B&B Thursday Update 5/27/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/27/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Back at the Forrester’s Samantha tells Stephanie and Eric how grateful she is that they invited her to live there. If they hadn’t she would have gone back to New York and never met her daughter. Thomas and the girls are upstairs but Eric tells Sam that as soon as he finds out she’s there he’ll be rushing to see her. Sam says Hector will be there soon and she’s a bit nervous. Stephanie tells her that’s only natural. When Sam tells them that Hector and Caitlin have asked her to move in Eric tells her how wonderful that is. Sam says it’s a big step and Stephanie asks her if she’s ready for that. Sam says they have a lot of catching up to do and that’s what tonight is all about. Stephanie says to let Caitlin stay overnight with them and for Sam and Hector to let nature take it’s course and not worry about anything. There’s a knock on the door. “That’s them.” Says Samantha anxiously. Eric answers the door, greets Hector and invites them all in. “Hi Mom!” Says Caitlin, and gives Sam a hug. Then Hector comes over, takes her hands, kisses her cheek and tells her it’s good to see her.

Oscar is in Massimo’s den looking at a book. Massimo walks in saying “Oscar, there you are, what are you reading?” Oscar says it’s just a little family history. Massimo says the shelves are filled with books on their family history. Oscar says that makes him proud. Massimo tells him he’s a good man. Then Oscar approaches Massimo about the job he asked him about. Massimo tells him he hasn’t forgotten.

Oscar asks if he’s talked to Nick about it yet, because he feels he’s wasting his time at Forrester Creations. Massimo asks if things have gotten any better over there since Thorne was made President. Oscar tells him nothing has changed, and that he feels he just doesn’t fit in. “So you want to work for Marone Industries, you want to earn your ring?” Asks Massimo. Oscar says he’ll do anything, work on the docks, drive a fork-lift, load crates, anything. Massimo takes that to mean that he’d rather work on the docks at Marone than have his own little office at Forrester Creations. “What can I tell you, fashion is not my thing.” Says Oscar. As they further discuss Oscar’s ambitions, Nick walks in on them. He apologizes for interrupting. Oscar gives Massimo one last request for him to think about it, and then leaves him and Nick alone. When he’s gone, Nick asks if he interrupted anything.

Back at the Forrester’s Thomas and the girls have come downstairs and are being introduced to Hector’s son. Stephanie and Eric are talking to Sam and Hector about how amazing their story is. Eric tells Hector that he’s a lucky man. Hector agrees.

Hector thanks them for inviting them all over. Eric and Stephanie tell him that Sam is family, which means he’s family too. They joke around a bit, and then Sam says she didn’t realize there would be such a houseful. Stephanie tells her it’s just like old times. Jimmy tells Stephanie that she has a “phat crib.” Stephanie tells him he “ain’t seen nothin yet” and suggests Thomas take them all down to the pool. Eric tells Hector and Sam not to worry about them, they’ll keep a close eye out. Stephanie takes Sam to the side and gives her a bag. Sam says “Please don’t tell me this is lingerie!” Stephanie tells her it is, and they both laugh. Then Sam goes off to make sure everything at the guest house is “just right.”

 Eric and Hector are having a drink and discussing the travails of raising a teenage daughter.

“So Oscar’s looking for a spot in the family business huh?” Says Nick. Massimo says he’s campaigning hard for it. Nick says they can always use another fast talker. Well he is a Marone after all says Massimo. They discuss some business that Massimo had asked Nick to take care of. Nick says it’s all handled. Then Nick says there’s another important item they need to discuss, and asks Massimo to be his best man.

“Where’s Samantha?” Asks Hector. Stephanie tells him she’s in the guest house waiting for him, and pushes him in that direction. As Stephanie and Eric head for another part of the house, Caitlin and Thomas walk in. Caitlin surmises that Thomas wanted to get her alone. Thomas says he wanted to see how she was doing. Thomas asks if it was too much finding out that Samantha was her mother. Caitlin says it’s what she’s always wanted. Thomas says it would be understandable if she was freaking out. Caitlin just doesn’t want to mess anything up, and tells Thomas she invited Sam to move in. Thomas is surprised and asks how she reacted. Caitlin says Sam is thinking about it. She says they haven’t seen each other in years and have to get to know each other again. Thomas says that’s what tonight is about. They didn’t tell Hector about it, they wanted it to be a surprise. Thomas says he’s gonna be surprised alright!

