B&B Friday Update 5/28/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/28/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Brooke is at the Café Russe` with Bridgett, some of her friends, her sister Katy, and Jackie, having a bachelorette party. (Brooke has friends???) Deacon is sitting at a corner of the bar watching Jackie intently. Brooke has asked Katy to be her maid of honor. Katy still can’t believe it’s happening so quickly with all that’s gone on with Ridge and Brooke. Brooke tells her that she still loves Ridge and she always will, but she had to move on. She also tells them about Nick, and how he understands and accepts her. “All of me.” She says. “And he’s gonna be a great father.” She adds.

Deacon is talking to Massimo on the phone as he watches Jackie. Massimo wants to make sure that Jacqueline hasn’t seen him. Deacon tells Massimo not to worry that he has everything under control. As they hang up, Nick walks in to see Massimo. He’s just checking in to see how Massimo is holding up as best man. “Never better.” Says Massimo, asking how the future groom is holding up. Nick says it can’t come soon enough because he’s losing his mind. Massimo recalls feeling the same way getting ready to marry Nick’s mother. “You got a heck of a dame there you know.” Says Nick. Massimo says she’s a little on the secretive side. Nick thinks he means about the bachelorette party the girls are at. He says neither Jackie nor Brooke would tell him where it was being held. Massimo tells him that he has it on good authority that they are at Café Russe` having a delightful time. Upon hearing that, Nick appears to be a bit concerned and starts to leave. Massimo stops him and asks if he’s heard from his brother. Nick says he has not. Massimo is concerned that Ridge may try to disrupt the wedding. Nick tells him to just leave Ridge alone, that it’s best not to rattle his cage, and then leaves.

Ridge has again used his key card to enter Nick’s office. He walks over to the desk, turns on the light, and presses the replay button on the phone. The mysterious woman’s voice is heard asking Nick when she will hear from him again. He’s telling her they shouldn’t even be having that conversation. “Nick PLEASE!” She implores him. Nick tells her he has to go and hangs up. “Who is she Nicky boy? This other woman in your life?” Ridge wonders out loud.

He then sits down at Nick’s computer and attempts to log in as Nick, but gets “Password Denied.” He wonders what Nick is hiding.

Samantha and Hector are kissing passionately in front of the candles and champagne. As they pull away from the kiss, Samantha gives a “whew.” Hector asks if she’s overwhelmed. “Aren’t you?” She asks. Hector says he’s not. She tells him that up until a week ago, she was convinced that he never loved her and that their baby girl had died. She says her whole life has been turned upside down. Hector tells her that now her life is back the way it should have been all along. “You want to just pick up where we left off?” She asks. “I want to make up for all the time we lost. I want to make it up to you, everything that you’ve been through. If you’ll let me. Just say that you’ll let me” He says.

The food arrived, the waiter thanked and shown out. Hector tells her she really went all out, and she says she wanted everything to be perfect. “Mission accomplished!” Says Hector. . They sit down at the table, Hector pushing in Sam’s chair. He tells her it could be like this every night. They giggle over that. He says minus the candles, the chef and the privacy. Hector senses that Sam is not ready to move in yet. She tells him that whenever she’s with them she never wants it to end. But now that she’s a mother she has to think about what’s best for Caitlin. She’s concerned what would happen if she did move in and it didn’t work out. Hector tells her it will work out. But she says they haven’t seen each other in so many years, and people change. Hector says they don’t change inside. He asks her if her feelings are still there. She says if anything they’re stronger. “Then what more do we need to know?” He asks.

Back at the bachelorette party, Brooke is telling everyone that all she has to do is show up at the wedding, everything is already taken care of. They ask about her wedding dress, and she tells them that Eric Forrester took care of that. Bridgett tells them that Ridge’s dad designed it especially for her. Brooke’s catty sister tells her that’s incredible considering how Ridge must be feeling.

Ridge is still sitting at Nick’s computer trying to figure out his password.

After several tries of several variations of Marlin and Shadymarlin, he glances over at a picture of Brooke and types that in. He’s in.

Sam tells Hector he’s expecting a lot from her. She spent years trying to get over him. And trying to convince herself that he didn’t matter and everything he said was a lie. He asks her how she wants to spend the rest of her life. “With you.” She says. They stand up and hug again. “We’re crazy.” She says. “No we’re not.” Says Hector, “We’re just grabbing what’s ours, what was stolen from us.” He tells her he’s not hungry. She tells him she’s not either. “What do you say we get you packed!” He says.

She tells him he doesn’t waste any time. Hector says there’s an old firefighter saying that goes, “If you see something you grab it, because it might not be there the next time you look.” She tells him she’ll be there, and then leads him into the bedroom. They stop beside the bed, and Hector starts to tell her that if she’s not ready…..but she stops him, “I am, hearts don’t change.”

Nick walks in to the Café Russe`, sneaks over to the piano player and points in the direction of Brooke’s party. Shortly the announcer says “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special treat for a very special lady on the eve of her wedding.”

With that, Nick begins playing the piano, and (unfortunately) singing. (God, why does he have to sing????) Of course Brooke and the girls are shocked, pleased and applaud their little hearts out when he’s done.

Ridge continues to search Nick’s computer. He comes to an area labeled “restricted” which requires a code to enter. He sits back and tries to think what the code could be. Suddenly he picks up the keyboard and looks under it. Sure enough there are two sticky notes under there with assorted things on them. On the second try, he gets in. “Whoa, Nick’s one and only pen pal is a woman.” He says. It appears her name is “Maya.” “Oh my god, cryptic messages, wire transfers… a hundred grand?

Massimo doesn’t do business like this.” He says, continuing to delve deeper into the files. “Maya” He says. He wonders out loud if she is Nick’s lover. Just then his cell phone rings. He looks at the caller ID, smirks and answers. “Your timing’s lousy.” He says. Well hello to you too says Massimo. Ridge asks him what he wants. Massimo tells him he wants to see him. Ridge says how bout tomorrow? Massimo tells him that the wedding’s tomorrow. “There isn’t going to be a wedding, Massimo.” Says Ridge. Massimo becomes exasperated and asks when Ridge is gonna get over that. He says that Nick is just trying to do the honorable thing. “Yea, you just keep telling yourself that.” Says Ridge, and hangs up.

Hector and Sam are in bed making mad passionate love.

Back at the Café Russe`, Nick is over at the table apologizing for crashing the bachelor party, saying it’s “bad form.” Brooke asks him when he ever cared about form. He tells her he sure likes hers.” Jackie then introduces Nick to Katy, Brooke’s sister. After a few giggles and smart remarks, Nick kisses Brooke and excuses himself. Katy tells Brooke that he is really gonna keep her on her toes. “Oh yes” says Brooke.

Ridge is still searching the computer for info on Maya. “There’s no Maya employed at Marone.” He says. Pulling out Nick’s rolodex he goes through the “M’s” finding an “MS” with the same mailing address and same email address as the Maya in the computer. He picks up his cell phone and dials the number listed on the card. When a female answers, he covers his mouth to disguise his mouth and whispers “Hi.”

“Dominic?” Says the voice. “Yea.” Says Ridge. “Why are you whispering? Is someone there?” She says. “Yea, I need to see you, meet me at the boat.” He whispers. “The Shady Marlin?” She asks. “I thought you said we shouldn’t take the chance.” She says. “I changed my mind.” He says. She tells him she can’t get away tonight, but how bout tomorrow. He tells her it sounds good, and hangs up. (What? No time set or anything, how does he know what time to show up????) “Gotcha.” Ridge says to himself.

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