B&B Wednesday Update 5/19/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/19/04

By Susann
Pictures by Boo

"Tell me Deacon, is Nick the father of Brooke's baby, I need to know! Says Jackie. "Yes, you do, but I'm not telling you until we get a few things straight between us." Says Deacon. Jackie says she doesn't want to talk about that, but Deacon again tells her he's not giving her the results until they talk.

Brooke answers her door and finds Ridge there. He walks in as she says "I'm surprised to see you here." (I'm not!) Ridge tells her he owes her an apology for the way he walked out on her yesterday. "You were just upset" says Brooke. "I still am" says Ridge.

Then he says he needs to ask her just one more time if she's sure she wants to go through with it. Acting surprised he could ask such a question, Brooke tells him "Ridge, Nick and I are planning our wedding!" Ridge asks Brooke how much she really knows about Nick. He tells her that Nick and Jackie have been trying to divide them since the first day they arrived in Los Angeles. "You've gotta see that! I'm telling you those two cannot be trusted!" Implores Ridge.

Massimo is staring at the picture of Jackie hanging over the fireplace as Nick walks in with the official paperwork to have his name changed to Marone. "What's going on Pop?" Says Nick. Massimo is distracted and asks him to repeat himself. "I've got the papers" he says, "for the name change."

"Ahhh" says Massimo, "to become a Marone." "I've always been a Marone; I'm just ready to make it official." Says Nick. "When?" says Massimo. Nick tells him maybe tomorrow they could have a notary come over and then have a little party. Massimo, still distracted, tells him to do whatever he wants. Nick tells him that what he wants is for Massimo to cheer up, that he hasn't been himself lately.

Deacon tells Jackie he doesn't want to complicate her life, he wants to help her. "Getting the results, keeping the secret for you, I'm on your side, don't you get that?" He says. He begins to talk about making love to her last night, and Jackie lashes out that it had nothing to do with love, and was a horrible mistake.

Deacon tells her she's scared because she felt something last night that she didn't expect to feel. "Give me that paper."  Shouts Jackie. "I felt it too!" Says Deacon, "I put myself out there for you, and now you're treating me like poison!" He tells her he knows there's nothing she'd rather do than to get the heck out of the room, but he says he won't let her leave thinking that he took advantage of her. "Jackie, please forgive me, just forgive me." Begs Deacon.

"I know this makes you uncomfortable." Ridge says. "Then why are you doing it?" Asks Brooke. "Because you're about to marry a may you don't love!" Says Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge again that Nick is the father of her child. Ridge tells her he respects her commitment to the child. He places his hand on her stomach, and tells her when he puts his hand there he still feels a bond. Brooke becomes teary-eyed and says she feels it too. (Ridge begins to pet her hair like a dog, God I hate that.) "And I probably always will." She says. "But he's not yours Ridge, and neither am I, not anymore." Brooke turns away from Ridge and begins to explain the whole thing again, becoming more and more upset until she begins to hyperventilate again. Ridge runs to her to help, but she tells him to leave her alone.

"You know what's the matter is?" Says Massimo. "I think it's pretty obvious," says Nick, "you love family, you finally have one." He goes on to tell him that now that he finally has everything he's always wanted, the situation between him and Brooke happens. "It all comes crashing down on you and I'm really sorry." Says Nick. "I don't want you to blame yourself." Says Massimo. "I'm happy for you." "And I know you miss Ridge, I know that." Says Nick. Massimo tells him that losing trust in a family is very difficult. Nick says that Ridge was angry, and that was why he gave Massimo the ring back. But he wants Massimo to know that that won't happen with him. "I'm proud to be a Marone, and I want little Hope and Brooke to be Marones too." Says Nick. Massimo tells Nick that Brooke is a good woman who's committed to her children, her family, and she has her priorities straight.

The phone rings and Massimo tells Nick he's expecting a call and excuses himself. It's Lauren Fenmore who apologizes for taking so long to get back to him. "What can I do for you?" Lauren asks Massimo. "You can tell me why you lied!" Says Massimo.

He tells her he did a little checking and he knows she was not in Los Angeles yesterday, that in fact she hasn't left Genoa City in months. Lauren pretends to have another call coming in so she can take a minute to regroup, but Massimo doesn't let her. "Admit it Lauren, you're covering for my wife!" He snaps. Lauren, knowing she's been found out, begins to apologize to Massimo, who hangs up on her. He's

Back at Deacon's, Jackie tells him that she didn't mean to get so worked up, that it's not him she's angry with, but with herself. She tells him that she broke a commitment with her husband that was supposed to have gone on the rest of their lives. "You're afraid you're gonna lose your family aren't you?" Says Deacon. "Yes, of course I'm afraid I'm gonna lose my family!" Says Jackie. "My god if anyone ever found out!!" Deacon tells her they will never hear it from him.

He tells her he knows what it's like, that he's still being punished for things he did while he was drinking. "I lost my job, I lost my kids..Macy helped me get little "D" back, but I still don't have a relationship with Hope." Laments Deacon. Jackie tells him that could change if Nicky is the father. Deacon reminds her that they were talking about her. "I don't deserve the concern Deacon." Says Jackie. Deacon tells her that he knows what happened last night was because she was drunk. She says that it's no excuse, that she gave in to temptation, and she has absolutely no right to blame him. "So you're not mad at me? You don't hate me?" Says Deacon. "I'm not mad at you, and I don't hate you." Says Jackie. "Good." Says Deacon. "But I will, if you do not give me the results of that test right now, Deacon, please tell me, is Nicky the father of Brooke's baby?" Deacon nods, and says "Yes, he is." Jackie is elated and begins saying thank you over and over as she hugs Deacon, who takes the opportunity to bury his face in her hair in a loving caress.

