatens to take the tux off. Rick and Brooke walk in the door, and Hope runs to greet her mommy. Jackie is aghast that Brooke has shown herself to Nick before the wedding, saying it’s bad luck. Brooke explains it’s only bad luck for him to see her in her dress. And she doesn’t want to talk anymore about bad luck. Massimo tells everyone that they should give the lovebirds a few minutes alone. Jackie leads Rick upstairs with Brooke’s things and Deacon and Massimo take Hope outside to get some air. Nick and Brooke approach one another, finally alone. Brooke asks him if the minister gave Nick any last minute advice. Nick says he tried, but that he told the minister that he knew what he was doing.

He hugs Brooke, and she hugs him back, although with a worried look on her face.

Maya approaches the Shady Marlin, and looks into the cabin. “Nick, are you down there?” She whispers. As she steps down the stairs, Ridge grabs her by the arm sending her into a panic. She begins speaking in a foreign language pretending to be a tourist. But Ridge tells her not to play any tourist games. “What’s going on with you and lover boy?” He asks. Maya tells him to let her go. “Not until I get some answers.” Says Ridge.

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