B&B Wednesday Update 5/26/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/26/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Massimo shows up at Brooke’s house with briefcase in tow. Brooke asks if he’s there to ask her to come back to work.

He assures her he’s not, but pulls out the latest sales figures for Logan Designs and hands them to her. They aren’t good. But Massimo tells her he’s not blaming her. He knows she took over an old company, with old machinery and hostile employees. Brooke tells him that she tried to win them over, but Massimo says they will always be Sally’s people. Brooke says they’re probably glad to have Sally back. He then drops the news that Sally has offered them a substantial amount to buy back her company.

Sally is sitting at her/Brooke’s desk at Logan Designs. There’s a huge skull and crossbones drape hanging on the wall behind her. The door opens and in walks Darla, Thorne, and not far behind Clark. “What’s the emergency?” They want to know, “And what’s up with that flag??” Thorne realizes it’s a pirate’s flag used to alert ships of their intentions.

Sally says that’s exactly what it is, they are going to not only announce their intentions, but they are going to board the ship and take it back. “We are taking back control of our own ship!” She announces. Then she tells them that she’s offered Massimo a ton of money to buy back the company. Clark tells her that’s never gonna happen. Darla adds that Brooke is about to become his daughter-in-law. Sally says the company is, was, and always will be Spectra Fashions. Thorne tells her he can’t see Massimo forcing Brooke out. Sally says if it was a normal business decision she could agree, but it’s not. She says Massimo will not want to see Brooke pining away over the great Ridge Forrester, the one who gave the company to her.

Sally said Ridge tossed Brooke the company like a bouquet of flowers and a cheap box of candy. Darla tells Sally that Ridge didn’t do it to hurt her. Sally says that it did hurt her and continues to hurt her. But I’m back now, she says, and I’m back for good. She says she thinks Massimo will accept her offer because he knows that Brooke is still in love with Ridge. Thorne says it does make sense but that Massimo won’t let that make his business decisions. Sally asks him if he’s seen sales reports for Logan Designs lately. Clark says sales are down a bit. Sally says they’re up to their elbows in red ink. “We’ve lost our soul. Logan Designs is nothing but a name on the door. Spectra Fashions was real, it was a business, it was a family, and I want it back!” Says Sally with tears in her eyes.

Samantha and Caitlin are looking through photo albums in Caitlin’s bedroom. Oooing and ahhhhing over all the cute pictures. Caitlin is holding the blanket that Sam made for her. She tells Sam she just can’t believe she made it for her! Sam tells her that she just couldn’t wait for her to be born. They hug each other with huge smiles on their faces. Sam stands up and walks around the room saying she wants to look at everything. She looks at a picture of Caitlin at her first dance recital. “You’re so adorable!” She says. Sam tells her that she was a dancer too. They talk about having so much in common. “Like mother like daughter.” Says Caitlin.

They sit on her bed and look at her teddy bear, “Mr. Cuddles.” Caitlin tells Sam that for a long time she couldn’t sleep without him because of her nightmares. Sam wishes she had been there for her. Caitlin tells her she’s here now and that’s all that matters. Sam’s glad she feels that way. Caitlin says all she ever wanted was to know something about her mother. She says having Sam there is like a miracle. Caitlin has so many questions she wants to ask Sam. “Can I call you Mom?” She asks. Sam says she would like that.

They hug again. Hector is at the door of the bedroom watching them with a smile on his face.

“Massimo, if you want to sell Logan Designs I can’t stop you.” Says Brooke a bit exasperated. Massimo says what he wants is her happiness. Massimo asks her if she wants to spend all her time and energy at Logan Designs when she’s becoming a new wife and mother. Brooke asks if he is there to remind her of her responsibilities.

He says he’s there because he cares about her and because he has a lucrative offer on the table that he’d like to accept. “For your sake and mine.” He adds. “But I won’t do it without your blessing.” Brooke asks him if it’s a test to see whether she’s ready to move on. He tells her it’s not. He just wants to know if he can sell the company back to Sally Spectra. This brings a new and interested look to Brooke’s face.

Sally’s phone rings, it’s Massimo telling her he has an answer for her and he’s on his way over. When she hangs up, Darla, Thorne and Clark are curious whether he accepted her offer. She tells them that if the answer was no, she thinks he would have told her over the phone. Sally picks up the microphone and starts announcing a meeting of all employees, when Clark grabs the microphone from her. “Don’t you think you better wait and see what Massimo says?” Sally says she knows what he’s gonna say, that she has her company back! Then she picks the microphone back up and finishes her announcement, asking all employees to be outside her office pronto. Darla tells her she maybe should have waited. Sally tells her that she has a feeling that everything is finally gonna be going their way.

Caitlin is curious about when Sam and Hector were together. She knows things got bad but is sure they were in love. “Very much.” Says Sam. “And what about now?” Caitlin asks. Sam tells her that was a very long time ago. Caitlin says “But you said he was the love of your life!” “Yea, but we were very young, and a lot has happened.” Sam says. Caitlin says that if Sam moves in she and Hector can reunite and rekindle what they had. Sam seems surprised that Caitlin wants her to move in. “Caitlin, that’s a big step, what would your father say?” Hector, who is still listening by the door, comes in and says he thinks it’s a great idea.

He sits on the bed with them and tells Sam he would love it. There are smiles all around.

Massimo arrives at Logan Designs and has to make his way through a crowd of employees who are gathered outside Sally’s door. He walks into the office and asks Sally what the heck is going on, pointing to the group of people. “Everyone is waiting for the good news.” She tells him. Massimo asks her if she understands how much she could do with the money she’s paying for the company. Vacations, cabana boys waiting on her hand and foot. She says all she wants is her company back. “It’s my life.” She tells him. It’s all that matters to her. Massimo says he won’t sell without Brooke’s ok. After all she is the CEO of the company. Sally begins to get hot under the collar telling him he never had to ask permission from anyone before. He says “But Sally, she’s going to be one of the family.” She tells him he has her condolences. Sally says Brooke will never agree to it because she is a witch. Massimo tells her she doesn’t give Brooke enough credit, because she DID agree to sell the company back to her. Sally, Darla, Thorne and Clark all break out in cheers and excitement.

Sally runs over and hugs Massimo thanking him profusely and telling him how happy she is. Then she picks up the microphone again and announces to the employees that Sally’s back, and she’s got her company back too. She turns around and looks at the flag hanging behind her. “No more Logan Designs, hello Spectra Fashions.” Says Sally as she pulls the skull and crossbows down to reveal the Spectra Fashions logo. No more Haute Couture for them, they’re gonna be pirates again, look out Armani, look out Forrester Creations!

Darla puts on some music and the whole room gyrates with the sound in celebration of Sally’s arrival back at her company.

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