B&B Tuesday Update 5/25/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/25/04

By Susann
Pictures by Susann

Jackie shows up at Deacon’s house all in a dither over the news that Massimo has hired Deacon to spy on her. She doesn’t understand why Massimo has asked Deacon of all people nor why Deacon accepted the offer. Deacon informs her that Massimo held a gun to his head.

Jackie is in disbelief. Deacon tells her that Massimo thinks he’s “Don Corleone.” Jackie tells him to stop making light of the situation, and Deacon tells her he’s not. He says Massimo isn’t doing this out of spite, but because he loves her. Jackie says she loves him too but she can’t understand why Massimo would go to all these lengths unless he knows about her and Deacon, and is playing some kind of perverse game. She asks Deacon if he thinks that’s possible.

Stephanie pays a visit to Massimo. He tells her he has a lot of friends, but not many he can trust. She says she knows how upset he must be, that she knows he loves Jacqueline. Massimo says he can’t bury his head in the sand, that he thinks something is going on although he prays it’s not. He says he’ll find out one way or the other soon enough.

Stephanie asks him about what happened the other night when Jackie didn’t come home, and Massimo explains what Jackie told him. Stephanie says it’s silly for her to have concocted a story like that. Massimo agrees. He says she should be the happiest woman in the world but instead she’s turned to the bottle, stays out all night and lies to him. Massimo says something’s going on. Stephanie tells him she knows for sure it’s not going on with Eric. Massimo says he hope’s she’s right but if Jacqueline is having an affair, it’s not going to go on for long. He tells Stephanie he’s hired Deacon Sharp to spy on her.

Deacon tells Jackie he can see how distressed she is, but she needs to relax. He tells her that what happened the other night between them will never happen again. Then he tells her that the person who should be worried is Eric Forrester. Jackie comes to the realization that Massimo thinks she’s having an affair with Eric. Then Deacon tells her that if he hadn’t accepted the job that Massimo gave him, Massimo would have hired someone else to do it. And then they would have to worry about what that guy might find out. At least this way he knows what Massimo’s doing. He says whatever Massimo is doing he will tell her about. As Deacon gently strokes Jackie’s cheek, he tells her that the only reason he’s doing it is to protect her. Jackie obviously softens toward Deacon when he tells her that.

At Brooke’s, she and Nick are deciding the details of their wedding. Massimo will be the best man; Brooke will call Caity to see if she wants to be Brooke’s maid of honor. Hope will be the flower girl. Brooke tells him Hope has already been practicing, thus the missing petals on the flower arrangement. They agree that Serge` will make sure nothing goes wrong. “What about Ridge?” Asks Nick. “What about him?” Says Brooke. He says they haven’t heard much from him lately and wonders if it’s because he’s accepted everything, or if it’s the calm before the storm.

“You can’t be serious!” Says Stephanie to Massimo. He tells her he is not going to be deceived by his own wife, and had to take some kind of action. She can’t understand his choice of Deacon, but Massimo tells her he has his reasons. She wonders if it’s because Deacon resents Eric as much as Massimo does, and if it’s an elaborate plan to catch Eric and Jackie in the act. She assures him that’s not going to happen, because Jackie and Eric have worked it all out. “They’re friends and business associates, there’s nothing else there.” Massimo just looks at her stubbornly. She tells him that hiring Deacon is going to come back to haunt him in a big way. She heads for the door, and Massimo walks with her. At the door, he thanks her warmly for coming.

Deacon and Jackie are gazing into each other’s eyes as they sit on the couch. Deacon is touching her face, her lips. “Deacon please.” Says Jackie. “Do you really want me to stop?” Asks Deacon. She tells him she wants it all to end and begins to say more, but Deacon’s phone rings and it’s Massimo. “Where are you?” Asks Massimo. Deacon tells him that he’s actually watching Massimo’s wife as they speak, that she’s with a man, a “handsome devil.” Massimo demands to know who it is. Jackie is panic stricken at what Deacon is saying. Deacon tells Massimo it’s the waiter who’s serving her a drink. And that she stopped off to do some shopping in Beverly Hills. Massimo seems relieved and asks if there’s anything out of the ordinary. Deacon assures him that he’s keeping a close eye on his wife, and hangs up. Jackie chastises him for saying such outrageous things, but he tells her there was nothing else he could do. “Did you want me to tell him the truth?” He asks. Then he asks her if she has any shopping bags in her car, because she can’t go home empty handed. She says she will stop and pick something up. Then she begins to cry as she tells him how afraid she is.

