B&B Friday Update 5/21/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/21/04

By Susann
Pictures by Boo

At the Marone mansion, Jackie is pacing the living room. She sits down, picks up her cell phone, and calls Deacon. When he answers she says “It’s me!” in an overblown whisper. “Hi you.” Says Deacon. “Please tell me that you’ll reconsider.” Says Jackie. “What, about Nick adopting Hope?” Says Deacon. “Noooo!” Jackie says, with a frustrated sigh, “about coming here, today!” Deacon tells her to stop worrying. Jackie tells him that Massimo is a very perceptive man, and she knows how Deacon can be with his little quips and jokes. Deacon again tells Jackie to relax. “He can’t suspect anything.” Jackie emphasizes. “I have no intention of coming over and tweaking your old man, today is all about Hope.” Says Deacon. Jackie begs him to make an excuse and stay away. Deacon tells her there’s no way he will do that. “Nick has managed to do what no one else could; he guaranteed Deacon a place in Hope’s life.” He says. Then he says it’s ironic that I have to let him adopt her, but he thinks it’s all worth it. “For some reason I trust him.” He adds. “You can.” Says Jackie. “And you can trust me,” he says, adding “I’ll see you later, lover.” Jackie acts shocked at his remark and hangs up.

Sally shows up at the Forrester abode, and Stephanie shows her in. Sally says she’s heard a rumor and just wants to find out if it’s true. “Is our Miss Brooke really about to embark on a cruise on the good ship matrimony yet again?” She asks. “Yes,” says Stephanie, “and there isn’t a Forrester man on the passenger list, can you imagine?” “Shocking!” Says Sally with a chuckle. “Congratulations!” Laughs Sally, and Stephanie laughs with her.

Massimo is standing with Hudson, Oscar and Bridgett talking as the maid serves a plate of sushi. The conversation turns to bacteria. The doorbell rings and Jackie walks down the steps just in time to answer it. In walk Nick, Brooke and Hope. Jackie kneels down and presents Hope with a doll. “You aren’t even a grandmother yet, and you’re already spoiling her!” Scolds Nick. “Well I don’t think Hope minds, do you darling?” Jackie says. “Is Deacon here yet?” Asks Nick. “No.” Says Jackie, “and from what I understand he isn’t very reliable, so why don’t we get started.” Trying to pull Nick into the room. “We can wait.” Says Nick stopping her. Just then Massimo walks up and tells Nick that what Jackie is trying to say is that she would prefer if Deacon weren’t there, and that he agrees with that. “He’s Hope’s father.” Says Nick. “Not for long.” Says Massimo. “He’s signing his rights away isn’t that the deal you made?” “And from this day forward, he’s gonna be a part of this family.” Says Nick emphatically. “I’m not gonna ask that man to stay away from his daughter because I wouldn’t want anyone doing that to me.” Nick walks over to the serving bar. “Ok, Dominick, you and he are not alike in any way.” Says Massimo. “That man cannot be trusted.” “Well we’ve all made mistakes that we aren’t proud of, Mom understands that, don’t you Mom?” Says Nick, startling his Mother. “What?” Says Jackie. Nick says he understands that Jackie went to bat for Deacon to try and get him a job at Marone’s so she must see some potential there. She tells him that personal matters and business matters are two very different things. “Indeed.” Says Massimo, walking away. Jackie asks to be excused, and Nick asks her where she’s going. She tells him she needs to lie down for a bit because she’s not feeling well. “Lie down? What are you talking about? You can’t miss this, what’s the matter with you!” Says Nick. “I think I’m coming down with something, I don’t know.” Says Jackie as Nick feels her face for a fever. He tells her she feels fine. “Now listen, this is a big day, I’m gonna be a father, I’m putting this family together, isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?” Nick says. “Relax will ya?” Just then the doorbell rings again, and Nick goes to get it as Jackie looks down uncomfortably.

“Deacon!” Says Nick. “Glad you could make it! “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Says Deacon shaking Nick’s hand. Jackie and Deacon make eye contact, and Deacon gives her a mischievous grin.

Nick and Brooke walk Hope over to see Deacon. He picks her up and kisses her, very happy to see her. “Show Daddy your cute little dress!” Brooke tells Hope. Hope turns around for Deacon, and he tells her it’s a beautiful dress for a beautiful little girl. “No little Eric?” Asks Brooke. “No, he’s spending some time with his grandmother Tilly tonight.” Says Deacon. “Well, she’ll have plenty of time to play with her older brother.” Says Nick. “Sharp.” Says Massimo as he and Jackie walk toward Deacon and shake his hand.. “You know Jacqueline.” Says Massimo. “Hi Jackie.” Says Deacon, “these are for you.” And hands her a bouquet of flowers. “Thank you.” Says Jackie, with a strained smile. “Well, lets get this thing started.” Says Nick, motioning everyone to move to another area of the room. “Everybody have a seat, get comfortable.” Says Nick. He thanks them all for coming, and says that usually it’s the bride who changes her name, but in this case they’re all gonna do it. “Brooke and Hope, Me and our son, we’re all gonna be Marones.” Says Nick with pride.