Back at the Marone mansion, Jackie comes in the front door to find Nicky sitting on the couch. "Nicky!" She exclaims. "I'm so glad you're still here, darling!" Nick tells her she missed the wedding planner. Jackie tells him she knows, and she wishes she could have been there. Nick notices that she's in a good mood and comments on it as she places a gift in front of him. "What the hell's going on with you mom? It's not like you to get drunk and pass out." Jackie requests that they not talk about it. Nick asks if he should be worried. Jackie assures him that he should not. She says the family has been through some difficult times but that they're behind them now. "You and Brooke are getting married! You're going to be a father Nicky, a Father!!" Nick tells her that's old news. Jackie tells him that now that they're actually planning the wedding it just hit her. Nick looks puzzled that her mood seems to have done a 180. "I want you to tell me you're ok." Says Nick. "I'm OK!" Bubbles Jackie, and tells him how happy she is for him.

Meanwhile, the drama continues over at Brooke's house. She walks out to the veranda with Ridge following. Ridge says he's upsetting her again, that he has to stop doing that. He says he didn't come over to upset her. She
says it's hard to accept what's happened. They continue the same old banter as Ridge tells her it's impossible to accept that she's marrying his brother - that he wants to punch Nick's lights out. Brooke tells him she doesn't want to hurt him anymore than she already has. (The tears begin again.) Bla, bla, bla. Pain, anxiety, etc. He explains that he just can't turn it off. (Really?) "Somewhere out there there's an answer for us Brooke, because what's happening right now is not right." He says. "I promise you, there's another solution, and I'm damn well gonna find it!"

He takes her head in his hands and kisses her tenderly, and she returns the kiss. Then he walks out leaving her in turmoil again.

Back at the Marone manse, Jackie is flitting about sipping tea and looking over the wedding plans. Massimo quietly slips in and walks up to her. She doesn't see him at first and when she does it startles her. She gasps, and
then starts to laugh. "Massimo, I didn't see you darling, I.." "Where've you been?" Massimo demands.

Someone's at Brooke's door, and thinking that Ridge forgot something she opens it to find Deacon there. "We've got to talk." He says. "Deacon, this really isn't a good time." Says Brooke. Deacon says it will only take a couple of minutes and steps into the room. Hope sees him and runs over yelling "Daddy!!!" (When the heck has she seen him enough to even remember he's her daddy??) Anyway, he picks her up and she hugs him. He tells her how big she's getting, obviously pleased to see his little girl. Then he sends her off with a kiss and hug to her room to get something so he can talk to Brooke, who strangely enough is standing by smiling at the whole thing. He tells Brooke what an amazing job she is doing with Hope. Brooke thanks him. He asks how Hope gets along with Nick, and Brooke tells him that Hope loves Nick, and that Nick is going to be a wonderful father. Then Deacon wonders if he could start testing his own fathering skills with Hope. To which Brooke looks worried, and tells him there's something he ought to know. Just then, Nick shows up at the door with an official looking blue paper in his hand. "Hello Deacon, I'm glad you're here." Nick says as he shakes Deacon's hand. "Did you tell him about the papers?" He asks Brooke. "What papers?" Asks Deacon. Brooke looks from Deacon to Nick, who hands
Deacon the paper, saying "Adoption papers, for Hope." "You want to adopt MY kid?" Says Deacon. "My kid? She's already got a father!" Says Deacon angrily. "After the wedding, I'd like to make her a Marone." Says Nick quietly. "Lemme ask you something," Says Deacon, "where the hell does that leave me?"

Jackie looks up at Massimo, startled at his stern face, and begins to try to apologize for missing the wedding planner. She begins to tell him that Nicky was just filling her in ... Massimo stops her and says "You've disappeared twice now Jacqueline," He says holding up two fingers, "this is not like you." "I didn't disappear." Says Jackie, with laughter in her voice. "Then where were you?" Asks Massimo. Jackie dances around the question by telling him she realizes it was an important day for Nicky and that it will never happen again, and that there's no reason to argue. Massimo walks away and turns his back to her for a moment. "So I should just forget about it?" Massimo says bitterly. "Oh Massimo, you're just tense because you were up all night worrying about me, and now I've disappointed you again." Soothes Jackie, as she puts her arms around him from behind. "Yes, you have." Says Massimo quietly. Jackie continues to apologize and rub Massimo's face and coo at him telling him that "some things just can't be helped." "You mean like your all-night drunken binge with Lauren Fenmore?" Says Massimo. "Well I wouldn't call it a binge." Giggles Jackie. "What would you call it?" Asks Massimo. "Whisky under the bridge?" Says Jackie. "Oh please darling, today has been such a wonderful day for our family, can't we just celebrate just the two of us?" Says Jackie. Massimo shakes her hands off of him so roughly that she is startled, and turns around slowly to look at her.

The look in his eyes causes her to cower slightly. "We have nothing to celebrate!" He spits "You weren't out with Lauren Fenmore - she wasn't even in town - you LIED to me!" He says through gritted teeth. "You were out all night Jacqueline, where the hell did you go, and WHO THE HELL WERE YOU WITH?" He screams. "Dammit I want the truth! Tell me!"

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