Hector arrives at the guest house to find the door ajar. He pushes it open calling out to Samantha. He walks in and finds candles and champagne waiting for him. He calls her name again, and she walks into the room in a sexy black dress. “I’m right here.” She says softly. Hector has a big smile on his face.

Jimmy and the girls walk back in and find Thomas and Caitlin. Thomas says he keeps getting his guides mixed up and the girls joke around playing name games with him. Jimmy asks where his dad is, and they tell him he’s down at the guest house with Sam. Jimmy rolls his eyes and anticipates romance for his dad. Caitlin tells him it’s just a dinner. James says “Yea, but if it goes well….” And begins rubbing his hands together in laughter. “It will.” Says Caitlin. “It has to.”

Eric and Stephanie are sharing a drink and a quiet moment in the moonlight. “Hector seems like a nice man.” Says Eric. Stephanie says he is….and he’s still crazy about her after all this time. Eric says Samantha deserves to have something good happen in her life. You can hear the kids conversing and laughing in the house. (It looks like a wonderful moment to me.) “Caitlin and Samantha right under our noses all this time and we had no idea.” Says Eric. Stephanie says life is so strange sometimes. “Some people have all the luck, some people don’t have any”. Says Stephanie. Saying how lucky they are to have found each other again.


“You look stunning!” Says Hector. He’s wowed by all the trouble she went to. She says she felt they needed a little time by themselves. Hector realizes they aren’t going to have dinner with Stephanie and Eric after all, but are going to spend the evening alone together. He doesn’t seem disappointed! They pick up their champagne glasses and clink them in a toast, looking at each other intently.

“You want me to be your best man!” Says Massimo. Nick asks him if he wants the job, and Massimo tells him it would be an honor. Nick tells him to just wait until he has Massimo running his errands! “Anything for my son.” Says Massimo. Then Massimo wonders if Nick will let him take care of the honeymoon. But Nick says he has that covered. “What about a bachelor party?” Says Massimo. “NO! No bachelor party.” Says Nick. “But it’s traditional!” Says Massimo. Nick says he’s an untraditional guy. “And no baby showers!” He adds. Massimo seems frustrated. Nick tells him to just be there for him. Massimo says he’s dreamed of this day. He says in all that he’s achieved nothing compares with this. Nick says best man is not an honorary title, that he’s gonna work Massimo hard and expects him to be up to the task. “Aye aye Captain!” Says Massimo

“Their dinner just arrived!” Says Stephanie. Eric tells Stephanie she thought of everything. But Stephanie says Sam ordered it herself, but she doubts she’ll be eating anything because she’s so nervous. Eric says it’s been a long time, and people change. But they share a child together and that’s a pretty special bond says Stephanie. “You don’t have to tell me that.” Says Eric, and they walk off together arm in arm.

Thomas and Caitlin are talking about when Sam and her spent time together the other night. Caitlin says they just hung out together in her room looking at old scrapbooks and stuff. Caitlin says there’s so much she wanted to tell Sam – about her whole life. Thomas says he knows what she means. He would like to talk to his mom too, to tell her about Caitlin. Caitlin says she knows Thomas would like to be able to talk to his mom too. Thomas tells her that’s impossible. But still you’ve been thinking about it, she says. “I just see how happy your dad is, and I can’t help thinking how long it’s been since I saw my dad like that.” He says, adding that he doesn’t mean to sound selfish. Caitlin understands how he feels. Thomas says he’s just glad something good is happening to someone.

Hector tells Samantha that her evening is nice. Sam says maybe she should have told him about it. He says that would have spoiled the surprise. Sam says she thought they could use some time alone. We’re not gonna have much of that if you move in, says Hector. Sam says they need to talk about that. Hector swears to her that it was Caitlin’s idea. She says maybe she could stay in the guest room for a while. Hector answers her with a kiss. She says there’s things they need to work out. Hector answers her with a kiss.

 She says what about closet space? Hector answers her with a kiss. He tells her that he told her he would always love her and that hasn’t changed. He tells her she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Even more beautiful than when he knew her before. And she’s the mother of his child. “And I don’t need more time, it’s always been you.” He says.

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