“Long before I knew Massimo was my father, his name was one that stood for loyalty, courage and integrity. I sir, am honored, we all are.” He says to Massimo with sincerity. “To be part of this long, proud tradition.” Massimo walks over to Nick, shakes his hand, and congratulates him. “Welcome my son.” Says Massimo, hugging Nick. Jackie looks on pleased. Then she looks over at Deacon, who is looking back at her, gives him a disgusted look, and tosses the flowers he gave to her onto the table roughly. Deacon looks as though his feelings have been hurt.

Back at the Forrester’s, Sally tells Stephanie, “Don’t think of it as losing a daughter-in-law, Stephanie, think of it as gaining…..” “Peace of mind?” Stephanie finishes for her. Sally tells Stephanie that it will peace of mind for everyone but Massimo, because now he will have to deal with Brooke. “Yes,” Says Stephanie, “and many other things I understand.” Sally asks her to explain. She tells her about Massimo calling Eric the other night. And that apparently Jackie had stayed out all night without any plausible explanation.

“Aha, so now Massimo thinks that she is cheating on him?” Says Sally. “I guess so.” Says Stephanie. Sally says that doesn’t make any sense because they’re practically newlyweds! Stephanie says that she told Massimo before he married Jackie not to rush into it because he really hardly knew Jackie. “Well he’s getting to know her a lot better now isn’t he.” Says Sally. “Yes,” Says Stephanie, “and she’s going to find out just how jealous and possessive a man like Massimo can be.” “My, my, my.” Says Sally. “Who know that underneath that cool, calm, very, very British demeanor, Jackie has the soul of a real tramp!” “Don’t you even go there, and don’t you spread any of these rumors around town!” Says Stephanie, shaking her finger at a giggling Sally. Sally says this is much more than rumor; this is the stuff of legend! “We are talking about a modern day Cleopatra, who has already got the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar lying at her feet, but she is not content, she wants more.” Says Sally. “Now the only question is, who is going to be Marc Anthony?”

“Well I can tell you who it’s NOT going to be, Eric!” Says Stephanie emphatically. Sally says of course it’s not! “Well that’s what Massimo implied by calling here.” Says Stephanie. “That’s ridiculous!” says Sally, “I’m sure with all Massimo’s resources, I’m sure he’s uncovered who the real culprit is by now.” Then adds, “And all I can say about that is, whoever the man is, God help him!”

Deacon continues to stare at Jackie, making her obviously uncomfortable. Hudson motions for Nick to come over and sign the papers for the name change. “You’re a Notary too? “ Says Nick. “Is there anything you don’t do?” He leans over and signs the form. “Well buddy, there’s no getting rid of me now, I’m officially a Marone!” Says Nick to Massimo. “All right, the main event!” Says Nick calling Brooke and Hope over to him. They get up and head his way. He picks Hope up and she squeals in delight. “You know what’s gonna happen when your Daddy signs that paper over there?” He says to Hope. She nods as though she understands, but Brooke tells him she tried to explain to her. Nick tells her that after he and her mommy get married, she’s going to have two Daddies! “Won’t that be nice? Will you like that?” He says to Hope, and she nods again with a smile on her face. “Deacon?” Says Nick, “I look at you as though you’re in this family now.” Deacon says he can’t tell them how much he appreciates them including him in this. Deacon tells Hope that she is going to be the most loved little girl on the planet. Deacon signs the paper as everyone looks on, especially Massimo who is watching Jackie very closely to see how she is reacting to Deacon. Deacon says he would like to make a toast. “This is a very bittersweet moment for me.” He says. “I’m being asked to make what is probably the most difficult decision of my life. I look at my daughter and I have such a sense of love it’s undeniable. And when I look at all of you, and I see that same look. And I know she is going to be loved and cared for, and I know that I’m making the right decision. Thank you all.” “Here, here!” Says everyone in toast. Brooke, Deacon, Hope and Nick huddle together pledging to do their best to make Hope happy. Deacon hugs Brooke and tells her a heartfelt “Thank you.” Deacon walks over to Massimo, who says he’ll pass on the hug. “Massimo, I know I’m not your favorite guy, but I really want to thank you for opening up your family to me, and I’ve got to tell you it feels damn good.” “Thank you Deacon.” Says Massimo with a look of disdain on his face, “Thank you for your daughter, rest assured she’ll be in good hands.” He continues to glare at Deacon, making him uncomfortable. Deacon looks uneasy, and casting a short glance at Jackie, walks away. Jackie steals a look at Deacon out of the corner of her eye.