As he consoles her, he takes her in his arms, and as he softly tells her he’s with her, he turns it into a kiss. She kisses him back, but as he begins to kiss her neck she tells him to stop, several times, but not with much gusto. He keeps kissing her until she finally starts to push him away with her hands, but he takes them and holds them as he tells her to make sure and stop at the store on her way home and buy something to wear, “just not too sexy, ok?” he adds as he kisses her hands. She walks slowly to the door, as Deacon’s eyes follow her with a slight grin. (OK, Deacon is way sexy! Sorry, I just had to add that.)

“Ridge hasn’t been as quiet as you think.” Says Brooke to Nick. Nick asks her if she’s seen him. She tells him that Ridge stopped by the other day to apologize for walking out on her when she told him that she and Nick were getting married. Nick tells Brooke that he knows Ridge is hurting, and that he also knows Brooke is hurting for him. “How could I not?” Asks Brooke. Nick tells her he understands her feelings for a man she’s spent many years in love with. He also tells her that their marriage has no shot unless they’re honest about everything including Ridge. Brooke’s eyes well up with tears. (Gosh it’s been a few days since we saw that!)

Ridge sneaks into the Marone building after hours, and sneaking past a cleaning person, he lets himself into Nick’s office with his key card.

Brooke tells Nick that since he’s laid it on the line, she’s going to lay it on the line too. They sit down on her staircase. She says that there’s a guy. A guy who’s stuck by her, been patient and very understanding, and he loves her even though she’s taken him on a hell of a voyage. “Most men would have bolted by now but he didn’t.” She says. “And I love you Nick.” “You Do?” He asks. “Yea, I do.” She says, and kisses him.

Just then Nick’s beeper goes off. He tells her he has to leave and go to the office. He tells her he loves her too, and runs out the door.

Jackie arrives home carrying a bunch of shopping bags. She looks around as she walks in the door, but doesn’t see Massimo. As she turns to set her packages down, Massimo calls out to her from the top of the stairs.

“I was expecting you sooner.” He says. “Hello darling, didn’t Hudson give you my message?” She says. He tells her yes, Hudson told him that you had an errand to run and you’d be home later. Jackie tells him the time got away from her. Massimo says that seems to be happening a lot lately. Jackie tells him she picked something up for him and asks him to look in the shopping bag. Massimo tells her he will look at it later, but right now he wants to know what’s going on with her. Exasperated, she storms into the living room. Massimo tells her that confession is good for the soul. Jackie, fed up with all of Massimo’s questions, tells him that her confession is that she loves him more than he could possibly know.

“I’m yours Massimo.” She tells him as she kisses him.

Ridge wanders around Nick’s office. “Dominic Payne, world traveler.” He says to himself. “Pain in the ass is more like it.” He wonders out loud why Nick doesn’t have any stories to tell if he’s a sea captain and a world traveler. “What do we really know about you little brother?” He asks himself. Then he wonders out loud what Brooke really knows about the guy she’s about to marry, and begins to look through Nick’s things. Just then, outside the door, he hears Nick talking with the custodian. Nick hurries into his office and turns on the desk lamp. He then dials a number on his phone from his pager.

On speaker phone, you can hear the line ringing. A female answers with “Nick, is that you?” He asks why she paged him, that they had an understanding. “I know, but I need to see you.” She says. Nick tells her it’s too risky. She asks him to meet her at the boat in a few minutes. “We can’t take that chance.” He tells her. “I’ll be very careful.” She says. “There’s too much at stake.” Says Nick. “Just lay low.” She wonders when she’ll hear from him again. He tells her they shouldn’t even be having that conversation. “Please.” She begs him. He hangs up. “Damn it!” He says as he sits down at his desk in deep thought.

Ridge, hiding in the darkness has heard it all.

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