Jackie is out on the veranda, chugging a glass of wine and sighing with relief that it’s all over. Nick walks out the door looking for her. “Hey!” He yells, causing her to jump. “Feeling better?” He says as he sits down next to her. “Much darling, much.” She says. She tells him it was a really wonderful moment and everything she ever wanted for him. “So what’s the problem?” He asks. She laughs as though he’s being ridiculous; telling him there’s no problem, and wonders why he asks. “For one thing, you seem awfully ….thirsty.” He says. “It’s a little glass of red wine, everybody is just having fun…” He stops her. “You’re hiding something.” He says as he looks at her very closely. “Don’t you say that, not even in jest!” She says to him and stands up. He tells her it isn’t a joke, that she stinks at lying, and he wants to know what it is. “I don’t want to worry you darling, but there has been just a little tension between your father and I.” Jackie says. “Well that’s understandable since you went AWOL!” Says Nick. Then Jackie tells him that Massimo doesn’t trust her. Nick tells her it will blow over, but she’s not so sure. “He really does believe that I was actually with another man the other night.” She says. “He said that?” Says Nick.

“He doesn’t have to.” Says Jackie. “I can feel it in the chill every time he looks at me.” Jackie walks to the other side of the veranda and Nick follows her. “You guys talked about this?” He asks. “I tried to but you know what your father’s like when he gets upset.” She says, “Has he said anything to you ?” She asks Nick. “No.” Nick says. “You’d tell me if he did?” She says. “Of course I’d tell you, that’s probably one of the reasons why he hasn’t said anything.” Says Nick “But you were honest with him, that’s all you could do. Just be good. Don’t let anything happen.” Jackie says she definitely won’t. Nick tells her to just give it a little time. Jackie says she just wants things to be the way they were. Nick kisses her cheek and goes to check on Brooke. Jackie is obviously relieved when he leaves and a look of doom again comes over her face. She walks back in only to come face to face with Deacon.

Massimo is just escorting Oscar and Bridgett to the door. Oscar asks Massimo to make sure Deacon doesn’t take over his room while he’s gone, because it looks like he’s making himself pretty comfortable. They all look over; Deacon is leaning against the wall and lifts his glass of wine in to them. As Oscar and Bridgett leave, Hudson brings the phone to Massimo. “Massimo here.” He says seriously and quietly. “What did you find out?”

Jackie takes the opportunity to grab Deacon and pull him over for a talk. “I love it when you manhandle me you sexy little minx.” Says Deacon. (You gotta love Deacon!!!) “Stop it!” Says Jackie. “And you need to learn how to take a compliment.” Says Deacon. “And you, literally, need to get out of here right now!” Says Jackie. “Is this any way to treat a guest? I don’t think so!” Says Deacon. “Stop it Deacon, I mean if Massimo puts the pieces together..” “I wasn’t thinking about….that.” Says Deacon. “Well that’s funny because that’s ALL I’ve been thinking about today.” Says Jackie. “Really? “ Says Deacon,. “Well that’s gonna have to wait, because today is all about my daughter!” Kids Deacon. “So you have noticed how Massimo has been looking at us??” Says Jackie. Deacon looks over at Massimo who is talking on the phone and not looking at them at all. “Jackie, I think you’re just being paranoid!” He says. “And you’re being naïve!” Says Jackie. “There’s no way he could put this together.” Says Deacon. Jackie tells him that Massimo has enormous resources at his disposal, “You know I’m not the only one with something to lose here, he’s a very jealous man, your life could be at stake!” Jackie whispers very closely to Deacon. “Am I interrupting?” Says Massimo from behind her? She jumps and turns around. “Oh darling! No, we were just talking about how absolutely lovely today was.” Massimo looks very seriously at both of them. “I’d like to have a word with you Deacon….alone.” He says. “Sure.” Says Deacon, and follows Massimo as he walks away. Jackie is shocked and doesn’t know which direction she should look.

Brooke and Nick are having a plate of goodies together . “Your mother seems a bit jumpy.” Brooke says to Nick. “Yea, you noticed huh?” He says, as they look over at Jackie who is pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace. “Something’s gone on, plus she’s been hitting the sauce today.” He says. “That’s not like her is it?” Brooke says. “Nope.” Says Nick. “You think there’s trouble in her marriage?” Brooke asks. Nick just looks at his mother.

Massimo shows Deacon into the study. “Massimo, I’m actually glad to have a moment alone with you.” Says Deacon. “Are you?” Says Massimo. “I meant what I said before.” Says Deacon. “About being grateful and sharing in my family?” Says Massimo. “Yea.” Says Deacon. “My wife is a very attractive woman isn’t she?” Says Massimo. “Yea I suppose, I don’t….” Starts Deacon, but Massimo interrupts with, “You damn well do know! I see the way you look at her.” He says. “Massimo, I didn’t mean any disrespect.” Says Deacon. “There are things that I cannot allow. People who betray me pay a price. Do you understand?” Massimo says. “Yea.” Says Deacon.

“No you don’t “Says Massimo, and reaches into his briefcase, pulls out a semi-automatic and holds it to Deacon’s head. “WHOA! WHOA! Massimo! Take it easy Massimo!” Says Deacon. “But you will. Prepare to die!” Says Massimo, as Deacon looks down the barrel of the gun.

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